Fargo Cop shoots unarmed cow, town braces for bovine riots

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A resident of Cass County, ND, has warned the People’s Cube of the rising tensions between the local community and the bovine population after a Cass County Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed an unarmed cow who allegedly attacked him and pushed the uniformed officer to the ground after he produced his credentials and read the Miranda rights.

Cow Dead After Attack on Cass County Sheriff’s Deputy

While the details of the early morning incident in Interstate 94 west of Fargo still remain unclear, a PETA representative has flown from Washington, D.C., with a team of lawyers and forensic experts, demanding an independent autopsy.

The PETA team have met with leaders of the local bovine community, urging them to take urgent action and raise their voice against the signs of increasing police brutality in the seemingly sleepy rural area of North Dakota.

They also spoke to a few passing cows in the streets, interested in their opinions about the character of the slain member of their community and trying to reconstruct the tragic events – a procedure known in professional circles as “herd-sourcing.”

PETA soon posted this hastily produced reenactment of the incident on its website, even though this version of events is not supported by forensic evidence and is disputed by the Sheriff’s office and the family of the deputy, who is still being treated for alleged injuries that have never been life-threatening.


“We sure hope this place will not remain peaceful for much longer, as we are committed to bringing struggle for justice to these parts of America that for too long have avoided scrutiny,” said the PETA spokesperson. “I mean, who shoots an unarmed cow at three in the morning? No justice, no peace!”

While some Cass County residents remain skeptical, others are battening down the hatches in preparation for bovine riots and looting and move to the opposite side of the street at the sight of an approaching cow, no longer trusting the animals with whom the community has lived side by side for so many generations.

Authorities are still trying to track down the surviving family members of the cow, though this hope is sadly fading fast.

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Another Ferguson? Wait, Wrong Race, No Interest

Why has there been no media interest in the police shooting of an apparently unarmed suspect in Salt Lake City?

Just two days after the shooting death of Michael Brown, an officer with the Salt Lake City Police Department shot and killed an unarmed 20-year-old. The Salt Lake City Police Department equips some of its officers with cameras. The department confirmed the officer who shot had a camera and that footage of the confrontation and shooting was captured, but they would not elaborate further, and the video of the encounter has yet to be released publicly. As with the Michael Brown case, this “lack of transparency” has caused some family members of the deceased to raise questions.

But what of the race of the decedent and of the cop?

The local newspaper, the Salt Lake City Tribune, reported the story this way:

“A wanted fugitive fatally shot by Salt Lake City police, who were looking for a man reportedly brandishing a handgun outside a convenience store, was unarmed and trying to comply with police orders when he was killed, his brother claims.

“Investigators, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation and need to protect evidence, remained mum on whether a gun was found at the scene of the Monday night shooting at a 7-Eleven store. … Police also would not discuss conflicting witness reports that Dillon Delbert Taylor, 20, appeared to have reached toward his waistband during the confrontation. …

“Taylor was facing a felony arrest warrant when police challenged him outside the store, court records confirm. But Taylor’s brother, 22-year-old Jerrail Pete Taylor — who court records show served time on a 2009 second-degree felony robbery count himself — insists that police did not mention the warrant when they approached him, his brother and a third man outside the store.

“‘We’re walking out of the 7-Eleven with a drink, when the cops show up and start harassing us with guns,’ Jerrail Taylor told The Salt Lake Tribune. … South Salt Lake police, who are investigating the shooting, said Salt Lake City police were answering a 911 call reporting a man there was waving a handgun; Dillon Taylor purportedly matched the description of the armed man.

“Dillon Taylor was wearing headphones and didn’t respond to the three officers until they surrounded him, Jerrail Taylor said.

“‘He couldn’t hear them, so he just kept walking. Then … they had guns pointed at his face. That’s when he turned off the music,’ he said. ‘I saw them point guns at my brother’s face, and I knew what was going to happen.’

“One officer told Dillon Taylor to get on the ground, while another told him to put his hands on his head.

“‘He got confused, he went to pull up his pants to get on the ground, and they shot him,’ Jerrail Taylor said.

“Witnesses said they heard two shots. Taylor died at the scene; his brother and cousin were detained for questioning.”

Notice anything missing? No mention of the race of the police officer or the man killed?

Local newspapers, when they describe the officer’s race at all, ID him as “not white.” The police chief would only say the firing officer “is not a white officer.” As for the decedent, most newspapers’ accounts say nothing, but local bloggers say he is “white” or “white and Hispanic.” Some family members say he is “Hispanic.”

As with Ferguson, some family members have taking to the streets in protest. But, unlike Ferguson, they protest without the glare of CNN or Al Sharpton yelling, “No justice, no peace” or President Barack Obama offering his “deepest condolences” as he did to the Michael Brown family.

The officer, whose name has not been released, has been removed from active duty during the investigation. The Salt Lake City police chief, Chris Burbank, said, “You will see on camera … the actions of everyone involved, including up to the point where our officer utilizes deadly force and his response thereafter.” The Tribune reported: “Burbank indicated that if Taylor’s shooting is found to have been unjustified, the officer involved would be held accountable. In the past five years, the chief noted, two officers have been dismissed for using excessive force with a firearm.”

There has also been little national media attention about the shooting death of a 9-year-old in Chicago, shot twice in an apparent targeted shooting. Repeat: 9 years old. The crime remains unsolved, and one local writer called it an “assassination.” Other locals, including at least one clergyman, call it an “execution.”

How about a little perspective?

Being a cop is a difficult job, which requires making decisions in a split second with life and death hanging in the balance. And bad guys don’t care about your race or your gender. What happened in Ferguson, an unarmed black killed by police, is rare. What happened in Chicago to the 9-year-old boy, an urban black person shot and killed, is all too common.

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The full inventory of Shakespeare’s possessions, which would have listed his books and other historically important information, was probably sent to London, where such records were kept at the time. It was most likely destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666. – Provided by RandomHistory.com 


U.S. says non-allergic peanut moves closer to commercial reality

A new method for removing allergens from peanuts means help could soon be on the way for the roughly 2.8 million Americans with a potentially life-threatening allergy to the popular food, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Tuesday.

In a blog post, the agency said researchers at North Carolina A&T State University have found a way to reduce peanut allergens by 98 percent to 100 percent by focusing on certain proteins that can trigger food-related anaphylaxis, a severe, whole-body allergic reaction.

“We found that treating peanuts with protein-breaking enzymes reduced allergenic proteins,” said Dr. Jianmai Yu, a food and nutrition researcher at NC A&T’s School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

The university has signed an agreement with Xemerge, a Toronto-based firm that commercializes emerging technologies in food and agriculture, to research the marketingpotential of hypoallergenic peanut products.

“This is one of the best technologies in the food and nutrition space we have seen,” Johnny Rodrigues, chief commercialization officer of Xemerge, said on the university’s website. “It checks all the boxes: non-GMO, patented, human clinical data, does not change physical characteristics of the peanut.” “GMO” stands for “genetically modified organism.”

The treatment is effective whether peanuts are whole, broken into pieces or ground into flour, USDA said. It has also shown promise in wheat, one of the top eight food allergens in the United States, and tree nuts.

USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture supported the research with funding through an Agriculture and Food Research Initiative grant.

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Sharyl Attkisson Schools ABC, CBS, NBC on How to Cover the IRS Scandal

Unlike her colleagues at the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, on Tuesday night, actually dug into the finer points behind the big bombshells revealed in the IRS scandal this week. 

Invited on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the revelations of a Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyer confirming the existence of Lois Lerner’s “missing” e-mails and the IRS’s destruction of her Blackberry (stories the networks through Wednesday morning have yet to touch) Attkisson also did a great job of explaining the conflict of interest going on at the DOJ. 

Laying down the trail of bread crumbs for any network reporter to follow, Attkisson told Dobbs that at the same time the DOJ was “defending the IRS in court in the civil case with Judicial Watch” it was “also investigating the IRS. So at the same time it’s supposed to conduct a fair and impartial investigation on the one hand…it is defending the IRS in court on the other hand on the missing document cases. I think there is a potential appearance of a conflict of interest there.”

Not only have the networks not examined the conflict of interest case at the DOJ, they haven’t even bothered to report on the big revelations in the IRS scandal this week.

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