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Hillary Clinton’s Culture Of Corruption May Doom Candidacy

Hillary’s emails may be only the tip of an iceberg that could include Clinton Foundation donations to shield Boko Haram from being designated a terrorist group and her brother’s involvement in a Haitian gold mine.

We doubt Team Hillary was thrilled or her critics surprised Tuesday when the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security named Mrs. Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, in a report about a firm that allegedly received preferential treatment from the Obama administration.

The firm, Gulf Coast Funds Management, with Tony Rodham listed as its chief executive, allegedly benefited from what the report says was “politically motivated” intervention of then-United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Majorkas, whom president Obama promoted to be the No. 2 official at DHS even as he was under investigation.

Majorkas, according to the IG report, appeared to give “favoritism and special access” to politically connected Democrats who intervened in the application process for the EB-5 (Employee-Based Fifth Preference) visa program, which grants visas to wealthy foreigners who can invest up to $500,000 in U.S. business ventures.

Along with Hillary’s brother, Gulf Coast is also linked to now-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who served as chair of the Democratic National Committee when Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, was president. McAuliffe’s company was working with Gulf Coast, a firm that specialized in obtaining EB-5 visas for investors.

So we have a high Obama administration official conspiring to grant visas to wealthy investors in a firm run by Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham, that was assisting a firm run by Hillary’s political ally Terry McAuliffe.

Now-DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Majorkas’ intervention on behalf of McAuliffe’s GreenTech Automotive company was “unprecedented,” according to the IG report.

Last month, the Washington Post reported on another deal involving Rodham that could prove politically embarrassing and damaging for his sister. It seems that he sits on the board of a company that got a coveted gold-mining contract from the government of Haiti after the Clinton Foundation sponsored relief work in Haiti.

In interviews with the Post, both Rodham and the chief executive of Delaware-based VCS Mining said they were introduced at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which seems more and more to be an unseemly mix of charitable work with the political and business interests of Clinton Foundation donors.

And then there’s Hillary’s strange dealings regarding the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, which just recently pledged its allegiance to the ever-expanding Islamic State — dubbed the “JV team” by President Obama, who has yet to make good on his pledge to degrade and destroy them.

Much more to read found HERE.

The new James Bond trailer shows Daniel Craig as emotionless as ever

The first teaser trailer for the next James Bond film, Spectre, has been released—and it looks pretty good.

The film, actor Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as the British secret agent, picks up where Skyfall left off and features a character from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace—continuing the theme of direct sequels, rather than standalone films, as in previous incarnations of Ian Fleming’s character. In it, Craig’s Bond confronts a dark family secret with the same stony stoicism he has displayed in the past.

The trailer features the actresses Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Monica Bellucci, at 50 the oldest “Bond girl” ever. It also offers a glimpse of a shadowed Christoph Waltz, playing a character named Franz Oberhauser—who may or may not turn out to be the cat-caressing Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. (Spectre, after all, did once stand for Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, the worldwide syndicate of baddies that Blofeld helmed in earlier movies, including Thunderball and Dr. No.)

Enjoy the trailer below. It could be Craig’s last run at the character before Idris Elba becomes the first black actor to play the super-spy.

Found the above HERE.

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Downside of those solar panel leases

In sunny California, it is impossible to listen to talk radio very long without hearing an ad for a solar panel installation company that promises to lower your cost of electricity.  You agree to lease the panels, and the company will install them on your roof, and your lease payments will be less than your current electricity bill.  Generous subsidies from the state of California make the deal look like a win-win.

Not so fast, according to the National Real Estate Post, a site aimed at real estate agents.

The following video cautions agents that the lease obligations, usually twenty years, make selling the house much more difficult.  The new buyer has to be qualified by the lessor to take over the lease.  Or the new buyer may not wish to continue using the panels, which are certain to become technologically outdated as time goes on, if they even still work.


And, buying that new home may be a problem for the seller: the solar panel lease obligations get factored into the homeowner’s credit rating as a financial obligation, meaning it will be more difficult to qualify for a mortgage on the new house, as well as more difficult to sell the old house.

Watch this before you decide to go solar on a lease:

Now go and watch the video HERE.

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Hillary Clinton wiped her email server clean, a Republican congressman says.

Clinton deleted all emails from her home server and did not comply with requests for additional documents, said Rep. Trey Gowdy. Clinton’s lawyer says she has handed over all work emails from her tenure as secretary of state. Current secretary of state John Kerry has initiated a review of state department record-keeping.

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