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Obamacare Official to Quit if Ever Works


Marilyn Tavenner, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services official who oversaw the launch of, announced today that she would resign from the Obama administration, “just as soon as I can actually log on to”

A spokesman for the federal government’s human resources department said they’ve just rolled out a new resignation system that will make it faster and easier for federal employees to end their careers “with a few clicks of the mouse.” However, the system has “a few minor glitches that we’re working through.”

Tavenner said that at first would not let her create an account, and then it said she was in a “waiting room” and should check back often. Eventually, she was allowed to enter information, but then the system didn’t recognize her.

“It’s really frustrating,” Tavenner said. “I can’t even find out what my retirement benefits are without entering my life story, and I can’t even do that because the system’s locked up and I can’t log in.”

Yesterday, was taken down for maintenance after it unexpectedly got deluged with as many as 13 simultaneous users.

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Urban Legends In The World of Clinical Trials – Neuroskeptic.

Teenage Girl Pulls Off $4.6 Million Diamond Heist – Neatorama.

Dark Roasted Blend: Colorful South American Buses, Part 2.

annette kellerman
Annette Kellerman promotes women’s right to wear a fitted one piece bathing suit. She was arrested for indecency in 1907.

Control, Surrender and the Paradox of Self-Transcendence: Wisdom from a Vintage Scandinavian Children’s Book.

Archaeology: The milk revolution : Nature News & Comment.

Ignored in Asia: The ISIL Threat .

Surprisingly Clever Jellyfish Don’t Just Drift : Animals : Nature World News.

When the price just feels right: Do rounded numbers appeal to our emotions? | (e) Science News.

Sign in to read: Where heroes come from – and how to become one .

How does the universe creates reason, morality? — ScienceDaily.

Same Person, Right?


Music Resonates Across Cultures, Study Suggests – US News.

Men are less promiscuous when women are scarce | Royal Society.

Ivory mafia: how criminal gangs are killing Africa’s elephants.

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Overrated Exercises, And The Moves You Should Do Instead.

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