Freedom of Speech, Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drones

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Freedom of Speech Doesn’t Mean “Free” Speech

The phrases “free speech” and “freedom of speech” are being used over and over as if they were interchangeable.  Yet they mean utterly different things.

The actual phrase “freedom of speech” is used in the First Amendment of the Constitution. See for yourself (with emphasis added):

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It is always important to remember that the Constitution of the United States is not a law written by the government to control and limit the activities of the citizens. That is exactly backwards. The Constitution was authorized and approved by the early American revolutionaries to limit and control the activities of the government itself. The First Amendment made clear that Congress cannot abridge the freedom of speech. Yet over and over again, it’s interpreted to be freedom from interference and abridgment of speech by someone who’s not in the government and does not represent the government.

The children that we have in our colleges and universities in this country today seem to believe that if anything said by anyone offends them, if anything said by anyone hurts their feelings, or if anything said by anyone makes them feel threatened can be suppressed, forbidden and punished.

Sorry to tell you, but it seems that our students are right. At least in the legal sense. They are not in the government and they don’t represent the government, so the First Amendment doesn’t protect you or me from their desire to suppress what we say that might upset them.

On the bright side, it also means that their speech and their demands, are also not protected speech. Well it’s not protected by the government. The government itself cannot “abridge their freedom of speech” but this is not to say that the administrations of universities, colleges, trade schools and any other form of higher education is legally required to pretend that they are the government itself and therefore must protect the “right” to speak their minds no matter how ludicrous what comes out of their mouths may appear to be.

It appears that the First Amendment protects your freedom of speech from the government. But it does not protect what is commonly known as “free speech”.

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Watch Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson show off Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drones

Remember back in December 2013 when CEO Jeff Bezos revealed Amazon Prime Air, a futuristic drone system that is supposed to one day deliver your packages in 30 minutes or less? Almost two years later, as competitors scramble to match it, the company is once again pushing its idea forward, this time with an ad narrated by Top Gear’s ex-cohost, Jeremy Clarkson.

The goal here is to show you just how useful Prime Air, which is currently being developed in the U.S., the U.K., and Israel, could be if regulators ever approve deliveries by drones. The new video shows the latest prototype model of the Prime Air drone: It’s larger, features a propeller system for vertical takeoff and a second one for horizontal travel to the destination, and is apparently just one of many (although all will apparently fly under 400 feet and weigh less than 55 pounds).

“In time, there will be a whole family of Amazon drones; different designs for different environments,” Clarkson explains. “This one can fly for 15 miles, and it knows what’s happening around it. It uses ‘sense and avoid’ technology to well, sense, and then avoid, obstacles on the ground and in the air.”

Drones can detect a landing area for dropping off packages that weigh up to five pounds. Customers will presumably have to somehow specify a “delivery zone” for drones to land in for package delivery.

More and another video found HERE.

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Global Warming Consensus Is Real

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