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How To Know The Difference Between Multiculturalism And Assimilation

The debate between assimilation and multiculturalism could be not just the sleeper issue of the 2016 campaign, but the current great question of the West.

Jeb Bush recently observed that America is “creeping toward multiculturalism” and called it “the wrong approach.” This unleashed the usual synthetic furies of the organized Left, ever ready to crush dissent on things that matter. This will not be the last time you will hear about this issue in the year to come.

The debate between assimilation and multiculturalism could very well be not just the sleeper issue of the 2016 campaign, but the current great question of the West. Our fights over immigration may be a cover for a more protracted deliberation over national identity—not just here, but in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and so on.

America’s identity is rooted in a unique culture that includes an exceptional attachment to constitutional government, volunteerism, and deriving satisfaction from a hard day’s labor—virtues intricately linked to America’s inordinate freedom and prosperity. The American public, sensing this connection at the all-important gut level, again and again tells pollsters they support the assimilation of immigrants; i.e., they do not want their country to change.

Of all the politically correct sacred cows that cannot be slaughtered, however, multiculturalism may top the list.

Time for ‘New Americans’?

CNN’s report on what happened was typical of the fog that surrounds the issue. Bush, CNN said, was speaking of multiculturalism “in the literal sense—a social model in which cultures live in ‘isolated pockets.’” American Bridge, a political action committee funded by George Soros, a well-known supporter of transnational causes, criticized Bush for appearing to denounce multiculturalism “in the more commonly known sense of tolerance for other cultures,” added CNN.

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Glenn Beck

We are killing babies in the bright lights of the clinics of Planned parenthood,

we stand in the noon day sun and declare support for the Psychotic leadership of the Islamic state of Iran,

our soldiers are told to look the other way and ignore the cries of rape from 12 year old boys,

while the DNC denies God three times at their convention, Christians are crucified in the Middle East, and others are shot on a campus in Oregon by a man who’s manifesto speaks of his love of Satan.

On Monday in the middle of the night authorities took down the Ten Commandments from the Capitol grounds in Oklahoma and last Saturday in Detroit almost 1000 people showed up to dedicate a statue of Lucifer.

Time magazine almost made it sound as if it was fun to be there and dismissed the seriousness of this milestone event.

Look at what they blindly printed the statue stands for:

“Baphomet contains binary elements symbolizing a reconciliation of opposites, emblematic of the willingness to embrace, and even celebrate differences.”

This defines our society today.

WARNING TO ALL WITH EYES AND EARS! We are not fighting flesh and blood. This isn’t a fight between the republicans and democrats. We are not fighting rich vs poor or black vs white.

What is happening is on a global scale. It is about good and evil.

Christians are mocked, shunned and run out of the public square but killers who crucify those who differ religiously or stone to death the homosexual in the name of Allah are excused, ignored or embraced and satanists are laughed off or made to seem mainstream.

Our leadership is preaching hatred, division and revenge.
Many of our churches are asleep or act as though nothing new is happening.

It is no longer good enough to to stop and go no further.

We have crossed to many red lines.

We must:
Turn around!
And walk the other direction.

No matter what others say or do. Even if we are alone.

Please hear me.

Evil will not destroy us. Evil will pervert and transform us. It will use us and all the tools our nation has at its disposal.

We WILL become a scourge unto all mankind. We will make the evil of the 20th century look like a grade school play.

If we do not turn back to Truth, Eternal Justice and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob it will be better had the United States never been created.

We will beg the Lord to destroy us and so will all those that we will persecute.

All races, creeds, colors, religions, sexuality will come under attack. It will not matter who you voted for, evil will in the end destroy us all if we do not stand united in the truth and light of Natures God and Natures Laws.

I feel foolish warning you as most likely if you get this post — you know. You are in the fight. Millions of Christians of all faiths are awake. But we have yet to unite and stand fearlessly together.

My question is how can I hold your arms up? What can I do in my role to help you?

You are the one that will make the difference. You are on the front lines. I know this will be fought in our homes, families, churches, schools towns and states. It is personal.

Evil wants you to feel helpless and hopeless.


It begins with declaring the truth:

In the name of Jesus the Christ evil has no power or authority here.

Historic times and struggles are approaching. Who will you be and how can I help you stand?

Please share this with all that you can. You may not need the warning but others do.

If someone would have told you five or ten years ago these things would come to pass we would all, left and right, dismiss them as crazy. Do not fall into the normalcy bias. This is NOT normal and we must not dismiss or embrace this kind of “diversity.”

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Inhumanity, When the Night Does Fall

CNN and liberal professor push for outright gun ban and mass confiscation “once and for all”

The TPP: A Monster Too Big To Fail?


MOVE OVER Saturday Night Live, Taiwanese Animators take a ‘shot’ at Hillary Clinton’s gun control madness

AMAZING! Even half way ’round the world, they can see Hillary for the untamed shrew she really is.

Found HERE.

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Recycling: The Triumph Of Feel-Goodism Over Common Sense

Since it’s basically a way of protecting property rights, environmental protection is a legitimate function of government.

That’s the easy part. It gets a lot harder when calculating costs and benefits.

Everyone surely agrees that a chemical company shouldn’t be able to dump toxic waste in a town’s reservoir because the costs would out-weigh the benefits. And presumably everyone also would concur that banning private automobiles would be crazy because this would be another example of costs being greater than benefits.

But there’s a lot of stuff in between those extreme examples where agreement is elusive.

And I’ll admit my bias. I don’t trust the modern environmental movement,
particularly the climate alarmists. There are just too many cases where green advocates act like their real goal is statism.

Moreover, the hypocrisy of some environmental dilettantes is downright staggering.

And they also seem to be waging a regulatory war on modern life.

I’m giving all this background to create context for an article I want to discuss.

John Tierney, a columnist for the New York Times. has a piece that debunks recycling. He starts by looking back 20 years.

As you sort everything into the right bins, you probably assume that recycling is helping your community and protecting the environment. But is it? Are you in fact wasting your time? In 1996, …I presented plenty of evidence that recycling was costly and ineffectual, but its defenders said that…the modern recycling movement had really just begun just a few years earlier, they predicted it would flourish as the industry matured and the public learned how to recycle properly.

So what’s happened over the years? Has recycling become more feasible and rational?

Not exactly. From a cost-benefit perspective, it’s a scam. It simply doesn’t make sense.

…when it comes to the bottom line, both economically and environmentally, not much has changed at all. Despite decades of exhortations and mandates, it’s still typically more expensive for municipalities to recycle household waste than to send it to a landfill. …the national rate of recycling has stagnated in recent years. …The future for recycling looks even worse. As cities move beyond recycling paper and metals, and into glass, food scraps and assorted plastics, the costs rise sharply while the environmental benefits decline and sometimes vanish. …“Trying to turn garbage into gold costs a lot more than expected…”

Tierney specifically addresses the issue of greenhouse gasses.

Continue reading this HERE.



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