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Armed militias and concealed carry: It is Lexington and Concord time

It is now clear that the US Government, for the most part is unable and, in some cases, refuses to protect Americans from external and internal threats to our security, whether that be through unregulated immigration, an impotent ISIS policy or the disarming of law-abiding citizens.

Under the Obama Administration’s leadership, elements of the radical left such as Black Lives Matter have joined forces with the Islamist-supporting groups the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and funded by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, George Soros’ Center for American Progress and the Joyce Foundation, a group that funds gun control efforts.

While the Islamist groups want to render us defenseless against jihad in America, the political left wants to make us vulnerable to government tyranny.

Sebastian and Katherine Gorka, experts on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism, noted, in a recent 20-month period, 74 adults and eight minors have been interdicted by law enforcement for connections to ISIS, including four killed on US soil. These numbers translate to a 300 percent increase in terrorist arrests in the United States compared to the average monthly arrests of al Qaeda suspects since the 9/11 attacks of 2001. FBI Director James Comey has already testified that there are up to 900 terror-related investigations going on in every state in the union.

Of all those intercepted, almost half (48 percent) were planning to leave the country and fight for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and ISIS in the Middle East. Another 19 percent were arrested for being facilitators, the talent-spotters who weren’t going to fight themselves, but who identified potential jihadi recruits and eventually provided assistance for them to be “deployed” as terrorist operatives. The majority of the remaining ISIS suspects, a full 28 percent – or almost a third of all those arrested in the United States – weren’t secondary facilitators or had any intention of leaving the United States to fight for ISIS in Iraq or Syria. These people had decided that the most effective way for them to serve Allah and ISIS leader Abu Bakr would be to kill Americans on US soil.

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