Electric Winds on Electric Worlds

A new scientific study provides powerful testimony to the extraordinary influences of electrical forces at the planetary scale. An electric wind recently measured at the planet Venus is said to be sufficiently strong that it can strip an entire planet of all its water components. The co-author of the study, NASA’s Glyn Collinson, said of these findings: “It’s amazing and shocking. We never dreamt an electric wind could be so powerful that it can suck oxygen right out of an atmosphere into space. This is something that definitely has to be on the checklist when we go looking for habitable planets around other stars.”

Wal Thornhill explains why this discovery is not surprising in an Electric Universe.

“Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I.” — Osho

Social Justice Warriors
What exactly is the ideology of the “Social Justice Warrior”? What do you do when you’re targeted by one, whether at work or in general? Vox Day – popular blogger, author, SJW slayer, and polymath.

After releasing nearly 20,000 emails from the US Democratic National Committee, WikiLeaks has dumped audio recordings from the organization.

Mass Killings May Have Created Contagion, Feeding on Itself

Luca, the common ancestor that unites all life on Earth

Scientists might have found the common ancestor that unites all life on Earth – and it’s called Luca.

Our ultimate relative was a single-cell, bacterium-like organism known as Last Universal Common Ancestor or Luca. And it could help establish how life on Earth began, at the very start.

The findings could be a huge new contribution to arguments about how life actually got going on Earth. Researchers argue about whether life began somewhere extreme – like Luca’s apparent home near a deep sea vent – or whether it in fact began somewhere more pedestrian, like a small pond.

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Supervolcanoes May Erupt Surprisingly Fast. They wait millions of years, and then surprise us. What fun!

The First Democratic Convention on Live TV Was the Last Not to be Air-Conditioned. Yes, those two things were very much related to each other.

What Was the Deal with Alexander Hamilton’s Dad? The younger Hamilton was surprisingly forgiving.

True Colors, and Where They Came From. Some were so dangerous they don’t exist anymore.

Starbucks wants its baristas to wear fedoras and other awful hats. Check out the new dress code and how people are reacting.

The Awkward Part of Doctors Visits. For many people, it’s humiliatingly difficult to discuss their weight.

The best TV of 2016 so far: The A.V. Club’s catch-up guide. You can binge-watch and be ready for the best shows to return.

When Political Conventions Go Wild: 4 Knock-Down, Drag-Out Convention Floor Fights. Too bad these weren’t on live TV.

Tax Army Larger than U.S. Army


The Office of Management and Budget has released new data on the amount of time Americans spend complying with the federal tax code. Tax Foundation summarizes the data here.

Individuals and businesses spend 8.9 billion hours a year on federal tax paperwork, which is equivalent to 4.3 million people working full-time and year-round on this unproductive activity. That “tax army” is three times larger than our uniformed military of 1.4 million active duty service members.

The burden of tax paperwork can be expressed in dollars. Based on the average earnings of U.S. workers, Tax Foundation finds that federal tax paperwork imposes a $409 billion annual cost on the economy.

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