Mike Rowe Interview

What’s life like for Mike Rowe without a network television show?

Since “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” is no longer on CNN, Rowe has had his privacy violated by a drone, the former host of “Dirty Jobs” survived the rumors of his own death swirling about the internet, and in the home stretch of an ugly presidential election, he worries more than ever about unemployment, the skills gap, and a widespread loss of meaning in American life.

Yet Rowe himself remains more popular than ever. Days after Rowe read a letter from his mother detailing how she lost her purse at Wal-Mart, the post went hyperviral. It was seen by over 100 million people – “a third of the country!” he exclaims. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Rowe tells Reason TV, “I’ve talked to people at Facebook who said they’ve never seen anything like it.”

Rowe has also found a way to turn C.R.A.P – that’s Collectables, Rare and Precious – into philanthropy. His auction of a swanky Trump Tower bathrobe, signed by The Donald himself, fetched a cool $16,000 on eBay. The money then trickled down from the alleged billionaire to The Mike Rowe Works Foundation, which funds “work ethic scholarships” that provide out-of-luck workers with valuable skills for the modern economy.

Nick Gillespie caught up with Mike Rowe in Nashville, Tennessee to chat about his affection for the Second Amendment, his adventures in podcasting, the 2016 election, the secret to extracting semen from a prize racehorse, and more.

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Democrat Logic

Democrats: Let’s legalize all drugs because people will buy them anyway.

Democrats: Let’s ban guns, nobody will buy them if they’re illegal.

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Obamacare Bailouts for Insurance Companies

Written into the law were two programs designed to lessen risks for insurance companies.  They both expire at the end of the year so let’s start with the risk corridor program.  That program transfers money from ensurers that made a lot of money during Obamacare’s first years to those that lost a lot of money. 

But it hasn’t quite worked out the way the Obama administration intended.  You see, Republicans in Congress inserted language into a government spending bill restricting how the government could use the money to pay those insurers.  And because more insurers lost more money in 2014 than anticipated, they only received a fraction of what they requested and that adds up to a $2.5 billion dollars shortfall.

Now, insurance companies are suing the Obama administration for the rest of the money they say they are owed.  And there is some talk about the Justice Department reaching into a little-known pot of money called “The Judgement Fund” to settle with them.

Next up is Obamacare’s reinsurance program.  Under this program money from insurance companies collected by the government was supposed to first be repaid to the Treasury and then distributed to insurers.  But after experiencing yet another shortfall, the government decided to pay the insurance companies first which means the Obama administration stiffed the Treasury out of $5 billion dollars over 3 years.

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Words Matter

“We need to clean this up,” top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills told campaign chairman John Podesta in an email a month before Clinton’s campaign officially launched. She was responding to Obama’s claim that he found out about Clinton’s personal email address at “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

SOURCE for everything

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Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently

“We watched the passage of Obamacare at 1:38am on the day before Christmas Eve in 2009. We watched the Senate, then the House attempt passing Amnesty in 2014. We know exactly how it passed, and we know exactly why it passed. We don’t need to stand around talking about it…. We’re beyond talking.

We watch the 2009 $900+ billion Stimulus Bill being spent each year, every year, for seven consecutive years. Omnibus, Porkulous, QE1, QE2, Bailouts, Crony-Capitalism. We know exactly how this works, and we know exactly why this ruse is maintained. We don’t need to stand around talking about it…. We’re beyond talking.

Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently, often prudently.” —Sundance

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Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means

In other words, as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, as long as government officials—elected and unelected alike—are allowed to operate beyond the reach of the Constitution, the courts and the citizenry, the threat to our freedoms remains undiminished.

So the next time you find yourselves despondent over the 2016 presidential candidates, remember that it’s just a puppet show intended to distract you from the silent coup being carried out by America’s shadow government.

SOURCE has it all

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Riding the Wall of Death

Kerri Cameron is a motorcycle stuntwoman from the United Kingdom who rides on Luke Fox’s original “Wall of Death.” What is the Wall of Death? It’s a nearly vertical, circle-shaped track that most riders would consider insane. Before she was a Wall of Death rider, Cameron rode horses for a living. Today, she performs dangerous stunts with grace and keeps an adrenalin-pumping tradition alive.

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Still Think There’s No Race War In Progress?

Then read this:

     A slew of vicious, “flash mob”-style attacks at Temple University left at least six students beaten and bloodied over the weekend, along with a cop and a police horse.     More than 150 teens, spread out in groups of 20 or 30, descended upon the campus at around 8:30 p.m. Friday — wreaking havoc for nearly two hours before eventually dispersing, according to NBC 10.

Temple spokesman Ray Betzner told the television station that the mob had been playing a “cat-and-mouse game” with officers throughout the night as they assaulted people who were walking around campus.

Yes, the attackers were black, though the story doesn’t mention that little tidbit until the seventh paragraph – and then, only in quoting a victim’s parent’s Facebook post.

City dwellers are at the greatest risk, largely because of:

  • The tendency of blacks to cluster in cities;
  • The tendency of cities to forbid private possession of firearms.

However, every Caucasian or Oriental is at risk in some degree. The cancer has metastasized and cannot be contained.

Plan accordingly.


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Tax bill calculator

This calculator shows your tax bill if Clinton or Trump plans became reality…

Hmm…my wife and I will save nothing with Clinton and a little bit with Trump…check your own tax bill and see what you will save or not under both of them.

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This is NOT political!

Once in a bit, I do get away from anything remotely smelling like political stuff!
Thus this find specimen of the female gender.
Enjoy you all!


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What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. Allen B. West notices a man committing the same crime as Hillary, but, different outcomes
  2. Bizzy Blog notes Venezuela descending into dictatorship
  3. Blazing Cat Fur covers yet another upstanding Muslim “refugee”
  4. Chicks On The Right responds to a whiny reader on Beyonce
  5. Creeping Sharia notes Muslim’s telling food companies to rename their products
  6. Fausta’s Blog says to see Cuba like a native
  7. Five Feet of Fury wonders when a hate crime is not a hate crime
  8. Gates Of Vienna notes when rape isn’t really rape
  9. Gay Patriot says transgender brainwashing is child abuse
  10. Jammie Wearing Fools covers an asked for outcome for a gun control advocate
  11. Jihad Watch notes Muslims in Norway enraged for asking to assimilate
  12. Legal Insurrection wonders if down ballot Republicans should have a new talking point
  13. Maggie’s Farm had a reason to blow off watching the debate
  14. Moonbattery has an interesting take on Trump’s Gettysburg speech
  15. And last, but not least, Right Wing News notes that dressing as a scary clown can be dangerous


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Interesting Links to Check Out

DARPA Transfers Most Sophisticated Surveillance Telescope Ever Developed to the U.S. Air Force Space Command –To Counter Satellite Threats from China and Russia and Track Killer Asteroids – The Daily Galaxy –Great Discoveries Channel 

Russia’s attack fleet travels through the English Channel en-route to attack Syria 

Putin’s nuclear weapons ‘could wipe out ALL of America’s east coast in ONE SWIPE’ 

Alleged Clinton Fixer: ‘New York Times Has Become the National Enquirer’ 

Are the Obamas, the Clintons and the Bushes going to seek refuge in Countries that don’t Extradite to the US if Trump Wins? 

Internet Crashes Hard To Stop After Obama Internet Giveaway

Got them from the Feral Irishman

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Mother Theresa’s police report: ‘Trump French-kissed me!’



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The paper ballot option

ALERT: If You See A “Smartmatic” Voting Machine At The Polls, Here’s What You MUST Do…

Please help spread the word of the paper ballot option.

I was unaware of the paper ballot option.

So, what can you do to combat a the probability of fraud with these Soros-connected machines?

Simple — demand a paper ballot. Many states require poll workers to give you one if you request it — so do that if you see a “Smartmatic” machine.

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Hillary is just an ABUSIVE BITCH


Do you really want to elect a president who has so much contempt for the people who protect her life?

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Immigrants! Don’t Vote for What You Fled

Many of America’s legal and illegal immigrants fled nations that were ruined by corrupt politicians and failed government policies. But once here, they support the same things. Why? Gloria Alvarez, Project Director at the National Civic Movement of Guatemala, explains.

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You don’t really need a communist style one party system

Frankly, you don’t really need a communist style one party system to ensure your political party remains in power. Hell, you don’t even need to make political parties illegal at all. All you need to do is inviabilize your opponents’ candidacies and demonize them and their supporters. You create an environment where having the wrong opinion is a taboo and a social faux pas. You make it so the demonizing is profitable enough so content creators in media can make money by doing it. Also make it so having the wrong opinions can be harmful for one’s career, social life, and essentially ostracize those with such opinions. You label those who push back against that on whatever grounds as evil traitors who should and must not be heard. In the end, you ensure that the alternation of power that should characterize democracy isn’t stopped from the top, but rather from the bottom. Thus, the legitimacy granted by the institutional framework of democracy and the law is not breached and compliance and power can be accepted and maintain so long as you don’t screw up majestically and turn those who have elected you against you.


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Distributing candy is no basis for a system of government


A funny thing about introducing a new queen into a hive that has lost its queen (or one that you’ve killed because her brood was too fighty).

You have to introduce the new queen into the hive with these special queen cages that are stopped up with candy, and are open enough to let the hive smell the new queen, but not open enough that they can get in there and kill her.

Because they will kill her.

When you first put the new queen in she smells like an intruder, but by the time it takes the bees to eat through the candy and free the queen, the queen’s pheromones will have had time to work and the hive will have gotten used to her.

From the outside this kinda seems like:

“Yeh, we were all going to murder you to death before, but we’re full of candy now, so we’re cool. Oh yeh, and how about you be the new queen and stuff. Yeh, that’s cool too.”

Beekeeping is really weird

Listen, strange bee queens lyin’ in cages distributing candy is no basis for a system of government.


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Clintons Jogging

Clinton started jogging near his home in Chappaqua.

But on each run he happened to jog past a hooker standing on the same street corner, day after day.

With some apprehension he would brace himself as he approached her for what was most certainly to follow.

“Fifty dollars!” she would cry out from the curb.

“No, Five dollars!” fired back Clinton.

This ritual between Bill and the hooker continued for days.

He’d run by and she’d yell, “Fifty dollars!”

And he’d yell back, “Five dollars!”

One day however, Hillary decided that she wanted to accompany her husband on his jog!

As the jogging couple neared the problematic street corner, Bill realized the “pro” would bark her $50 offer and Hillary would wonder what he’d really been doing on all his past outings.

He realized he should have a darn good explanation for the former Secretary of State.

As they jogged into the turn that would take them past the corner, Bill became even more apprehensive than usual.

Sure enough, there was the hooker!

Bill tried to avoid the prostitute’s eyes as she watched the pair jog past.

Then, from the sidewalk, the hooker yelled…

“See what you get for five bucks!?”

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Car Wash

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