The Amazing Story of Charlie Brown

Forty years a slave, once Charlie Brown was freed after the Civil War he built one of the largest business empires in south Texas. More on this amazing rags to riches story as Ron Paul travels on location to speak with Mr. Brown’s great-grandson. Hey, do go to Ron Paul’s website, it is always refreshing to go there and read and view videos like the one below. So, do go HERE

“Politics relies on murder, coercion, theft, and lies.
If voting is your solution, you have no solution.”

— Ben Stone

“PROGRESSIVISM = EUGENICS: Centrally Planned economies tempt population control.”

— A.E. Samaan

Bill Clinton Settled Rape Allegations Out of Court


Liberal Media right now

This is our liberal media distracting everyone away from the truth. Oh, wait a minute! The liberal media was also in bed with Hillary/Debbie in lying about everything!


The infamous 28 pages from a joint congressional intelligence inquiry regarding 9/11 were finally declassified, and the media told us there was nothing to see in them. Not true. Award-winning reporter Larisa Alexandrovna joins me for the real story.