The Debate Tonight

Okay, I watched and listened to the debate off and on, more at the Falcons/Saints game was I.

So my take was this:

Hillary was screechy….plus they must of done all kinds of makeup on her that would last 90 minutes or so….

Trump was too damn reserved! He should have attacked that granny bitch at every freaking ass chance he got!

Hillary’s experience showed.

She pushed the liberal agenda and was in the attack the whole time.

It’s funny because trump reserved and held back.

If he did that he would be called a bully.

The polls wills be interesting this week.


“Hillary’s not being nice.”

“I’m being a nice guy.”

And like I said at the start, Trump was being too freaking nice to the bitch!

But the telling line was at the end….

Trump: if you win, I will support you!!!

Man, someone has got to get to Trump and beef that bastard up!


That is why republicans lose so much, trying to be nice and not being nasty like they should….

Hillary Clinton a few days ago: “WHY AREN’T I 50 POINTS AHEAD.”

Hillary Clinton tonight: I support democracy.

What is the truth?

The most watched debate in history is going to be between the most disliked candidates in history.

and lastly:

Instead of debates, we should give candidates three impromptu essay questions they have to answer in three hours in 1,000 words or less, and they have to write it, immediately and live on web cam, with no help from their interns.

Tomorrow is another day…….