Meet the bots, Sweet Home Alabama, A Racist Civil War

Meet the bots that made half the web’s traffic in 2014

Bots, those software programs that automate web activity, accounted for 56% of Internet traffic in 2014, according to content delivery platform Incapsula. (This was actually down from 61.5% of traffic in 2013.)

Though you might not notice them, bots are everywhere online—and used for both good and evil. Here are the main types of bots you’ll run across:

  • Search engine crawlers index websites so humans can easily find them. They’re harmless.
  • RSS bots, also benign, check for and pull in updates from news sites and blogs. (These have been in decline since Google shut down its Reader service in July of 2013.)
  • Scrapers scour the web to steal and duplicate content. This is why you might see articles from respectable news organizations on sketchy sites you’ve never heard of. They can also find email addresses on the web and sell them to spammers, another type of bot that distributes malware and phishing links.
  • Spy bots scan for website changes and report this information back to competitors.
  • Impersonator bots now make up almost one-fourth of bot traffic. They are by far the most sophisticated–and scary. They masquerade as someone or something else in order to gain access to websites. Impersonators can pretend to be search crawlers so they can poke around for vulnerabilities, or disguise themselves as browsers to avoid being blocked by websites. They can also carry out denial of service attacks to overwhelm and take down websites.

Though bots are used by organized cybergangs, it’s typically lone actors who write the malicious software programs. They contribute to the ecosystem by selling and renting bots to others looking to distribute malware or attack websites.

“We are essentially at an arms race [against hackers] trying to protect websites,” Incapsula CEO Marc Gaffan tells Quartz.

Why do bots matter? Beyond the obvious harm done by malicious attacks, even friendly bots can cost us money. The bandwidth they consume loading photos and videos costs just as much as when a real person accesses them.

Bots also contribute to online ad fraud. It’s estimated that 15% of impressions on the web actually come from bots—and when it comes to video ad views, that number’s closer to 25%. While some publishers try to combat the problem, not all are so inclined, fearing a drop in their traffic statistics.

Perhaps they’re looking at the wrong stats? Though bots artificially inflate impressions, they also severely depress engagement rates, considered a more telling metric.

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Song “Sweet Home Alabama” Officially Becomes a Thought Crime

It was only a matter of time. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s classic song “Sweet Home Alabama” has been designated a thought crime:

The Chicago Police Department says it will discipline an officer who played “Sweet Home Alabama” over a police-cruiser loudspeaker during a march protesting police treatment of African Americans.

The song is considered an anthem to Southern pride but some interpreted his playing of the song during Saturday’s march as racially insensitive.

“Racially insensitive” means subject to censorship in the name of political correctness, so don’t expect to keep hearing this classic played on the radio.

The department says in a statement that the officer maintained he played the song because he is a University of Alabama fan. But the department says it can’t condone an act considered “disruptive or disrespectful” to protesters or residents.

The protests inspired by the media-driven, government-encouraged Michael Brown/Eric Garner spectacle have featured mobs of thugs assaulting police officers and chanting “What do we want? Dead cops!” Good thing they aren’t disruptive or disrespectful.

Anything reminding liberals of the South is a potential thought crime now. Enjoy this great song before it goes down the memory hole:

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Socialist Democrats Embrace A Racist Civil War, Their Tool To Fundamental Transformation

We’ve all seen it building, the deliberate creation and escalation of racial tensions in America over the past few months. There is no surprise that it has led us to point we are at now, with two New York Police officers murdered by one of the pieces of brainwashed “black victim” trash that the socialists use as their tools.

Just as the government has warned us against the recognized threat of “lone wolf” Islamic sympathizers, the regime and NYC governments must be fully aware that the inflammatory racial division that they are creating is a time bomb that will inevitably explode with the creation of similar racial terrorists.

They successfully took the first step, by creating black victimization heroes from common thugs and lawbreakers; stirring up the weak-minded social parasites into a frenzy of retribution and reparations-based calls for their perverse version of “justice.”

They employ shakedown artists of the likes of Al Sharpton and invite him into the now disgustingly tainted White House to plot their strategy of civil unrest.

The shameful racist and discriminatory misconduct of Eric Holder, Hussein Obama, Bill de Blasio, Al Sharpton and the media that supports them have created the environment necessary for this and similar future acts to take place.

None of this is happening by accident. This is part of the socialist Democrat plan to take down our society, to lower our standard of living, to transform America from a peaceful nation of equal opportunity into a heaping mass of discontent, jealousy, resentment and lawlessness.

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