The UN History of the Palestinian People, Tea Party movement has officially peaked

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Terrorism is spreading around the world while the UN, like the EU is constantly attacking Israel. Now we know why. Nazis enabled Arafat to be leader of a fake people and then gave him and the fake state impunity to kill Jews. It continues today.

The UN History of the Palestinian People:From Arafat to Abbas…

It is time to stand up and accuse the UN of Crimes Against Humanity-Jewish humanity.  This organization, through its recommendations and resolutions encouraged and continues to encourage the terror taking place in Israel by Muslims against Jews. Their policies continue to condone these activities.

Monday, November 23, Yitzhak Benhorin wrote in ynet news:

“Twenty resolutions are to be proposed at the meeting, including ones calling for the Palestinian right of return, placing responsibility for terror on Israel while disregarding the terrorism in Israel in recent weeks, and accusing Israel of changing the status quo at the Temple Mount compound…The decisions are expected to pass with an automatic majority based on Muslim and unaligned nations.”

Six did. One resolution condemned the Jewish state for retaining the Golan Heights, demanding Israel hand it over to the Syrian regime. Another vote – which passed 153 to 7 – claimed that Israel has “no right” to “impose” its sovereignty over “the Holy City of Jerusalem.”

And so the crimes against the Jews continue. All of them approved by the United Nations. Part of a history of anti-Israel actions that can be traced from Arafat to Abbas via the Nazi Kurt Waldheim.

In 1947 the United Nations recommended the creation of two new states with Resolution 181: from the partition of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states, with the city of Jerusalem as a corpus separatum (Latin: “separate entity”) to be governed by a special international regime. The proposal passed with 33 votes in favour, 13 against, and 10 abstentions. Israel accepted the partition, the Palestinians did not.

The Arab world attacked Israel and lost. Israel survived by the skin of her teeth having lost precious land including part of Jerusalem to Jordan. At that moment Resolution 181 became moot. Israel accepted statehood. The Arabs did not. There is no legally declared Palestinian Arab state. But that hasn’t stopped the UN.

As Salomon Benzimra pointed out in his article in American Thinker: “After losing several wars of aggression against Israel, the Arabs developed a new strategy.  Rather than blustering about throwing the Jews into the sea, the Arabs introduced the “Palestinian people” to the world.”

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Why either the UN needs to be shut down, or the USA to get out, NOW!

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According to Bernie Sanders, income inequality means many Americans aren’t “truly free”

Saint Laquan of Pulaski Road…

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Global support for climate action is waning.

Only in four countries out of 20 surveyed did the majority of respondents favor “ambitious” climate targets, according to research conducted for the BBC. That’s down from eight in 2009. Fewer than half the respondents think climate change is “very serious,” from almost two-thirds earlier.

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America’s Tea Party movement has officially peaked

The Tea Party—the hodgepodge of conservatives within the US Republican Party who favor lower taxes, lower national debt, and the notion that government power should be curbed as much as possible—is starting to sputter out.

After a very vocal start in 2009, the political group is undergoing a steep decline in popularity, according to the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), a nonprofit that tracks trends in public opinion through its annual American Values Survey.

In the survey’s most recent iteration, released Nov. 17 and comprising a broad sample of 2,695 people across the country, the PRRI found that the proportion of Americans identifying with the Tea Party movement is currently a measly 6%. Five years ago, the figure was nearly twice that: 11%.

Among Republicans specifically, Tea Party affiliation has fallen from 22% to 2010 to 14% today.

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Not Unlike Paying For A Deluxe Dinner At A Top Shelf Restaurant And It Was So Bad Everyone Threw Up After

You’d damn well demand a refund, at the least, I would think. The Average Cost to attend a Dallas Cowboys football disaster at AT&T 3&8 Stadium this year is nearly $640.00 for a group of four. Second highest in the league. Tickets, parking, meager concessions and merchandise. Doesn’t include travel costs, taxis, shuttles or lodging. It’s a big deal for thousands of fans. The trip of a lifetime for many – often at a price well above that average. And so they go and they shuttle and they shuffle and they queue and they settle into their seats with $8.50 beers and $5.00 hotdogs to watch the Whole Reason for their going, paying and enduring security inspections and stuff like that and then the Whole Reason says ‘fukit’ and plays like dogshit. If dogshit could actually play football which has yet to be demonstrated by the owners, coaches and players of this club.

No, I didn’t go. I’m just venting for the fans that did.

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NSA to shut down bulk phone surveillance program by Sunday

Karl Rove’s Complaint

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