Economic Freedom Builds Wealth, Merkel Threatens Europe

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Economic Freedom, Not Egalitarianism, Eradicates Poverty and Builds Wealth

America was was intended to be a “shining city on a hill” of freedom, individual liberty, and unlimited opportunity. She was never intended to be a socialist state. Socialistic egalitarianism is strikingly antithetical to the American paradigm.

Founded in individual liberty, America has always been the one nation under heaven where equality of opportunity has taken precedence over equality of outcome. The whole concept of the “American Dream” is based on the individual freedom to become, to achieve, to build, sell, and succeed. This requires individual freedom (which is diminished proportionate to expanded governmental power), and a free market economy (not centralized planning, or government control over the means of production). Consequently, socialism in any of its iterations (communism, national socialism, fascism, and democratic-socialism) is philosophically, morally, and pragmatically, contrary to the principles upon which the republic was founded. Consequently, it is deductively anti-American.

To socialism, equality is paramount, rather than achievement and excellence. It ascribes value to workers not based upon their production and performance, but by the amount of time they put in. The net result is the rewarding of mediocrity rather than excellence.

By robbing Peter to pay Paul, the redistributive policies of socialism punish the producers, and rewards the non-producers. By so doing, not only is the heart and soul of a society inflicted with a loss of appetite for proactivity, creation, and production, but it becomes afflicted with an entitlement mentality of what the government, at the expense of the producers, can do for “me.” This makes individuals dependent on the state and the diminishing number of producers, since the government has nothing but what it takes from its citizens. This dependency can be for everything from food and energy to health care. In short, it strives for egalitarianism by debasing and defalcating from the successful, rather than providing means for elevating the disadvantaged.

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“When asked a few years ago to pick which department in Washington most deserved to be eliminated, I chose the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

And HUD unquestionably is a cesspool of waste, so it certainly should be shuttered.

But the more I read about the bizarre handouts and subsidies showered on big agribusiness producers by the Department of Agriculture, the more I think there’s a very compelling argument that it should be at top of my list.

Indeed, these giveaways are so disgusting and corrupt that not only should the department be abolished, but the headquarters should be razed and then the ground should be covered by a foot of salt to make sure nothing ever springs back to life.” —Dan Mitchell

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Merkel Threatens Europe—And The West

The first snow in Bavaria covered the tents sheltering thousands of illegal immigrants at the border between Austria and Germany as Angela Merkel showed up in Munich at the party congress of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), allied with her CDU (Christian Democratic Union). The atmosphere was not less frosty inside the hall, where the German Chancellor defended her policy of open doors for Muslim immigrants in front of a highly critical audience of Bavarian conservatives. [Chancellor Angela Merkel asks CSU party to stick with CDU allies in helping refugees, November 20, 2015]

Once again she repeated her mantra: Germany does not put any limit to the number of “refugees.” Her government instead would “fight against the reasons of their flight“, improve “the conditions in the refugee camps,” make sure that the whole of Europe would share the burden of caring for the “refugees“ and secure “the outer borders of the union“.

All these measures together would, supposedly, reduce the inflow of Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans and others to Germany—which in this year so far already exceeds one million.

Merkel tried to convince the auditorium that her government had everything under control and that there was “no alternative” to her policy of Open Doors. Her optimism was not shared by the CSU rank and file.

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