Ferguson Protests Are Coming to Your City

Demonstrations in nearly 100 cities will follow Officer Darren Wilson’s grand jury announcement.

On Wednesday evening in Ferguson, Missouri, a number of protesters gathered outside the police station for a spirited demonstration. And, for the first time, in several nights, a boisterous gathering yielded some arrests.

As Reuters reported, five people were arrested as many in the St. Louis suburb await the grand jury decision relating to the August shooting death of Michael Brown. Earlier in the day, the Ferguson School District announced its plans to possibly close its 23 schools early depending on when the report is announced.

But the fallout from the decision, however it goes, will hardly be a local affair. In recent days, activists from have ramped up efforts to organize protests in cities and towns across the country and beyond. As Bloomberg reports, “The Ferguson National Response Network and Ferguson Action, a coalition of groups in the St. Louis area, list details of demonstrations in almost 90 cities in 34 states and Canada.”

The events appear to be scattered not only geographically, but also in timing and thrust. Some of the planned demonstrations, like the ones in Meadville, Pennsylvania and Seattle, Washington, to choose two from many dozens, are slated to happen on the day of the announcement. Meanwhile, a number of others are set to take place one day after the announcement.

The chosen venues tell a story as well. The spread of the protests ranges from college campuses to public parks to the Dollar General Parking Lot in Longview, Texas, to churches and city halls.

As organizers prepare, so do city officials. In a statement, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans preemptively pleaded with students to demonstrate peacefully:

We are asking students to be mindful that there may be outside agitators trying to provoke and instigate otherwise peaceful protests. I ask that if public demonstrations occur as a result of the decision they are done with respect to our neighbors and businesses, responsibly and peacefully.

Elsewhere, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan wrote a letter in which she took the remarkable step of announcing where and when the city’s protests would be taking place “to raise awareness about these events, not to alarm, and so that you may plan ahead.”

From the Atlantic.

Shows you the criminal element in certain communities do not need much of a reason to go and riot! Be prepared people….

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Ferguson Protests Grow Larger: ‘We Don’t Give a F— about Your Laws’

last time ever

10 Liberal Clichés and What They Really Mean

Cliché [klee-shey, kli-] n. – a trite, stereotyped expression; a sentence or phrase, usually expressing a popular or common thought or idea, that has lost originality, ingenuity, and impact by long overuse.

1. The Constitution is a Living Document

This is used to rationalize ignoring the Constitution and imposing whatever Liberals want to on people. The Founding Fathers knew that as times changed there might arise a need to alter the Constitution, so they provided for Amendments. Amendments, alone are what make the US Constitutions “elastic” or “a living document”, but Liberals have long lost site of that, and have taken the term used to describe the “elasticity” provided by Amendments to also include judicial interpretation, or as we know it, Judicial activism.

2. Diversity is Strength

It’s very interesting that what Liberals today call “Diversity” bears a striking resemblance to what Democrats used to call “Segregation”. Liberals see “Diversity” as acknowledging difference to the point of creating walls, which isolate different groups. They rationalize it as good, by pretending that these walls allow the groups to better expose their strengths. Wow, that’s exactly what the segregationists of the 40s and 50s said, too. Conservatives on the other hand, acknowledge varying strengths, but see them as more efficiently used by using commonality among all people to strengthen societal unity and cohesion, not division.

3. Equal Protection

This canard is being used a lot today to rationalize all kinds of outrageous abuse. It works like this: A Liberal wants a special right for himself or some other group, but that right directly infringes on the rights of a group or groups the Liberals don’t like–then the “Constitution” demands the second group loses their rights in favor of the first group so that “equal protection” is achieved. Rights for the first groups are expanded to including pretty much anything and everything they want. Rights for the second groups are diminished to the point of non-existence. The result is what Liberals call “Equal Protection”. Your religious beliefs say that homosexuality is wrong? Doesn’t matter because the rights of homosexuals to force you to participate in the celebration of their chosen sexual positions trump your “so-called” freedom of religion (as if that’s even in the Constitution, anyway). See how that works?

4. The One Percent

Class warfare is one of the Liberal’s greatest weapons. It doesn’t matter that there are actually more 1%ers that are Democrats than are Republicans. It doesn’t matter that Liberal 1%ers donate more heavily than Republican or Libertarian (The Koch brothers are Libertarians) do. It’s about class envy. Hate those that have more than you do, so you will lend your societal proxy (the miniscule power the individual possesses that when combined with others become a powerful political force) to those 1%ers promising (but never delivering) punishment for the haves and bread and circuses for the have nots.

5. Trust Black Women

This shameless exploitation of minorities was invented when Liberals could no longer hide the ongoing genocide of Blacks via Planned Parenthood. It’s supposed to mean that even if Black women are flocking to abortion clinics to murder their babies at a rate that actually surpasses live births, we should shut up about it, and trust that they know what they are doing. What it really means is, “Hey, we’ve conned these people into thinking we are helping them by slowly eradicating them from the planet. So don’t interfere.”

Read the rest of this HERE.

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No Easy Fix for One of Obamacare’s Hardest Problems

The Other Side of Immigration Reform

Big Brother coming to your street soon….

The New Security Robot Watching Over Silicon Valley Is Less RoboCop and More R2-D2

This bot will not insist you have 20 second to comply.

The jobs of security guards—and possibly police, down the road—might be in jeopardy thanks to a new robot that hit the pavement this week in Silicon Valley.

Designed by the Mountain View startup Knightscope, the five-feet, 300-pound K5 robot features what the company describes as an autonomous technology platform that combines robotics, predictive analytics and collaborative social engagement to predict and prevent crime.

Four cameras stretching the circumference of the bot and multiple sensors surveil the environment for suspicious activity. A Wi-Fi system transmits live video and tracks other K5s nearby. A separate camera rapidly scans license plates to match against databases and can even analyze faces. The K5s aren’t weaponized, but they do have a screeching alarm that can escalate in intensity, depending on the situation. And if it’s something a human should handle, they can call a security guard or the police.

“I believe robots are the perfect tools to handle the monotonous and sometimes dangerous work in order to free up humans to more judiciously address activities requiring higher-level thinking, hands-on encounters, or tactical planning,” said William Santana Li, Knightscope’s chairman and CEO.

To be sure, the robot in its current iteration is meant more as a crime deterrent than anything else (Knightscope executives regularly note that people think it’s “cute” and want to hug it.). And while it seems they’ll first be used in the private sector, the company appears hopeful that it might be adopted by public law enforcement, as well.

Knightscope says K5s are already in operation at some Silicon Valley locations, but would not say where. They claim to have a waiting list of about four dozen companies wanting to get their hands on the K5 and they expect to deploy several next year in corporate settings, college campuses and outdoor malls.

It’s A Great Question And He’s Really Sorry He Asked


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