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The worst “racist” loses its meaning when you apply it to everyone who hurts your feelings. Someone criticizing Black Lives Matter does not make them a KKK member. You trivialize racism when you do that.


If you want to know how bad marriage is hitler killed himself after less then 40 hours of being married.

I feel like there might’ve been some other things going on in his life too, but there’s really no way to be sure.


Stuff You Need to Know


“Killing innocent people is one thing but I draw the line at criticising a religion”— Liberals on Islamic terrorism

for war

Hillary is officially the nominee for the Democratic Party, but Bernie Sanders can still win the Presidency!


Taking back the Narrative

The Arabs are the Invaders, Occupiers and Settlers.In their propaganda, the Arabs who now call themselves “Palestinians” consistently demand that Israel and the world recognize their “pre-1948” rights. That’s about 70 years ago. Mysteriously, they are never willing to add another 60 years to their “historical” claims on the Holy Land. They know very well that doing so will send them back to where they came from – Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Years ago, during negotiations with the, so-called, Palestinians, a Israeli negotiator proposed to revise a mention of their claim of “pre-1948” rights and replace it with “pre-1917”.The “Palestinians” vehemently opposed. Now we know why.If there is anyone who still believes that a “Palestinian” nation ever existed before the end of the British mandate and the founding of the state of Israel, would they please be kind enough to answer; When was it founded and by whom? What was its name in Arabic (not in Latin-English)? What was its form of government? What were its borders? Name one top “Palestinian” leader before Arafat? Which country ever recognized its existence and when?In which library or museum can we find any of its literature, coins, or historical artifacts? The answer to all these questions is “nil”. As stated by Zahir Muhsein: “The ‘Palestinian’ people does not exist.”Via Roberto Simon Haybert


Solar-powered machine turns urine into beer

A solar-powered machine that can create drinkable water out of urine, could now be used to make beer, according to researchers.

The researchers at the University of Ghent created a device that uses a solar-powered boiler and special membrane to separate the urine into two parts: water and fertiliser.

Having tested the method at a music festival in Ghent, where the team collected 1,000 litres of water in 10 days, it is now looking at using the water to make beer.

“We call it from sewer to brewer,” Sebastiaan Derese, one of the researchers from the University of Ghent, told Reuters. “We’re able to recover fertiliser and drinking water from urine using just a simple process and solar energy.”

To purify the urine, the researchers first collect it in a tank and heat it using a solar-powered boiler. As the water evaporates it passes through the membrane, which separates it from nutrients found in urine and useful as a fertiliser, such as nitrogen and phosphorous.

Although the water generated by the machine is drinkable, the researchers plan to make beer out of the 1,000 litres generated at the music festival.

They plan to install more purification machines at shopping malls, sporting arenas and airports, with the ultimate goal to bring clean water to rural areas and developing countries.

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