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The number-one disability among vets isn’t PTSD. And it’s getting worse every year.

William Milzarski was 40 years old when he finished his infantry training. His two sons had enlisted, and he felt a midlife crisis coming on. “It was either enlist, or buy a red convertible,” he says. Shipped off to Afghanistan, Lt. Milzarski led his platoon into 244 combat missions, until a bullet ricocheted off a rock during a firefight and hit him in the face. He stayed with his troops, wounded and bloody, until the battle was over. Then, seven months later, he rotated home.

The wound healed, the scar covered by the stubble of his beard. It was another three years, however, before he realized that the distance he felt from everyone and everything was not simply a symptom of PTSD. He was also going deaf—his hearing yet another casualty of war.

It was difficult to admit that something that seemed so trivial at first could be so serious. “I got shot in the face, and I stayed with my men,” he says. “And now, this? It never seemed bad enough—and that’s the problem.”

Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs ranks hearing loss as the number one disability among vets. At least 60 percent of those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan—some 600,000 vets—suffer permanent hearing loss or tinnitus, a chronic ringing in the ears. It’s also the fastest-growing of all postwar disabilities, more than doubling over the past decade, and among the most costly in terms of lost productivity. Lose your hearing and you’re more likely to lose your job, suffer from high stress, or experience social anxiety, depression, and early-onset dementia. And though it can be treated, there is no cure.

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Ignore this advice and make me famous

Losing Sense Of Self One Suicide At A Time

Gerardo Mena reunites with his Marine brethren to remember another brother lost to suicide. They tell him goodbye — losing one more part of themselves, knowing it could have been one of them.

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The same Millennial Jezebel readers who are crying their eyes out over Willy Wonka being dead are the same cry babies who would lose their minds and protest the fuck out of Blazing Saddles if it were made today.

The news media has collapsed under an avalanche of nonsense they created.
No one believes anything they see reported.

Government has approval rates in the teens. We are well into becoming a low-trust society that can only be held together by force. A big cause of that is the daily barrage of nonsense we get through the media. There used to be a time when the responsible made an effort to stem the flow of nonsense, but that’s no more. Instead, we live in a misinformation age. It’s not going to end well.

Misinformation Age

In social systems as in mechanical systems, action will always be met by reaction.The rise of racial animosity among blacks toward whites has evoked an equal but opposite feeling among whites toward blacks. As American whites are six to seven times as numerous as American blacks, this is not a lever that favors black aspirations, regardless of their nature.

Liberty’s Torch: Saxons

Mexicans are stereotyped

Mexicans are stereotyped as both taking all the jobs and doing no work at all. Any and all Mexicans I have ever known were hard working people. Now as to whether they take jobs away from others? Come on, the others probably on welfare or too damn lazy to work or something, so thus Mexicans take those jobs that others will not work at.

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Everyone wants a partner that is a great lover, but no one wants to consider how much practice that it took. Very true, most guys want a woman that can do stuff to them that other women can not or will not. And never stop to think, that woman that will do stuff for them? Learned by doing that stuff to other guys!

When older people criticize clothing as “leaving nothing to the imagination”, they’re admitting that they mentally undress strangers. Nah, I rarely do that nowadays.

Man, it would be terrible if Anonymous focused their powers of awesomeness on these EpiPen executives who just charged my neighbor 315 dollars for something that could save their kid’s life that expires in a year so they could get 600% raises. Wish I knew some members of Anonymous, I would put a bug in their ears to go after the CEO’s, etal of so many drug companies, health companies, and insurance companies. Be awesome also if WikiLeaks did the same. Think about this, either one releases tons of emails should collusion, naming names of those in our government who protect them and lie for them? Imagine the good things that would happen!


The best thing to protect you from being attacked by bigfoot is a camera. For to date, every one who has taken a picture of bigfoot has not been attacked. Of course, we have nothing on those people without a camera who have been attacked by bigfoot. If not for bigfoot, what would the History and Travel and Discovery channels do for shows?

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