America’s enemies within

America’s enemies within: How nearly SEVENTY have been arrested in America over ISIS plots in the last 18 months – including refugees who had been given safe haven but ‘turned to terror’

  • Federal and local law enforcement agencies have made dozens of arrests of men and women suspected of ISIS involvement
  • Analysis shows that they include refugees who entered the United States as refugees 
  • Increasing pressure from Republicans not to accept refugees from Syria on scale demanded by White House  
  • Ted Cruz plans to introduce legislation forbidding refugee status to Syrian Muslims and moves also under way to defund settling refugees 

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The Smartphone Wars are Coming

4 Ways Russia’s Military Is More Advanced Than You Might Think

Why We’re Patriotic

Aging: What to expect

Ancient Humans Bred with Completely Unknown Species

Why It Took So Long to Invent the Wheel

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Open Your Electronics


Amazon: Cyber Monday Deals Week

“We are bringing you thousands of deals throughout the week for Cyber Monday Deals Week. Some Cyber Monday 2015 deals are in limited supply, and all will go quickly – but don’t worry if you miss one, because we’ll keep adding new ones, as often as every five minutes, all week long.”

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Open Your Electronics

Is the fan on your laptop loud? Is your desktop computer running slow? Do you have an old phone you don’t use because the headphone jack is busted or the screen is broken? Our electronics aren’t as fragile or as mysterious as we’ve been told—Open them up. Take a screwdriver, and open them up. Just try it.

Earlier this week, we ran a feature about my trip to the Electronics Reuse Convention, where I met with electronics repair professionals and the folks at iFixit, who help give the gadgets we use every day a second life.

As our electronics get smaller, more powerful, and more expensive, there’s a tendency to assume that if something breaks, we’re probably not qualified to fix it ourselves.

It’s true that there are some devices that are exceedingly difficult to repair and there are some specific repairs that should not be attempted by novices. And not every repair is worth doing, from a time, effort, and monetary standpoint. But you’ll never know if you don’t try.

And so this weekend, or next, or some day when you’re hungover or bored or it’s raining or snowing or you just feel like learning something or doing something with your hands, open up one of your old electronics. What you see in there will probably surprise you.

“The first time you open an electronic, it stops being a magical black box and you see it’s just a bunch of things plugged together,” Kyle Wiens, the CEO of iFixit, which provides free online repair manuals and sells electronic replacement parts and tools, told me.

Wiens is right. A couple years ago, an old girlfriend’s laptop was running hot and randomly shutting off. I suspected she probably needed a new fan. At the time, money was tight, so taking it to a professional wasn’t an option. I headed over toRadio Shack (remember those?), bought a set of tiny screwdrivers for a couple bucks, took a deep breath, and opened the thing up.

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Like me yesterday. Our computer was heating up, making all kinds of noises. My wife said it started when I put in the new mouse. So for the first time in 3 to 4 years (or maybe 5?), I cleaned the inside. Pretty dusty. Lots of q-tips, plasma wipes, vacuum cleaner, and patience, it is now cool and quite. Try it if you never have.

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Syrians are a Terror Threat, Here are the Numbers

Syria is a terror state. It didn’t become that way overnight because of the Arab Spring or the Iraq War.

Its people are not the victims of American foreign policy, Islamic militancy or any of the other fashionable excuses. They supported Islamic terrorism. Millions of them still do.

They are not the Jews fleeing a Nazi Holocaust. They are the Nazis trying to relocate from a bombed out Berlin.

These are the cold hard facts.

ISIS took over parts of Syria because its government willingly allied with it to help its terrorists kill Americans in Iraq. That support for Al Qaeda helped lead to the civil war tearing the country apart.

The Syrians were not helpless, apathetic pawns in this fight. They supported Islamic terrorism.

A 2007 poll showed that 77% of Syrians supported financing Islamic terrorists including Hamas and the Iraqi fighters who evolved into ISIS. Less than 10% of Syrians opposed their terrorism.

Why did Syrians support Islamic terrorism? Because they hated America.

Sixty-three percent wanted to refuse medical and humanitarian assistance from the United States. An equal number didn’t want any American help caring for Iraqi refugees in Syria.

The vast majority of Syrians turned down any form of assistance from the United States because they hated us. They still do. Just because they’re willing to accept it now, doesn’t mean they like us.

If we bring Syrian Muslims to America, we will be importing a population that hates us.

The terrorism poll numbers are still ugly. A poll this summer found that 1 in 5 Syrians supports ISIS.  A third of Syrians support the Al Nusra Front, which is affiliated with Al Qaeda. Since Sunnis are 3/4rs of the population and Shiites and Christians aren’t likely to support either group, this really means that Sunni Muslim support for both terror groups is even higher than these numbers make it seem.

And even though Christians and Yazidis are the ones who actually face ISIS genocide, Obama has chosen to take in few Christians and Yazidis. Instead 98.6% of Obama’s Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims.

This is also the population most likely to support ISIS and Al Qaeda.

But these numbers are even worse than they look. Syrian men are more likely to view ISIS positively than women. This isn’t surprising as the Islamic State not only practices sex slavery, but has some ruthless restrictions for women that exceed even those of Saudi Arabia.  (Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front, however, mostly closes the gender gap getting equal support from Syrian men and women.)

Continue reading all this at Sultan Knish.

As the Syrians hate America, so do those liberals from Obama down who also hate America! Thus why they support so strongly the importation of so-called refugees!


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