Tax Army Larger than U.S. Army


The Office of Management and Budget has released new data on the amount of time Americans spend complying with the federal tax code. Tax Foundation summarizes the data here.

Individuals and businesses spend 8.9 billion hours a year on federal tax paperwork, which is equivalent to 4.3 million people working full-time and year-round on this unproductive activity. That “tax army” is three times larger than our uniformed military of 1.4 million active duty service members.

The burden of tax paperwork can be expressed in dollars. Based on the average earnings of U.S. workers, Tax Foundation finds that federal tax paperwork imposes a $409 billion annual cost on the economy.

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Could Privatization Save Our Economy?

In a new analysis, Chris Edwards argues that privatizing federal businesses can increase efficiency, spur innovation, and create greater transparency.

The American economy is sluggish, the government is running large deficits, and the public is frustrated with the poor performance of federal bureaucracies. Could one simple reform tackle all of these problems?

In Options for Federal Privatization and Reform Lessons from Abroad, Chris Edwards, director of tax policy studies at Cato and editor of, contends that U.S. policymakers should take a cue from the successes of foreign privatization and enact proven reforms here. Edwards points to several federal businesses that should be turned over to the private sector including the U.S. Postal Service, Amtrak, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the air traffic control system, lands, building, and other businesses and assets.

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Saw a friend post this to Facebook, without a source and without a name for the quote, but the observation is relevant:

“American liberalism is the belief that any Democrat elected president will be constrained by all kinds of institutional checks and balance that will prevent them from getting anything done, held simultaneously with the belief that any Republican elected president will be able to dismantle every government program built since the Second World War and fundamentally transform the country into a fascist dystopia with the stroke of a pen.”

Bleeding Syria, Meet Bleeding Kansas

People, this is HISTORY! History not really taught in schools and universities anymore! Not like when I went to school. Heck, we even saw live on tv in one history class John F. Kennedy being assassinated! So hey, do read all of this article dammit! Goes back to our own Civil War!

My last article about United States history left out one of the government’s greatest achievements: A civil war that was the bloodiest and heaviest in casualties than any other war in U.S. history. There were so many dead, to this day, we still don’t know how many died but it could be as high as 750,000. That’s higher than World War Two which had weapons not even in the planning stages during the Civil War. Indeed, we ARE “The Greatest Nation On Earth” if we are discussing numbers of dead racked up during a civil war.

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