Things to Think About

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The Eddie Izzard Doctrine


Is this guy telling others that he is going to battle 30 odd cats?

cat ninja


Who is this guy? What is he doing?

shoe1 shoe2 shoe3



goodnight spoon

Keith Richard’s lost kiddie classic

Goodnight spoon and goodnight stash.

The sun is up it’s time to crash.

Goodnight booze and pills and crystals,

Moroccan scarves German pistols

The groupies snorted all the blow;

The roadies passed out hours ago;

Mick’s stretched out in Room Ten-Oh-Nine

While all the stray cats wait in line.

So goodnight Memory Motel.

Goodnight bottle of Rebel Yell;

Brazilian pimp and Swedish whore;

French cops pounding at the door.

The dealers with the gypsy curse;

That jaded, faded junkie nurse;

Midnight ramblers and Angels on Harleys;

That tripped-out chick who swears she’s Charlie’s.

Goodnight Brian, Bill, and Rob.

Goodnight Elvis. Goodnight Jann.

It’s time to set the cuckoo clock.

Ah, fuck sleep. Let’s stay up and rock.


pepper in water


original star spangled banner

The original “Star Spangled Banner” that appeared in the dawn’s early light over Ft. McHenry 200 years ago today, photographed in the Boston Naval Yard, 1873


In the second round of the 2014 TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola, Rory McIlroy’s tee shot goes left into the trees and somehow lands in the pocket of a spectator on the par-4 14th hole. McIlroy would go on to two-putt for par.



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Attention All Schools – Can’t Sell Cupcakes? Try This Terrific New Fund Raising Idea!

Who needs Bake Sales? Want to see the kids line up to hand over their cash? Offer up your school Dietitian, Nutritionist or other Food Service employee to a live, man-eating Shark! Our portable Dunk Tanks are available now – book yours early to confirm for your next event! And don’t worry, we set up everything for you, including the shark! :) Then we pack everything and mop up/disinfect before we go. All you need is a good supply of Nutritionists. (Here’s a hint for those without a ready supply of Dietitians, etc. Round up some of your nosiest, naggiest, pickiest Parents – they work just as well, sometimes even better!) Hurry! Available dates for Fall Festivals are filling up fast so Call Today!



triumph motorcycle with blonde