Chairman Mao Comes to Amerika

Just two things, Chairman Mao was responsible for the deaths of 45 million people from 1958 to 1962 and does help explain what is happening now in Venezuela and what might come to Amerika if the liberals finally get their unfettered way! Thus, do read these two articles about Old Mao so you can get a sense of what liberals really want for us!

Looking back on the Great Leap Forward

Chairman Mao’s Mangoes

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The Supreme Court Will Consider a Case About Cheerleading Uniforms (interesting case that has much implications)



Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Accepts Democrat Nomination

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Dr. Gorka pointed to the many indications that this is the case, leaving out the fact that the first day of the convention was minus any US flags. The left prefers to burn them and they did so repeatedly outside the venue.

-“Just look at what happened. The convocation was booed. The serviceman with a Medal of Honor, trying to read the names of his fellow servicemen killed in combat was booed. The female police officer who asked for a moment of silence for fallen police officers was heckled by the Black Lives Matter. This is unbelievable, and clearly the thing that they’re most concerned about isn’t ISIS, it’s Donald Trump and global warming,” Gorka said.

The reason the left won’t recognize Isis is because it countermands their one-world moral relativism and multiculturalism.

-“I think the trouble with ISIS, or with radical Islam, is that its existence, its bare existence, countermands the one-world kumbaya moral relativism and multiculturalism that the Democrat Party has been ramming down our throats for 30 years,” Gorka replied. “If all cultures are equal, if everybody has the same values, then how does this thing called jihadism exist, and why do people shout ‘Allahu akbar’ as they’re running out of the church in Normandy, having beheaded a Catholic priest in front of the altar?”

Basically liberals ignore Isis because it proves them wrong. This is why they defend Islam.

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California to proclaim August “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month” at behest of terror-tied Hamas-CAIR

Hug-a-thug is the New Democrat motto

She has a bunch of felon moms that their felon children ended up dead speak but not one wife or relative of a murdered cop that a hate speech made on July 11 by a so called prez. made! Why? Because all criminals of the same feather stick together!! Fuck you! Hillary and your rapist husband too!


Contrary to popular belief, the First Amendment covers things you don’t like too.

“Hate speech! Ban it. But I’m totally against censorship.” -liberals.


Pessimism is an expectation of evil in the future. Optimism is an expectation of  future good. Determination is a resolve to fight for a good future.

Only the last of these attitude is fit for the citizens of a free society. The worst type of belief for  a free people to embrace is that anything in society is automatic

This issue was on display a few years ago after President Obama’s election when some Conservatives were being asked “Do you want the president to succeed”;  This was in essence an attempt to get these Conservatives to buy into political Optimism, or into the separation of social outcomes from chosen actions. The effect of believing that outcomes are not tied to   knowable actions is passiveness. The desire of the progressive is for the people to exchange the ideal of bold self determination for a passive, hopeful submission to the schemes of the state.

A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.
Albert Einstein

The difference between communism and capitalism

In Communism you wait in line for toilet paper at the store

In Capitalism the toilet paper waits for you at the store.

It’s actually quite beautiful.

So easy a Bernie supporter should understand but they don’t.

The argument that law enforcement and adjudication are so important that they must be provided by a coercive monopoly is ironic. If one had to identify a service that is really fundamental to social well-being, it would be the provision of food. Yet no one (in this country) seriously suggests that this service is “too important” to be left to private firms subject to the market competition. On the contrary, both theory and history demonstrate that food production is too important to be left to a coercive monopoly.

The more vital a good or service is, the more dangerous it is to let it be produced by a coercive monopoly. A monopoly post office does far less harm than monopoly law enforcement and court systems. And a coercive monopoly might go largely unnoticed if it were limited to making paper clips–that is, the inferior and/or costly paper clips inevitably produced by such a monopoly might not bother us too much. It is when something really important is left to a coercive monopoly that we face potential disaster.

Randy E. Barnett, “Pursuing Justice in a Free Society”, reprinted in Anarchy and the Law, (2007), Edward P. Stringham, ed. pp. 86-87