Icing ISIS, Hate Group of One Person, What Provokes and Offends

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We now know that ISIS isn’t here looking for employment. Apparently a jobs program for terrorists isn’t at the top of their list. So America, if you’re not already locked and loaded—get prepared

So ISIS now claims to have 71 soldiers in 15 states, all ready to attack targets at the drop of Mohammed’s name! To which I say Bring it on

When Judicial Watch claimed that ISIS was already established across the border in Mexico it wasn’t much of a surprise to patriots—real Americans—who have known that the porous southern border would lead to easy terrorist access, the kind of which made itself known in the failed attack in Garland, Texas.

Putting free speech on hold for just a minute, realize that ISIS doesn’t need an excuse like a Mohammed cartoon contest to wreak havoc in America. All the termites have to do is take small bites out of America’s framework in diverse places. All the while the Muslim sympathizer works feverishly to legalize millions of illegal aliens—many of whom are criminals, terrorists, drug runners, and freeloaders.

So what’s to stop ISIS from terrorizing the country and, as they claim they would do, raising the ISIS flag over the White House? Yeah, I know, lots of Americans think the ISIS flag has already been waving there.

Let’s look at America vs. the world. The Middle East (with the exception of Israel) is being terrorized with little pushback from ordinary citizens—let alone organized armies. Europe is awash with oppressive gun control and for the most part a conglomeration of socialists who long ago bowed to government nannyism.  South America and Mexico are far from immune and most of the firepower lies in the hands of drug cartels. China’s citizens are powerless against their military as are the Russians.

While liberals want to placate terrorists, and moderates are mostly fearful—many alert, vigilant, and angry Americans are readying for battle

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Southern Poverty Law Center To Add Cartoonist Who Won “Draw Mohammed” Contest In Garland To Its “Hate Group” List…

Gotta love Bosch Fawstin’s reaction to the SPLC: “Go for it.”

(Reuters) – For the cartoonist whose portrait of Mohammad won a Texas contest, the police killing of two gunmen outside the meeting place was justice.

“They came to kill us and died for it. Justice,” artist Bosch Fawstin tweeted on Monday.

Fawstin’s winning entry depicts a sword-wielding Prophet in a turban shouting, “You can’t draw me.” In reply, a cartoon bubble portrays the artist, his hand grasping a pencil, as saying, “That’s why I draw you.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which includes AFDI on its annual list of U.S. hate groups, plans to add Fawstin to its 2016 report, Heidi Beirich, director of the tracking effort, told Reuters on Monday.

She said he would have been listed previously, but the center did not know Fawstin’s location. The organization has since learned that his website is registered in New York City.

“He’s like the artist of the movement,” Beirich said. “His views, they are hate views.” She said his website is “virulently ugly” in its anti-Muslim views.

When reached by phone on Monday night, Fawstin said Sunday’s incident made him fear for his safety, but he would continue his work.

“It definitely is concerning. You do your work and people out there want to kill you for it,” he said. “I understand the threat, but I’m not going to be cowed by it. I still intend to go up there and I still intend to speak out.”

Fawstin, who said he is atheist, laughed when asked about the law center’s report: “So they want to put a cartoonist on there who doesn’t act out violently? Go for it.”

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Why Does the Left Get to Decide What Provokes and Offends?


RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, I’m still thinking here.  I think a lot.  I think all the time.  My brain never takes time off.  I mean, even when I’m sleeping, and I wake up, I realize I had a couple of brainstorms while I was asleep.  My brain never takes time off.  I don’t know how to.  And I have been thinking even more about this Garland, Texas, incident.  Now, yesterday I made a point about the selective application of religious belief that we are going to accept.

For example, the militant Islamists command us not to draw cartoons or any other kind of picture of the prophet Mohammed, and our Drive-By Media and Democrat Party readily agree, “Ain’t no way that should happen!  It offends them, and we shouldn’t do it.  And when anybody does, and they get shot at, it’s their fault.”  To which I ask, “Well, now, wait a minute.  The same militant Islamists who do not permit the drawing of pictures of the prophet Mohammed also do not permit homosexuality and do not permit gay marriage.

And we know what their attitudes toward women are.

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