Methane Monster Will Kill All of Us

The latest sudden doomsday theory involves the very volatile greenhouse gas methane. Some scientists have claimed that in the next 10 to 20 years, perhaps sooner, Arctic melting will release enough methane to make earth uninhabitable for humans. Researchers think that three large holes in Siberia are methane eruptions, as the air at the bottom of the holes tested for 19% methane content. Some say we’re past the point of no return and that the end can happen at any time. Other scientists and researchers admit that the problem exists but the effects won’t occur for decades or a century. Arctic researchers seem extremely concerned about their findings, as the first video with Natalia Shakhova, professor at the International Arctic Research Center, shows.

At the most dismal end of the spectrum, Dr. Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of University of Arizona, thinks we’re past the point of no return on methane. This video basically says “we’re done for.”

Less horrifying, but still agonizing enough, these two videos from David Wasdell agree about the dire problems of methane, but he thinks that methane melting and release take far longer than the “methane bomb” analogy suggests. He has an interesting background in Anglicanism and the Apollo-Gaia project. Not to mention that his calm, grandfather-esque delivery


More youtube videos on this methane madness:



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