Hillary and the Mothers of the Movement

The DNC convention next week will feature a group calling themselves the “Mothers of the Movement,”  who are aggrieved mothers of the recent headliners involving black deaths.  The group has already been road-tested on its own in Ferguson and has appeared with Hillary Clinton in South Carolina.

The exclusion of the relatives of police officers recently slain in a number of ambushes and mass shoots by the Democrats at their convention has not gone unnoticed by the Philadelphia police.

Who are the Mothers of the Movement Here

Reaction of Philly police Here

The lopsided message being conveyed here raises the all too real prospect of the Democrat brand being tainted as anti-police and the potential to generate enormous political dividends for the law and order campaign of Donald Trump.

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Are you eating cloned meat?

Two decades after Scotland’s Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal, consumers may well wonder whether they are drinking milk or eating meat from cookie-cutter cows or their offspring.

The simple answer is ‘probably’.

But the fact is, there is no way to know for sure, the experts have said.

This is the case even in Europe, which has come closer to banning livestock cloning than anywhere else in the world.


I will worry when these become cloned items…


Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as the Islamic State

Stop laughing. Kerry is right. Watch for the next mass shooting by your air conditioner. Remember all those manifestos your air conditioner issued, vowing the imminent destruction of the U.S.

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Robbing the poor

And lousy public schools are a good way for robbing the poor. It only takes one undisciplined student being either ignored by the teacher or coddled by the teacher, to really limit the education of the rest of the class. And of course students who don’t understand the language, or the culture, or have any background education, take up a great deal of the teacher’s time, so making sure every classroom has a fair share of kids who really need help is a very good way for seeing that the ordinary middle class kids whose parents pay for those schools don’t learn much. And we can import an infinite number of kids who need all of the teacher’s time, and fill the classrooms with them, and call it equality. But if you were to try to design a system to produce low class education, and make going to private schools very beneficial, and thus widen all gaps into castes, I wonder what system would be better than the one we are developing? And closing the Charter schools, making sure that all but the rich have lousy systems, is a great way to continue; only we never catch wise, do we?

Jerry Pournelle

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Why The PC Crowd Sees Victims Everywhere