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1. Ivory-billed woodpecker – so rare that it is currently thought to possibly be extinct.

2. Amur leopard – 40 remaining.

3. Javan rhinoceros – 60 remaining.

4. Northern Sportive Lemur – may be as few as 20 remaining.

5. Western lowland gorilla – currently ~125,000 remaining, but disease, poaching, and habitat loss are wiping out gorilla populations at an alarming rate.

6. Saola – less than 750.

7. Leatherback sea turtle – approximately 50,000 Atlantic Leatherback sea turtles remain, but only about 5,000 Pacific Leatherback sea turtles are left, making it the world’s mot endangered marine turtle.

8. Tiger – fewer than 5,000 remain of every tiger species in the world.

9. Northern wright whale – only 350 remain, having been hunted to near-extinction.

10. Kakapo – only about 112 of these birds remain, all in captivity. They’re so rare that all the remaining ones have names.

(I apologize for the poor quality of the some of the pictures – most of these animals don’t have any good pictures of them at all, since they’re so rare.)

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Hate breeds hate. It’s looped like this gif animation. Stop it.

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