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The safety of the high-living delegates has already been assured by ISIS who know that Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron et all continue to let their jihadists flood through the porous borders of their nations, masquerading as “refugees” fleeing war-torn Syria.

The western leaders are worth more alive than dead to ISIS, and their insistence in Paris that global warming/climate change not Islamic terrorism is the world’s biggest threat, proves it in the most iconic of ways.

With not a single western leader having the fortitude to challenge the whitewash, Obama is selling climate change as “an act of defiance” against the Islamic State.

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Us and Them?

As Inside – So Outside

Is it possible that a thread of unity ties together even the most disparate of forces?

Are we actually that different from those who we think are our mortal enemies?

Is it possible that all humanity shares one collective unconscious mind?

These are important questions, because the old weapon of ‘divide and conquer’ is exercising an almost total paralysis over society at this time. Nothing new, you might say, but the remorseless sowing of the seeds of division has once again become a key weapon in whipping up factions to accept ‘war’ as the only, and inevitable end point.

But this war-cry can only work if and when we fall prey to the corrosive indoctrination which accompanies the rhetoric of ‘us and them’. Wars would not happen if the fuel for vindictive finger-pointing was no longer so easily assimilated into our everyday lives.

Now some might say that what’s going on now is beyond such logic – that it’s a whole other dimension of insanity that’s driving the apocalyptic state of affairs on this planet. That can be a persuasive argument. However, it would be most unwise to leave ourselves out of the picture, as though we were mere observers and not players. For all that happens ‘out there’ has its seed in something that happens ‘in here’. Events could and would be different if we could learn to recognise the symptoms of division both within ourselves and in our interactions with others.

So how do we best get a handle on this seemingly pervasive human weakness for ‘us and them’ which appears so open to exploitation by those who prosper from inciting faction and discord?

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How To Vet Nonprofits Before You Give

Charity solicitations are as much a part of the holiday season as decorations. If you give, it’s a good idea to know what the nonprofit organization does with your money. Here’s one way: use ProPublica’s Nonprofit Explorer, a tool for researching the financial details of nonprofits.

Organizations that receive a tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service and take in at least $50,000 a year have to file an annual report, called a Form 990, which can serve as a guide to how they operate and what their programs are. Nonprofit Explorer summarizes the financial data in 990 forms and also provides links to the documents. While not a complete picture of an organization’s activities, the form does provide insight on how a nonprofit operates. Here are a few things to look for when deciding whether to make that contribution:

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Do you believe in extraterrestrial beings? Or do you really believe we are the ONLY intelligent life forms in the entire universe?

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Dildos are Racist

Tell you, the people of color and their enablers are going crazy in our country! Now they have turned their feeble minds to dildos!

SAN FRANCISCO – Students at numerous American colleges are studying the apparent racism in the dildo sex toy industry as part of their ethnic, gender or sexuality coursework.

Numerous college news sites are highlighting the questionable content in light of continued student protests across the country about rising tuition rates and overbearing college loan costs.

At San Francisco State University’s College of Ethnic Studies, associate dean Amy Sueyoshi digs into the racist dildo industry with the reading “Little White Lies: Race, Dildos, and American Culture,” a 2001 article by Allison Kavanagh Alavi.

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America has successfully drug its feet on Climate Change legislation in the past, so you might be thinking that since Congress and the American in general don’t trust a thing that President Obama says at this point, that Congress will certainly defeat it this time.

Seeds of Hatred  Good reading here.

Why Preppers Need Guns: 3 Reasons Firearms Play a Vital Role in Your Defensive Plan

This clever new refrigerator keeps food cold without electricity

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““The grim reality is that dishonesty is so fundamental to leftism today that while all politicians connive with the facts a bit if they think that there is no chance of getting caught, the pathological liars of establishment leftism more and more resemble the Stalinist Lillian Hellman, about whom Mary McCarthy famously wrote: ‘Every word [she] writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the.’ The establishment media, like entrenched government bureaucracies and corrupt academia, long since stopped caring about intellectual integrity. All of these organs care only about either advancing an ideological agenda or protecting their comfortable perches and perks. Over the last fifty years or so, there has been virtually no governor or check upon the most outrageous frauds.”” —Bruce Walker

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