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Nipples, implants, breast-gasms (they exist!)—experts weigh in on all of the questions you’re afraid to ask your lady.

Ever had a burning question about breasts, but felt too pervy to ask? We surveyed real men across America on all their wildest boob queries, then consulted two sex experts to get the answers. Here, Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D and Stephen de Wit, Ph.D—Toronto based sexologists—weigh in on everything from inverted nipples to breast orgasms (they do exist!).


Q:  “After sex, my girlfriend doesn’t like me touching her nipples because they’re sensitive. Why is that?” –Josh, Washington, D.C.

A: According to O’Reilly, the hottest erogenous zones swell with blood at the highpoint of sexual arousal, so they can become sensitive to the touch. “Just like the head of your penis can be hypersensitive during and after orgasm, her nipples may also need a break after she comes,” says O’Reilly. “Don’t worry, after a short recovery period, they’ll be raring to go once again!”


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Q: “Why do some women have extremely large nipples and others are really small? Is the size hereditary or random?” – Ryan, New York

A: “Nipples are like finger prints in that no two are exactly the same,” says O’Reilly. “Since nipple and areola size are related to breast size, it’s fair to say that size is hereditary. But a number of other factors also impact breast size, like age, diet, pregnancy, menstruation and overall body weight.”


Q: “I had sex with a girl for the first time and was freaked out that her nipples were inverted. What’s the deal?” – Bill, Michigan

A: De Wit explains that it’s basically the same thing as asking about an “innie” vs. an “outtie” belly button, which is to say: it’s normal, and doesn’t play a role when it comes to stimulation. “We call it shy nipples,” he says. “That’s just one of our body’s interesting ways of constructing ourselves differently. It’s not something to be concerned about.”

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9 Reasons Girls With Small Boobs Should Embrace The Hell Out Of It

I remember the first time someone told me I was a member of the IBTC, otherwise known as the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, I was mortified. It was like…oh, OTHER people know I have tiny boobs too? OH NO! HOW WILL I EVER FIND LOVE?!

And truthfully, it remained one of my biggest insecurities for a very long time. I once made a promise to myself, “Never take your bra off during sex. Never let a man find out Victoria’s ‘Secret’ is that she made you two cup sizes bigger.”

Of course, that wasn’t the case. I let my lil’ boobies fly free eventually. It took a long time to gain comfort in my own skin and realize having small breasts was not some hinderance to my life. In fact, there are some pretty cool things about having little lady lumps. So to my ladies out there with smaller chests, I salute you.

1. You don’t have to ever wear a bra.

This is truly remarkable. Bras suck. Pants suck. Honestly, anything that requires some level of restrictiveness? NOT DOWN WITH IT. I recently mentioned to my BFF, Johanna Mort, that I thought my boobs were a bit bigger because, for the first time ever, it hurt a little when I was jogging and not wearing a sports bra. She responded, in Johanna fashion, “Congratulations! Should we throw you a bat mitzvah?!” But seriously, I wear a bra about as often as I listen to my own advice when it comes to love. *hint* RARELY.

2. You’re going to be the bud (lol) of jokes sometimes, but that’s okay.

If Johanna had said that to me when I was sixteen and crippled with insecurity and self-esteem issues? Um. Would have laughed and wanted to cry right after. But now that I can actually own who I am and what I look like, it’s okay to joke right back. “Yep, my boobs are finally coming in. Fingers crossed they stay!” Don’t let someone messing with you mess with you. You’re great, as you are. Seriously.

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