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Wealth Transfer: Who’s In Charge Of Your Next Move?

Having the benefit of hindsight is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing comes in the form of situations to avoid in the future and curse is either missing an opportunity or allowing a situation to overwhelm you.

Let’s take a short look back in time and see if we can avoid some future heartache and utilize the blessing of hindsight to our advantage.

But first, if you think taxes and costs of goods and services will be higher in the future raise your hand! OK, thanks. You know who you are, and what you just recognized is very important to you being able to benefit from a handful of dots being connected. These dots are going to prove to you there is no time for “theories” with the sheer volume of fraud, theft and market rigging, as described by the perpetrators themselves. Why would I waste my precious time chasing a ghost when there is a real live person stealing my wealth? They told me they were going to do it and I believe them.

Traveling back to 2009 we learned the Federal Reserve was laughing about the fact they had no exit strategy when the National Reserve Association, the predeceasure of the Federal Reserve System, created the Great Depression. The Great Depression was, in large part, a function of the exact same scenario we have today. Too big to jail banks with “excess reserves” (free cash) sitting on their books and NOT making loans. Today the too big to jail banks have well over $3 TRILLION in “excess reserves” that draw interest at the Federal Reserve. How is this possible?

When the banks were on the verge of imploding and disappearing from the landscape in 2008 and Hank Paulson, along with Ben Bernanke, held the American public, by way of Congress, at gun point and threatened martial law and “tanks in the streets,” the Federal Reserve printed trillions of dollars for the purpose of propping up these banks. Bank of America, CITI, JP Morgan, Chase, Wells Fargo, Merrill-Lynch and Goldman Sachs specifically. All of these banks, along with a couple more, have been the sole beneficiaries of the financial crisis that began in 2008. These banks now have all these trillions of dollars, drawing interest, at the Federal Reserve. We, the tax payers, are making that possible. We pay taxes to the federal government, the U.S. Treasury issues bonds and the sale of those bonds, combined with our taxes pay the operating cost of the federal government. Part of those operating cost are interest paid to the Federal Reserve for the issuance of our currency, the U.S. Dollar. The Federal Reserve then GIVES A PORTION of our taxes to these criminal, too big to jail banks, as interest on the dollars they have in accounts at the Federal Reserve!! This is the very definition of a scam. You are now aware of this scam. You are now responsible for its demise or its continuation.

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Fem Film Flam

Fem Film Flam

Perhaps as a relic of an ancient Roman custom of planting parsley on graves, a sprig of parsley was either associated with the devil or as an antidote for poison. Adding a sprig to a plate of food may have originated as a gesture of good faith and as way to safeguard the meal from evil.

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This massive meta blog uncovers Melania Trump, the Alchemist, for science! SO go and check out Donald Trump’s wife.

THE ELL-SD BLOG.  Check this blog out daily.

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Paleogenetics is helping to solve the great mystery of prehistory: how did humans spread out over the earth?

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How the Left Rebranded as Non-Ideological

Every time Obama issues another public ultimatum to Congress (before doing what he wants to do anyway) he phrases it in terms like “common sense” or “pragmatic”. It’s “non-ideological” he insists. The left’s ideological agenda just happens to be the common sense pragmatic non-ideological solution.

Obama may be the most radical political figure to occupy the White House, but he is careful to avoid political labels. His leftist allies calculatingly compare him to Reagan or Roosevelt. He’s not an ideologue. Just another one of those “Great American Leaders” bent on helping ordinary people.

A big part of the left’s latest successes can be attributed to this non-ideological rebranding.

The old left (both old and new) was a political movement that wanted to be understood in terms of its ideology. The post-leftist left wants to be seen as progressive. It emphasizes policies linked to people instead of ideology. The ideology is still there and choking entire university departments to death, but its public face emphasizes an apolitical technocracy of pragmatists and caring social workers.

It’s not a new idea. Communists heavily leaned on non-ideological front groups. Its activists were writers or grandmothers even when they were parroting Soviet talking points. They weren’t anything political. They were just ordinary common sense folks looking for pragmatic solutions.

But American leftists used to be more like Bernie Sanders and less like Barack Obama. Today Sanders is a strange romantic anachronism which is why he attracts so much of the left. The modern leftist politician follows a left-wing line, but without a lot of the ideological trappings. He does his best to sound like a reformer. He’s a political extremist who tries to sound like a moderate.

Bernie Sanders appeals to the left for the same reasons that post-left lefties like Hillary and Obama don’t. Hillary and Obama pursue their goals, but Sanders talks their talk. He doesn’t pretend to be the voice of a new generation looking to find common ground. He doesn’t pretend to be anything except a political extremist convinced of his rightness and unapologetic about it.

But Sanders’ only real function is to serve as a stalking horse for Biden, weakening Hillary to enable a third proxy term for Obama. Bernie Sanders is what the left used to be. It’s now a collection of political shapeshifters like Obama and Hillary who bury their radicalism beneath a paper thin veneer of moderation and caring. His kind of leftist never sold well and doesn’t sell in this type of market.

Americans are suspicious of political agendas. They like their leaders to be common sense apolitical pragmatists who put people ahead of ideology. So that’s what the left pretends to be.

The public face of the left has become non-ideological. No longer even liberal, but progressive. There’s no Marxism here, folks. Just science and humanitarian impulses.

The left doesn’t talk ideology. It just claims to care about people. It wants illegal alien amnesty, not because it believes in open borders, but because it cares about illegal aliens. It champions gay marriage, not because that’s a part of its ideology, but because it cares about gay couples. It wants universal health care, not because it’s Socialist, but because it cares about the uninsured.

Its MO is to put a human face on an issue. Then ram through the policy as an “act of love” to pragamtically “solve” a problem. The ideology remains hidden out of sight behind the curtain.

Much more to read HERE.

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Newest menace to the globe: Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas—A Laughing Matter?

Some dentists use Laughing Gas for its analgesic effects instead of local anaesthetics. It’s supposed to prevent pain when they get close to your nerves. I’ve never had the pleasure of such a treatment and my dentist prefers the modern “slight discomfort” version of the poke and needle variety. Of course, that’s miles ahead of the procedure I experienced in my early years when the dentist appeared to use a hammer drill to lay bare the live nerves of my teeth—without any analgesic at all.

But I’m getting sidetracked. This post is about the newest menace to the globe: Laughing Gas. Believe me this is not a laughing matter. Some activists think that this gas is another villain causing “climate change,” “global warming,” polar ice melting, rising ocean levels, droughts and floods, and all other calamities.

Obviously, the claims of carbon dioxide (CO2) causing every conceivable misfortune is running into some difficulties; it must be high time to find another culprit.

Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas (LG) is a simple chemical, composed of two nitrogen (N) atoms and one oxygen (O) atom, hence the chemical notation of N2O and name nitrous oxide. Of course you know that molecular nitrogen gas (N2) and molecular oxygen (O2) make up 99% of the atmosphere on earth (disregarding water vapor). That new villain, LG, is present in the atmosphere at approximately 330 parts per billion, or 0.00003% in the atmosphere. What a menace!

Not only is LG a natural trace constituent of air, mainly arising from soil bacteria and lightning, it is also commercially produced and used for a variety of purposes, some of which – I frankly admit – are beyond my comprehension. For example, Wikipedia mentions uses that include rocket fuel or additive, internal combustion engine fuel additive, propellant for such food items as whipped cream dispensers, recreational and medicinal uses.

The “problem” with LG, as we are now told is its effect as a “greenhouse gas,” not that the greenhouse gas theory has been proven as a cause for any global warming (including CO2). Wiki claims that LG is a greenhouse gas with a large global warming potential (GWP). More to the point, from change.org (in three language no less!) we learn that “In addition, further estimates suggested that livestock was responsible for 65 % of all emissions of nitrous oxide—a greenhouse gas that is 296 times more destructive than carbon dioxide (CO2) and stays in the atmosphere for 150 years.”

Now go and read all of this HERE.

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