Dildos are Racist

Tell you, the people of color and their enablers are going crazy in our country! Now they have turned their feeble minds to dildos!

SAN FRANCISCO – Students at numerous American colleges are studying the apparent racism in the dildo sex toy industry as part of their ethnic, gender or sexuality coursework.

Numerous college news sites are highlighting the questionable content in light of continued student protests across the country about rising tuition rates and overbearing college loan costs.

At San Francisco State University’s College of Ethnic Studies, associate dean Amy Sueyoshi digs into the racist dildo industry with the reading “Little White Lies: Race, Dildos, and American Culture,” a 2001 article by Allison Kavanagh Alavi.

Read all of this HERE.

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America has successfully drug its feet on Climate Change legislation in the past, so you might be thinking that since Congress and the American in general don’t trust a thing that President Obama says at this point, that Congress will certainly defeat it this time.

Seeds of Hatred  Good reading here.

Why Preppers Need Guns: 3 Reasons Firearms Play a Vital Role in Your Defensive Plan

This clever new refrigerator keeps food cold without electricity

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““The grim reality is that dishonesty is so fundamental to leftism today that while all politicians connive with the facts a bit if they think that there is no chance of getting caught, the pathological liars of establishment leftism more and more resemble the Stalinist Lillian Hellman, about whom Mary McCarthy famously wrote: ‘Every word [she] writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the.’ The establishment media, like entrenched government bureaucracies and corrupt academia, long since stopped caring about intellectual integrity. All of these organs care only about either advancing an ideological agenda or protecting their comfortable perches and perks. Over the last fifty years or so, there has been virtually no governor or check upon the most outrageous frauds.”” —Bruce Walker

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Do Little Day

Today, like most days, I will do as little as possible. Of course, that does depend on my lovely wife. For she can come up with creative ways to keep my busy. Like subtly getting the vacuum cleaner out and making sure I see the thing just there, waiting for me. It is her way of getting me to vacuum without actually ordering me to do so.

Tomorrow though, I will go out for I will get two things I need (nah, I hate ordering online as I want stuff NOW not in 2 or 3 or more days), one of which is a 4 port USB hub. As I only have two on my computer, in the front and none in the rear (odd aint it?) and both are in use by my keyboard and mouse (yeah, every time I think about wireless keyboard and mouse, I nix the idea for no reason). May even get a 6 or 10 port USB hub. Will see once I get in a store to buy one.

The other is going to the vape shop and getting something beyond a vape pen. Only vapers would know what I am talking about. Seems like my pens like my wife’s have a shorter lifespan that makes me throw them away. Have another pen I am tossing later today if again it charges up and then dies off on me fast. The unit I am looking at is a kangertech subox mini. 50 Watt unit and in white. Cost me about $100 with battery, charger, etal. Wife at first said no way, but now it is yes, especially after I bought her the unit she now has and loves.

Then there is this, someone complains that I am right wing and my blog proves it. Geesh, I am not right wing, I just am not a leftie like he probably is. Just that most truth out there is not from the left. A fact of life lefties hate.

Now enjoy these videos:

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Black Live Matter?

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