Breasts: the ultimate weapons, Welfare’s last stand

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Breasts: the ultimate weapons

Female comic and video game characters often engage in combat while wearing outfits that are very revealing, particularly around the breast area. This is because the scientific properties of breasts mean they’re formidable weapons which shouldn’t be concealed.

From the film Machete Kills. These elaborate bras aren’t for protection, they’re to contain the fearsome power of the breasts. Photograph: Alamy

Forget guns. Forget nukes. The real ultimate weapon? Breasts.

Exposed breasts are a significant tactical advantage. In pop culture, large-breasted women fighters invariably wear very revealing, breast-emphasising outfits. There are numerous examples in comics (Wonder Woman, Power Girl,Psylocke, Emma Frost, Zatanna, Black Cat, She Hulk etc.) and video games (Lara Croft, Bayonetta, Blaze, Ivy, Rayne, Mai etc.) Presumably such capable individuals would be able to wear what they like, so why would they choose to expose so much skin to danger?

You might think it’s just a cheap and crude tactic by male-dominated industries to get more attention from what they assume to be their young heterosexual male audience. But you’d be wrong. The creators of these scantily-clad protagonists are aware of a greater truth; breasts are actually the most awesome weapons a human can possess, and to cover them up limits their effectiveness. No wonder there aregames dedicated to women increasing their breast size. This may all seem far-fetched, but the science backs it up.


Many women complain that large breasts are actually a hindrance to physical activity, requiring supporting equipment like sturdy sports bras to stop all the disruptive movement. However, this just reveals that these women haven’t had sufficient training in using breasts to maintain stability in extreme physical scenarios.

When undulated in the correct manner, large breasts can act as tuned mass dampers, aka harmonic absorbers. By swinging in the opposite direction to that of the main body, breasts can help cancel out the effect of external forces, like the large pendulum-like dampers in skyscrapers and wind turbines. Ergo, large breasts reduce the impact of hits sustained in battle, allowing the female combatant to remain standing and retaliate in kind.

More proficient female fighters have also mastered their breast to achieve rotational movements to induce a gyroscopic effect, allowing them to put their body through extremely elaborate moves and actions, without ever losing their balance. An obvious tactical advantage.

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Marilyn Monroe (10)

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27 Images That Prove That We Are In Danger

Today not every person is aware of the horrible effects our lifestyle choices have on our environment. Sometimes even our words become superfluous. These images say more than a thousand words.

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This new nuclear-armed US bomb may be the most dangerous weapon in America’s arsenal

The Refugees at Our Door

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Welfare’s last stand

Long in retreat in the US, the welfare state found a haven in an unlikely place – the military, where it thrived for decades

Over the past four decades in the United States, as the country has slashed its welfare state and employers gutted traditional job benefits, growing numbers of people, especially from the working class, grasped for a new safety net – the military. Everyone recognises that the US armed forces have become a global colossus. But few know that, along with bases and bombs, the US military constructed its own massive welfare state. In the waning decades of the 20th century, with US prosperity in decline, more than 10 million active?duty personnel and their tens of millions of family members turned to the military for economic and social security.

The military welfare state is hidden in plain sight, its welfare function camouflaged by its war-making auspices. Only the richest Americans could hope to access a more systematic welfare network. Military social welfare features a web of near-universal coverage for soldiers and their families – housing, healthcare, childcare, family counselling, legal assistance, education benefits, and more. The programmes constitute a multi-billion-dollar-per-year safety net, at times accounting for nearly 50 per cent of the Department of Defense budget (DoD). Their real costs spread over several divisions of the defence budget creating a system so vast that the DoD acknowledged it could not accurately reckon its total expense.

Most Americans would not imagine that the military welfare state has anything to do with them. After all, in the era since the end of the draft and the advent of the all-volunteer force, military service has become the province of the few: just 0.5 per cent of Americans now serve in the armed forces.

But the history of the military welfare state tells us a great deal about citizenship and welfare. Its rise correlated with and, in some instances, caused the decline of the civilian welfare state, creating a diverging and unequal set of entitlements. And the recent transformation of the military welfare state – a massive privatisation and outsourcing – signals an even more dangerous future for the civilian welfare state.

The US military has always performed social welfare of some kind or another. Over its long history, it provided daily support to its conscripts – food, shelter, clothing and medical care – and more elaborate benefits such as homes, family support and clubs for the career force and officers. The military also rewarded citizen conscripts for their faithful service during wartime. During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Army offered veterans land or a cash bounty. After the Civil War, the military offered veterans pensions. And after the Second World War, millions of former service personnel were guaranteed unprecedented education, training and housing subsidies.

Military leaders embarked on a new and more ambitious social welfare programme after 1973. That year, President Richard Nixon and Congress ended the draft and mandated an all-volunteer force. Military leaders could no longer force citizens to join – they had to convince them. And one of their most vital tools was social welfare benefits.

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