Eating Local

Foodie localism loves farming in theory, but not in practice 

While local food has emerged as an alternative to industrial food, many people have simply transferred their expectations from the grocery store to the farmers’ market.

Consumers still expect a global array of products, despite natural restrictions in season or geography. Additionally, emotional expectations surrounding food have increased. People want to imagine chickens free-ranging in a pasture without knowing anything about their deaths. They want their farmers to be simple, iconic food heroes. It is awkward to burst the bubble of this romantic image by raising issues that will make or break the entire movement: wells running dry, the ballooning stress of our producers, the fact that farmer suicide rates are twice that of the general population.

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‘Clinton Cash’ Exposes Bill & Hillary’s ‘Pay-to-Play Matrix’

Pamela Anne writes at that the documentary film “Clinton Cash,” based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book and new graphic novel of the same name, exposes Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corrupt “pay-to-play matrix.”

I had to remind myself this documentary was not about a foreign oligarch engaging in pay-to-play, but about America’s former secretary of state now running for president of the United States, bartering the welfare of our nation for personal enrichment.