‘Clinton Cash’ Exposes Bill & Hillary’s ‘Pay-to-Play Matrix’

Pamela Anne writes at Politichicks.com that the documentary film “Clinton Cash,” based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book and new graphic novel of the same name, exposes Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corrupt “pay-to-play matrix.”

I had to remind myself this documentary was not about a foreign oligarch engaging in pay-to-play, but about America’s former secretary of state now running for president of the United States, bartering the welfare of our nation for personal enrichment.


Marketing: Level Genius

When you can put sleeves in a burlap sack and sell it to a pudgy senior citizen for just under $13K.

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marketing genius level

“[Media] content is so rigidly controlled today that in a way the fourth estate has now become nothing more than an institution of the government restricted to publishing and advancing White House directives and Democrat policy agendas. The role that the press plays is to make clear to the American people what the Obama adminstration is doing, why the adminstration is doing it, and why it is forced to act in a certain way. Of course, as we have become accustom to hearing, the Obama adminstration is always forced to “act in a certain way” because of the “obstructionist” Republicans. The effect of this is to demonize the Republican party to the point of capitulation. This formula for “reporting” by the press encompasses every single issue advocated by the Obama adminstration and the Democrat party…

…with the media pushing the Democrats agenda and carrying weight for the Obama adminstration on not only gun control but issues ranging from Illegal immigration to Islamic terrorism, it is worth recalling the following statement delivered by Joseph Goebbels during his first official press conference as the head of the Third Reich’s Propaganda Ministry on March 15, 1933. Goebbels, whom turned press conferences into secret meetings where the Propaganda Ministry would pass on detailed instructions to selected journalists, supplying articles to be printed verbatim or used as the basis for reports stated the following to the journalists, “You are to know not only what is happening, but also the government’s view of it and how you can convey that to the people most effectively.” That they were not to convey or print any view in opposition to the regime did not need to be said. This applies to our own press today.” —Politically Short

Hillary and the Mothers of the Movement

The DNC convention next week will feature a group calling themselves the “Mothers of the Movement,”  who are aggrieved mothers of the recent headliners involving black deaths.  The group has already been road-tested on its own in Ferguson and has appeared with Hillary Clinton in South Carolina.

The exclusion of the relatives of police officers recently slain in a number of ambushes and mass shoots by the Democrats at their convention has not gone unnoticed by the Philadelphia police.

Who are the Mothers of the Movement Here

Reaction of Philly police Here

The lopsided message being conveyed here raises the all too real prospect of the Democrat brand being tainted as anti-police and the potential to generate enormous political dividends for the law and order campaign of Donald Trump.

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