Climate Change: What’s So Alarming?

Are droughts, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters getting stronger and more frequent? Are carbon dioxide emissions, global temperatures and sea levels putting us on a path for climate catastrophe? Bjorn Lomborg, Director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, breaks down the facts about the environment and shows why the reality of climate change may be very different from what you hear in the media.

News not on the main stream media:

Obama captures rare Pokémon while at the DNC.


Democratic Delegates Outraged Chick-Fil-A Served At DNC

Most Democrats have a memory almost equal to a Golden Retriever puppy, and thus have long forgotten the Chick-Fil-A protests of 2012.

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Batshit-Crazy-Logo-smallerOldest Known Evidence of Tobacco Use in North America Found in Ice Age Hunting Camp

An Ice Age Hunting Camp replete with the bird bones and tobacco has been found in Utah, USA. It is the oldest known evidence of tobacco use found so far.

According to Western Digs , the discovery took a place in the dead-flat desert of northwestern Utah, USA, where archaeologists uncovered the remnants of an Ice Age site. It has been hidden only a few centimeters below the surface. During the excavations, researchers discovered a campground used by the prehistoric hunter-gatherers 12,300 years ago.

The site contained artifacts, including the charred remains of an ancient hearth, a finely crafted spear point, and, most surprisingly, a collection of tobacco seeds. It is the oldest known evidence of tobacco use in North America. According to Dr. Daron Duke, senior archaeologist with the Nevada-based  Far Western Anthropological Research Group , the most interesting part of the discovery is that there is no direct evidence that people used tobacco past 3,000 years ago, but this research proved its use more than 12,000 years ago.

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Trump’s Economic Policy In One Sentence

Increase the cost of access to the American market.

Trump will reduce regulations and taxes to make America wealthier, but he will also raise the cost of being outside of the American labor market.

Nothing is stopping Goldman Sachs or Google from moving their HQ overseas. If they can’t or won’t move overseas, then Mr. Trump is correct: the United States can charge more. The explicit support for Obama and Clinton also tells us American companies are willing to pay more for market access. They are willing to pay higher taxes, and suffer higher regulations.

Mr. Trump’s goal is not a rearrangement of wealth in America, a transfer of rich to poor. Instead, he wants to grow the pie much larger, but also keep more at home. Under his policies, corporations will make far more than they would under Clinton.

Yet, most likely companies such as Google and Goldman Sachs, multinationals that are American in name only, will loudly oppose President Trump. Foreign multinationals, such as InBev, the owner of Budweiser, will play ball.