Glenn Beck was bashing Americans opposed to illegal immigration, decrying partisan politics, and positioning himself toward the center just as he was reportedly trying to strike a deal to get his programming on CNN.

CNN’s Brian Stelter reported that “the idea fizzled fast and talks aren’t expected to resume.” CNN and HLN are expected to lay off at least 550 more people in what is being called another “bloodbath,” and Beck was reportedly trying to get on the HLN network, where he got his first break in cable television.

Stelter, who is one of the best-sourced reporters in the television industry and made a name for himself out-scooping more established mainstream media reporters, claimed he had no knowledge of the negotiations whatsoever when he unusually gave Beck two Sundays worth of relatively good PR, showcasing Beck’s Texas offices and future plans.

During that interview, Stelter said industry sources have said that major cable networks are reluctant to pick up Beck’s network because “there’s no other must-see TV on the channel.” However, Stelter’s line of questioning revealed that industry executives may be hesitant to make deals with someone who once referred to President Barack Obama as aracist and accused Obama of having problems with white people.

Stelter suggested that Beck was responsible for inflaming much of the polarization he now decries during his mainstream media appearances and told him that many Americans remember Beck for “saying on [Fox News] that President Obama is a racist.” Beck said he regretted making the comment and replied, “we all live and learn.”

Stelter also praised Beck for how “you evolve your views” and “change your mind” on issues, and Beck mentioned that he does so after various “pivot points.” Beck also said he would rather be Walt Disney than Edward R. Murrow or Rush Limbaugh.

While he was reportedly negotiating to partner with CNN, Beck tried to get the mainstream media to love him at the expense of conservatives. Beck, who reportedly has a net worth of nearly $100 million, claimed that he has “never taken a position more deadly to my career than this” and suggested that giving illegal immigrants soccer balls was “more right” than calling out the kind of radical Islam that leads to the beheading of Americans.

Beck also suggested that those opposed to giving soccer balls to illegal immigrant juveniles – nearly 90% of whom, according to Pew Research, are teenagers – were “pusses.” He even said that conservatives and citizens should not worry about the illegal immigrant gangsters – many of whom have raped and murdered Americans – who are coming across the border.

As Breitbart News’s John Nolte wrote, Beck’s condemnation “delighted a mainstream media that looks for every opportunity to portray conservatives as heartless, or worse.” And left-wing and mainstream outlets quickly and gleefully tried to say conservatives who, in good faith, believed that the compassionate thing to do is to send the illegal immigrant juveniles back home were somehow un-Christian.

As Nolte noted, “the problem isn’t what Beck did. The problem is how he did it.” Nolte emphasized that for Beck and the mainstream media “to pretend there isn’t a compassionate argument to be made against what Beck’s doing is simply wrong, unfair, and a bit sanctimonious” because the “truly compassionate thing to do is to ensure you’re not doing anything that might encourage more parents to send their unaccompanied children on that harrowing trek.” Conservatives like Sen. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin have also emphasized that the compassionate thing to do is to reunite the illegal immigrant juveniles with their parents in their home countries.

“It is not insane, unreasonable, or lacking in compassion to argue that news of a major American media figure greeting children at the border with toys could be used by the drug smugglers and human traffickers already exploiting these kids as a way to recruit more,” Nolte continued.

Stelter emphasized that the cable “industry is top-heavy, and only two of the ten biggest providers” have supported The Blaze. Even after his unsuccessful overtures to CNN, Beck is still looking for mainstream media partners to get his shows on more cable channels.

Perhaps that is why he again ripped Americans who do not want to lure more illegal immigrants to make the harrowing journey to America in The Huffington Post. And, as the Huffington Post noted, Beck has also not been as vocal as other conservatives in calling out a mainstream press that, according to Rush Limbaugh, wanted to turn the “gentle giant” Michael Brown into Rodney King. The mainstream press, though, could not do so because of new media watchdogs that were not around during the Rodney King trial.

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How Islam Built The Very Fabric of America

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Arizona Praises Jerry Brown’s Invitation To Illegals

PHOENIX, Arizona (WNB) – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Tuesday praised her California counterpart’s statement welcoming all illegal immigrants in the U.S. to his state.

“Gov. Jerry Brown’s wonderful offer is representative of California’s welcoming spirit. Now every illegal immigrant can look forward to a comfortable, taxpayer-provided life in America’s most generous and friendly state. To make that dream a reality, I have established a fund to pay travel expenses to California for all Arizona illegals wanting that better life.” said Brewer.


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drunk enough she said


Where Governmental Incompetence Ends and Malice Begins

The greatest dilemma of the age of Obama is whether to describe our government as dumb and inefficient or evil. Hanlon’s Razor states: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” Indeed, much of our government’s activities can only be explained by stupidity.

Conservative advocacy is at its easiest when we libertarians are asserting the general ineptitude of The State. It is everywhere. Sometimes it is lightheartedly funny, as when the nice woman at the state park tells you they will have more souvenirs when “we get more funds at the beginning of the physical year,” or when Congressman Hank Johnson frets over the possibility that Guam could “tip over, and uh… capsize” with the addition of 25,000 additional residents.

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Church Asks For Return Of Stolen Items

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (WNB) – Sources say the St. Louis church that hosted the funeral for Gentle GiantTM Michael Brown Monday is asking for the return of several items ‘not accounted for’ after the ceremony.

Reportedly missing after the funeral service were three 60″ televisions, two desktop computers, 25 communion trays, two brass crosses, four brass candelabras, a 30 cup coffeemaker, two desks, a safe containing approximately $16,000 in cash, a Baldwin upright piano, and a large painting of Jesus.


“Reverend” Al Sharpton

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Fed Chair Yellen Shell Game

Janet Yellen’s August 22, 2014 speech at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was a verbal shell game with an invisible pea.

The first paragraph in Yellen’s speech began with this sentence: “In the five years since the end of the Great Recession, the economy has made considerable progress in recovering from the largest and most sustained loss of employment in the United States since the Great Depression.”

Then, the first paragraph ended with the admission that “…five years after the end of the recession, the labor market has yet to fully recover.”

Many of the remaining 3,450 words she spoke refuted the claim of “considerable progress” and turned over multiple shells in search of the pea that explains why the labor market has not “fully” recovered.

The pea remains invisible.

In her penultimate paragraph, Yellen stated that, although labor market conditions have “improved more rapidly [rapid after five years?] than the Committee [Federal Open Market Committee, or FOMC] had anticipated,” “Of course, if economic performance turns out to be disappointing and progress toward our goals proceeds more slowly than we expect, the future path of interest rates likely would be more accommodative [read “lower”] than we currently anticipate.”

Throughout her speech, Yellen used “if,” “might,” “may,” and “could” a total of 58 times. (The saying, “If my aunt had a moustache, she’d be my uncle” is only disputed by those with aunts who have moustaches.)

FED policy going forward is dependent on finding the pea that will drive the maximum employment goal. Here’s a sampling of Yellen’s ruminations on that search:

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