PETA: People Euthanizing Treasured Animals

I just put that as a subject line because hey, PETA does euthanize animals that they pick up, steal, given to them, etal. Plus maybe a lot of pet lovers will visit my blog now?

The Clintons had Gene Wilder murdered. That may or may not be true, but it is a type of headline that will draw in visitors, plus it is a type of headline that the lefties use often. Just put it out there and let people decide for themselves if true or not.

The first Bad Santa was freaking ass hilarious! Now a sequel????

What Is The Alt-Right?tumblr_ocotteexo01qckp4qo1_1280

  • Beliefs: Why ruin your day by getting into this?
  • Precursors: Long lineage of conservative philosophers including Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Julius Evola, and “U Mad Bro” 4chan meme
  • Membership: Over 40,000 individuals currently appealing ban on Wikipedia editor account
  • Origin: Although generally considered an online movement, the alt-right actually has its roots in the evolution of adrenal glands in vertebrates 525 million years ago
  • Against: Political correctness, immigration, feminism
  • For: Being against political correctness, immigration, feminism
  • Notable Achievements: Finally convincing Twitter to take online harassment seriously


The Onion, which was bought out by a wealthy Hillary Clinton supporter, makes a story about the alt-right days after Hillary Clinton gave a hilarious speech about the vast alt-right conspiracy.

big and little dog 729

Just a picture of a Big dog and a Little dog!

libertarians 730

Are the Libertarian candidates trying to be unelectable?

Gary Johnson is in Hillary’s pocket, he picked a running mate that is a longtime friend of Hillary Clinton.

migrants 733

Migrants Brutally Rape Girl, Give 5 Sickening Words When Judge Asks For Motive: HERE

An Internet Giveaway to the U.N.

Now again in 2016 Obama still says “Yes, ICANN Transform the Internet” — i.e., “Yes, I Can Transform the Internet” by transferring control of it to an international consortium vulnerable to foreign-government influences hostile to the freedoms bestowed upon the internet by the U.S. in creating it and making it available to the world.

Obama will initiate this process on September 30, 2016 UNLESS Congress acts to prohibit or delay such action. Here’s an article on the subject in the Hill in 2015 (which article KOOK archived in the Wayback Machine today, August 29, 2016).

More at the People’s Cube

A luxury department store has been accused of insulting the poor by selling a ‘distressed’ shoe ‘styled with duct tape’ for $585 (£450).

Barneys New York has customers who include both Jay Z and Justin Bieber.

Scottish comedian Limmy is one of those critical of the shoes by a high-end brand called Golden Goose which he called ‘poverty appropriation’.

BELGIUM: Hey, what’s that raggy thing the female slasher is wearing on her head?
Police shoot a woman who refused to surrender after she had stabbed three people. Authorities say it has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism and must be “mental issues  .” (The new euphemism for Islamic terrorism)

From HERE  (much more at that blog for sure!)

better for sure 416

The Republicans and Trump need more great videos like this (I say at least one every other day until election)

The tempo and drama of war headlines have obscured another significant victory dance: the race to be in at the death of Obamacare.

Dead it is. Even Vox is tolling the funeral bell.

Sarah Kliff writes. “Big insurers have quit Obamacare. That means more shoppers only get one choice. n 2016, there were 182 counties with only one Obamacare insurer. In 2017, there will be 687 counties with only one Obamacare insurer. …There are fewer competitive markets than ever before … Obamacare’s marketplaces have become less competitive since 2014.”

Accidental Heroes | PJ Media