I Freaking Hate New Monia! & Diabetes!

So been feeling poorly starting last Sunday. Would not go to doctor monday, but tuesday wife took me to my doctor.

And Found out I had a nice case of new monia! Not that regular pneumonia other people get.

He give me some antibiotics and sent me home.

Wednesday day morning? I was really feeling awful. Freezing one second and burning up the next second.

So wife took me back to the clinic. And bam! Doctor said, you are in the hospital right now!

Wife took me to Methodist Hospital and they were waiting for me (nice when the clinic and the hospital are owned as one).

They loaded me up with all kinds of medicals, took more xrays, and it seemed they took a quart of blood out of me.

So there I lay, hooked up to ivs, can not move, going from freezing to burning up. All night long.

Thursday morning as sick as I was, I did eat breakfast.

And bam! Not only was I in the midst of a raging case of new monia, I find out I am a type 2 diabetic!

Doctor told me, blood sugar count was 265. HA1C measurment which he hoped would be low with 5.7 or lower being the best outcome (not diabetic) 6-7 would put me in diabetic ville! And what do I get? a freaking 9! Full blown diabetic at type 2 stage!

So I spend all thursday with more ivs, more medicals and still sicker than a dog. And not allowed up and about.

Friday morning, after breakfast (hey that hospital served me some damn good grub!), they removed the ivs. Straight pills unless something went south (thankfully did not happen). And I could go to the bathroom on my own. And got a shower!

So it was walking all over the hospital to get my strength back. Nope, not mister speedy at all for sure! But I did manage longer and longer walks without losing breath.

Friday afternoon had two different diabetic specialists talk to my wife and I about all our options, what to do and what not to do. The medications and what they are used for in diabetics.

And another specialist came in and he checked me out, told me I was doing good and he would see about letting me go home Saturday if I was up to it. Yes, I am up to it.

This morning, after having a tuber (people who draw blood are called that!) who took forever and god knows how many tries in 4 different areas of my arm and hand finally, got the blook she wanted.

Blood sugar count prior to breakfast was a big drop to 115!.

So anyways, after getting the right medications called in to the pharmacy, and checking my vitals again, I got released!

Now, I have to do a big lifestyle change, and wife also.

Wife told me last night, the nieces came over and grabbed a bunch of the chocolate candy and said they wanted to help out Uncle Joe!

Now to get a few things caught up around here. And get with wife on what we need to get at the grocery store.

And take my first official walk!

And monday call my doctor for an appointment so he can see how the new monia is going away.

Now I hate freaking new monia and damn it all, diabetes!