Stupefying of America, Hiring Drone Pilots, Net Neutrality & the Internet Worldwide, Much More

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Stupefying part is that these beliefs are not accidental. American Left purposefully and willfully believe them, against evidence, against reason, against common sense.

Obama Presides over the Stupefying of America

stu•pe•fy (v.) – to put into a state of little or no sensibility; benumb the faculties of; put into a stupor; also, to overwhelm with amazement; astound; astonish.

In searching for one word to describe the state of affairs in America at the present time, I kept coming back to the word “stupefying.” For my purposes here, this is anincredibly useful word for illustrating what Barack Obama, and the left-wing in general, have done to our country.

One half of the country is stupefied in the sense of the first definition—they are in a state of little to no sensibility, their faculties of thought and reasoning have been benumbed, and these low-information drones float along in a hero worship-induced stupor as their Pres__ent pulls the country down around their ears.

The rest of us—the liberty lovers, the traditionalists, the conservatives, and so forth—seem as if we are overwhelmed with amazement at the insanity of it all, astonished and astounded that living, breathing people could make such consistently foolish mistakes and say and believe such amazingly stupid things.

And yet, they do.

What are some of the things which liberals and left-wingers believe which are absolute rubbish?

Well, we can start with their belief in “manmade climate change.” They believe in it despite the mounting evidence against it that has managed to circumvent the information blockade they have attempted to place around it. They tried to claim that “97% of scientists believe in global warming”—a claim which has been thorough debunked. They had to change their terminology from “global warming” to “climate change” once it became apparent that the Earth wasn’t actually warming and was instead cooling, but this salient clue didn’t have any effect on their overall position. They have fallen back onto the ridiculous assertion that essentially any change in the weather—colder or hotter, drier or wetter—is evidence for “climate change.”

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Something America Does Not Need To See

Unless you’re looking at it here, where you expect to see it. You’re inured, desensitized and fully prepared. So it doesn’t stop your heart. Most Americans do not visit this site (hard to believe, I know) and they have no idea what HRC looks like naked. I’m pretty sure a whole lot of them would not survive the initial shock – so they don’t need to see it. Except for here.

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Now hiring: Thousands of drone pilots to fly the skies of Europe

There could be as many as 150,000 drone jobs in Europe by the year 2050, says a report out today from the EU Committee of Britain’s House of Lords. Those jobs include piloting as well as manufacturing and other support work. In the US, the drone industry has claimed there’ll be a similar bonanza. But there are a couple of catches.

First, people need to know how to fly them. In the UK, commercial drone pilots need a form of aviation license, and regulations ban them from being flown over built-up areas or crowds, or out of sight of the pilot. But the aviation industry is still worried. It has said that “leisure” users might at some point cause “a catastrophic accident,” which could damage the growth of the industry, the report says.

Then, there’s the problem of public perception. Drones clearly make people nervous, even though there’s a world of difference between the small commercial devices and the massive military drones that patrol the skies over war zones. The unexplained sighting of drones above Paris last week had a city that had recently experienced a terrorist atrocity immediately on edge.

While small drones are already increasingly used for filming and photography by journalists and movie-makers as well as enthusiasts, they also have less visible uses: farmers surveying their fields to plan crop rotation, estate agents taking aerial shots of houses, and infrastructure companies checking on cables and or bridges. All of these make privacy a particularly fraught issue. To deal with that, the report calls for pilots to be made aware of rules that protect ordinary people from having their private lives inspected or their data collected.

Keeping track of what drones are in the sky should help. The report also recommends creating an online database on which drone operators would share their flight plans, and suggests that the UK and Europe team up with NASA. The US space agency already researching thedevelopment of such a system, which might eventually function as a kind of drone air-traffic control.

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Evidence for God from Science   Do bookmark this site, there is so darn much to read and digest!

The amnesty cave: A consequence of weakness, but also of the corruption of language

Obama administration proposes regulations on commercial drones amid security, privacy concerns

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How New U.S. Net Neutrality Rules Are Shaping the Internet Worldwide

Supporters see the FCC’s decision as the first open-Internet domino, but critics are warning of darker possibilities.

Fuel for the next wave of open Internet activists, or a propaganda tool for dictators?

New U.S. net neutrality rules are affecting Internet governance worldwide, reshaping the debate over Internet regulations as some major world powers near fork-in-the-road decisions about how they’ll govern their own stretch of cyberspace. But while there’s consensus that the U.S. decision will have impacts on Internet freedom worldwide, there’s sharp disagreement over whether the new rules will help or hurt.

In general, one’s take on the rules’ overseas effects correlates closely one’s view of the rules themselves, with supporters touting their benefits and critics warning of dire consequences.

Proponents of the rules are pointing to Europe, where the U.S. decision landed in the middle of the European Union Parliament’s own debate over net neutrality. The most recent proposals in front of the governing body would be a break with the FCC’s new rules, as they would allow Internet service providers to prioritize certain types of Internet traffic, the Financial Timesreported this week.

The EU is expected to reach a decision this year, but some observers say the U.S. decision could change the debate’s trajectory by rejuvenating European supporters of stricter net-neutrality standards.

“Civil society and grassroots movements, which in Europe are less professional—they’re in a different stage, they’re not as well-funded—I think they see that the narrative in the U.S. is that startups and civil society did it,” said Jan Gerlach, a fellow at the Research Institute for Information Law at Switzerland’s University of St. Gallen. “In Europe, that gives … the sense that they can do it.”

How the European debate gets settled matters for more than just European companies and consumers: U.S. tech companies have a stake in it as well. If the rules allow ISPs to charge more for better service, Google and Facebook would face the same scenario they were trying to avoid by pushing for net neutrality in the U.S. Strict European rules that mirror the FCC’s would keep the European market most open for American tech, Gerlach says.

According to the European Transparency Register—a database of lobby spending to which companies volunteer information—Microsoft spent more than 4 million Euros lobbying in Brussels for a yearlong period between 2013 and 2014. Google reported that it spent more than 1 million Euros to lobby the EU in 2013. But since the register does not require companies to report their spending, these numbers could in fact be much higher.

Giving Aid and Comfort to Censors?

But while proponents of the U.S. rules like to focus on the possibility that Europe will follow suit, critics of the policies are warning that the rules have set a different, darker precedent—one that will give authoritarian regimes cover to censor content and block Internet access among their citizens.

Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, who voted against the net neutrality rules last week,said last month that if the U.S. government tried to regulate the Internet, “it becomes a lot more difficult for us to go on the international stage and tell governments: ‘Look, we want you to keep your hands off the Internet.’ ”

And Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune warned at a committee hearing last week that authoritarian states such as China and Russia might try to exert influence over the Internet by subjecting it to regulations under a United Nations body. By enacting the FCC’s net neutrality plan, Thune said, the U.S. weakened its argument for keeping the Internet outside of the U.N.’s regulatory jurisdiction.

Of course, autocrats’ efforts to block and censor the Internet have been underway for decades, and proponents of the new policies say they give the U.S. a stronger platform to push for Internet freedom rather than undermine its position.

Larry Strickling, the Commerce Department’s assistant secretary for communications and information, said at the hearing that there’s no contradiction. “I fundamentally don’t think this will change matters going forward,” Stickling said. “The United States is opposed to intergovernmental resolution to these Internet issues. We will remain opposed to that.”

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler echoed Stickling’s comments Tuesday at a gathering of tech and telecom leaders in Barcelona. “We remain absolutely steadfast opposed to intergovernmental structures that seek to impose their will on how the Internet operates,” Wheeler said.

The worry that the FCC’s net-neutrality rules are the first step toward Internet censorship comes from a misinterpretation of what’s being regulated, according to the rules’ supporters: The FCC is restricting how companies treat Internet traffic, but it’s not deciding what content users can create or access.

“What we need to understand here is that the U.S. has not regulated the Internet,” Gerlach said. “It has regulated access to the Internet, the last-mile connection.”

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Why Boston’s Girl Scout Cookies Suck Compared to NYC’s  Why not all cookies are equal. Must read!

Route 66 by Bicycle: The Complete Guide

What Makes an Electric Guitar Sound Like an Electric Guitar

The Agriculture secretary details new grant programs to feed the poorest children and improve school performance.

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The US has too much oil.

US oil futures dipped below $50 a barrel after the government reported that its inventory levels rose by 10.3 million barrels, three times the increase analysts predicted. Signs of an imminent nuclear deal with Iran have also raised fears that without sanctions, a flood of Iranian oil will further depress prices.

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Minecraft is more popular than the Bible (on Google).

Markus Persson’s iconic computer game—which sold to Microsoft late last year for $2.5 billion—is Googled more frequently than the holy book, Justin Bieber, and even Harry Potter. In an interview with Forbes, the 35-year-old billionaire describes his extravagant life after selling his 71% stake in the game.

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