Shittiest Aspects of the Zodiac Signs

Aries: bossy annoying loud fucks that talk over you

Taurus: argumentative and stubborn assholes

Gemini: never stop fucking talking and are two-faced fuckers

Cancer: cries and whines all the fucking time, victim complex

Leo: full of themselves, attention whores with an inflated ego

Virgo: critical and cruel bitches

Libra: no spine – a total follower / kiss-ass

Scorpio: moody all the fucking time, and really mean

Sagittarius: fucking mean and hot-tempered, never sticks to anything

Capricorn: stressed out and wired all the time – no chill

Aquarius: thinks they’re better than everyone, probably has an “indie” blog

Pisces: crazy ass mood swings and just generally fucking nuts

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Yes, Abe Vigoda is 93 and still alive.

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