Fracking is Fundamental, KING OF COMMON CORE, 2008 Maybach 57S

Fracking is Fundamental

“It is a sad day when a state chooses to listen to the fear, uncertainty, and doubts spread by anti-fossil fuel agitators rather than making a decision for economic strength that would benefit schools, communities, and many of its poorest citizens—especially when the vilified technology, hydraulic fracturing, has been used safely and successfully for more than 60 years and has brought prosperity to other formerly struggling regions.”

Marita Noon
Executive Director, Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy
Policy Advisor, The Heartland Institute

Responding to the announcement by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo that the state would ban fracking, Ms. Noon joined others, bringing their expertise to bear on a topic that remains a concern only because environmentalist enemies of energy in America continue to lie about it every chance they get.

In his book, “The Fracking Truth—America’s Energy Revolution: The Inside, Untold Story”. Chris Faulkner wrote “Furthermore, it’s been commonplace for decades. Worldwide, it’s estimated that more than 2.5 million wells have been fracked and the U.S. accounted for about half of those. Today, about 35,000 wells are fracked each year in all types of wells. And it’s impact on industry? It’s been estimated that 80% of production from unconventional sources such as shales would not be feasible without it.”

The Governor’s decision has everything to do with wooing the support of environmentalists in New York and nothing to do with the jobs and billions in tax revenue that fracking would have represented.

New York’s acting health commissioner, Howard Zucker, justified the decision saying that “cumulative concerns” about fracking “give me reason to pause.” Are we truly expected to believe that fiveyears of study since the initial 2009 memorandum about fracking any provided reason to ban it?  If the use of fracking technology dates back to 1947 without a single incident of pollution traced to it, what would it take to create “cumulative concerns” except ignorance or prejudice against the facts?

Even the Environmental Protection Agency has never found evidence of the chemicals used in fracking entering the nation’s groundwater. Moreover, fracking fluid is 99.5% water and sand. The rest is a mixture of chemicals similar to household products that could be found under the kitchen sink.

As Dr. Jay Lehr, Science Director of The Heartland Institute, a free market think tank, points out, “Today we only fracture wells that are drilled horizontally and that requires 1,500 feet of vertical depth for the well” and thus “all such wells are way below local water wells.”

How idiotic, then, is it to seal off some twelve million acres of the Marcellus Shale, an underground rock formation with natural gas reserves that have helped create energy production booms in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado, and Ohio?

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PJTV Member Maxsmodels asks whether TV shows like “The Walking Dead” are promoting gun rights and the Second Amendment. Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle think so. Hear why as they discuss the popular AMC television program about a global zombie apocalypse. Are television writers and producers realizing that there is little money in promoting their own values? Are we about to witness a new found respect in Hollywood for the Bill of Rights and conservative viewpoints? Hear the answers.

Pakistan plans to execute 500 terrorists.

Having only recently brought back the death penalty, Pakistan will impose it on roughly 500 convicted militants in the coming weeks. This appears to be a reaction to last week’s Peshawar massacre, in which 133 children were killed.

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Publishing giant Pearson Inc. is set to rake in billions of dollars in profits related to the implementation of the Common Core standards, but the corporation is now dealing with legal problems exposing some of its suspicious methods that have led to its status as the King of Common Core.

The Pearson Charitable Foundation states it is closing following “a decision by Pearson plc to integrate all of its corporate responsibility activities and functions into its business as a way to maximize social impact and to no longer fund the Foundation as the primary vehicle for its philanthropic and community activities.”

The truth is, however, that corporate Pearson is closing down its charitable foundation following problems with the law that have exposed some of its methods in acquiring business.

As Breitbart News reported in December of 2013, the Pearson Foundation agreed to a $7.7 million settlement with the state of New York after accusations by the state’s attorney general that the foundation helped develop Common Core-aligned courses for Pearson, Inc., its corporate parent.

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Cat Fight!: Liawatha Vs Cankles

cat fight

2008 Maybach 57S, 603 HP/738 lbs, ultra-luxury, 0-60 less than five seconds

Maybach interior

Luxury knows no bounds when it comes with a storied history like Maybach’s. The nameplate dates back to the dawn of the automotive era, when Wilhelm Maybach worked with Gottleib Daimler on an internal combustion engine, eventually producing the first Daimler-Maybach automobile in 1889.

The Maybach name went on to stand for the utmost in upscale motoring, a heritage that Daimler-Chrysler proudly trumpeted with the brand’s reintroduction in 2002. For the discriminating driver, the Maybach 57S, introduced in 2005, was the only choice in the lineup. The slightly larger 62 model was meant to be chauffeur-driven, but the appeal of the smaller 57 was the ability to enjoy all the deluxe touches of a Maybach while also reveling in all the power on tap. And in this 57S, that’s quite a lot: the Special uses a 6.0L version of the Maybach’s Mercedes-derived twin-turbo V-12. Producing a massive 603 HP and 738 lbs-ft of torque, it was an ultra-luxury car that could still do 0-60 in less than five seconds.

Matching the top-of-the-line power are the tasteful touches inside. This 57S shines in rare White with Black piping, a wonderful complement to the Black exterior. Driver and passengers alike are treated lavishly, from the pushbutton start, night vision, four-zone climate control, heated cupholders, and front and rear massage functions; to the rear executive seats with built-in theater and premium audio system. Whether driving or riding, being in a Maybach is an experience to luxury that was unknown in the last 75 years.

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Hootters girls

After a long day on the golf course, I stopped in at
‘Hooter’s’ to see some friends and have some hot
Wings and ice tea.

After being there for a while, one of my friends asked
me which waitress I would like to be stuck in an
elevator with.

I told them “The one who knows how to fix elevators.”
I’m old, tired, and pee a lot.

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Bloody Hands

Hands Down Sm

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