Black Lingerie Matters Still


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Secret Nazi ‘Treasure Hunter’ base in Arctic found by Russian scientists after being abandoned over 70 years ago when crew was poisoned by polar bear meat

Ruined bunkers, rusted bullets and even documents among 500 objects found on remote island that may have been used as an outpost to search for mythical treasure trove

SOURCE has more with lots of good pictures

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The Anarchist Case For Donald Trump

“Power tends to attract the worst and corrupt the best.” Key word: tends. Michael DeMarco of Freedomain Radio lays out a passionate case why he–an anarcho-capitalist in principle–will be voting for Donald Trump.

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Why Do We Kill People


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Time between Trump win and Inaugural Address will be most dangerous in history

Recall for a moment back to the Clinton-Bush transition for just a moment. The Clinton administration wouldn’t let the Bush team in the White House early as was tradition because Al Gore was challenging the election results in the courts. The Clinton Administration said until the matter had been settled in court there was no entry. Now, despite Clinton’s problems his diabolical level doesn’t even register compared to Obama’s. Here’s how I see things unfolding, and hope and pray that except for #1 that I am wrong.

SOURCE has it all (and hey, do read the comments)

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Right Now, Do Think About This

Through out history changes has never been brought about by the masses

Change has always been effected by the efforts of a determined few

From Christianity to the Magna Carta to the Soviet empire

It has always been the drive of a few visionaries who through sheer force of will

Have forced the change to come about

Yes, there is a point where the masses are involved, but only after they have been manipulated into the position of action by other forces

“The exercise of power is determined by thousands of interactions between the world of the powerful and that of the powerless, all the more so because these worlds are never divided by a sharp line: everyone has a small part of himself in both.”

Vaclav Havel

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There is clearly an “us,” and a “them”

If there’s one positive thing that has come from this year’s presidential election, it’s that the divide between government and American citizens has been drawn for all to see. There is clearly an “us,” and a “them”. 

What a wonderful opportunity for the ideas of Liberty. 

SOURCE has much more

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Guess what I learned?


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Great Music by a Cruise Ship and by Manfred Mann

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Some Funnies to Have a Laugh at




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Bacon Chocolate Challah Bread Pudding

This Bacon Chocolate Challah Bread Pudding recipe is one of 50 delicious recipes in Bacon Freak’s new cooking “Bacon Freak: 50 Savory Recipes for the Ultimate Enthusiast“. This recipe is for our Jewish fans who still partake of bacon every now and then. Challah’s thick, chewy texture is the ideal vehicle for bread pudding since it doesn’t get soggy. This recipe is incredibly easy to make and incredibly delicious to eat. Let the dairy come to room temperature so the butter won’t solidify when it’s added.

SOURCE has it all…so go there!

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A Shadow Government

America’s next president will inherit more than a bitterly divided nation. He or she will also inherit a shadow government—a permanent, corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country. As John W. Whitehead warns in this week’s vodcast, all it will take is another terrorist attack or a natural disaster for such a regime to emerge from the shadows.

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How corrupt is the U.S. press corp?

Following the debate Hillary Clinton held an “impromptu” presser with journalists aboard her campaign plane.  However, if you look closely into how it’s coordinated it might just blow you away.

Watch as Hillary Clinton’s travelling press secretary, Nick Merrill, actually instructs specific reporters on what questions to ask.   It took about three different camera angles to fully identify the ruse, but when you see it, it’s rather jaw dropping:

First.  Here’s the segment as broadcast on MSNBC. Pay close attention at the very beginning to Andrea Mitchell and Nick Merrill (staffer with the suit/tie):

For the video and so much more:


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The Ruling Elite Has Lost the Consent of the Governed

Brimming with hubris and self-importance, the ruling Elite and mainstream media cannot believe they have lost the consent of the governed.

Every ruling Elite needs the consent of the governed: even autocracies, dictatorships and corporatocracies ultimately rule with the consent, however grudging, of the governed.

The American ruling Elite has lost the consent of the governed.

SOURCE has much more

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Can you imagine the outrage, the journos on tv, the liberal media, how their heads would explode if an email went out inviting ONLY WHITES? But hey, this is all about blackies so liberals are fucking okay with this one!

Emory University’s Campus Life Department will soon host what it hopes will become a regular social hour, but invitations will only be extended to students and staff “of color.”

DeLa Sweeney, Emory’s interim director for Multicultural Programs, sent an email to staff at the school’s Campus Life Department, inviting them to attend an upcoming social “for students, alumni, faculty, and Emory Campus Life staff of color” only.

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Just another democrat without brain cells

A woman was arrested on Monday after allegedly smearing peanut butter on 30 cars parked outside what she believed was a pro-Donald Trump rally.

Christina Ferguson was arrested in Amherst Junction, Wisconsin after interrupting what turned out to be a meeting of a local environmental organisation, Tomorrow River Conservation Club.

Witnesses claimed the 32-year-old entered the meeting at 9:30pm holding a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif” peanut butter, shouting about how much she hated the Republican candidate.


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HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails (Update 9)

Below is a detailed list of noteworthy Podesta emails recently released by WikiLeaks – (New items highlighted in blue)

Hillary Policies –

Hillary Clinton Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders’
Hillary Admits Saudi Arabia and Qatar Fund ISIS – But Took Their Money Anyway
Hillary sat on Board that funded ISIS
Hillary’s own advisor blamed Hillary for Benghazi
Hillary bragged about being invited to Russia’s Putin’s ‘Inner Sanctum’
Clinton Campaign Fudged Climate Change Data – Inflated Emission Numbers
Hillary team picked Tim Kaine as VP in July 2015
Trump is right – liberal Hispanic judge’s wife met with Podesta
Clinton campaign discussing how to make Hillary more likable
Democrats downplay Benghazi because only 4 people died
Smoking gun on Iran deal – Nuclear War coming
Dems hope to win and have Supreme Court for decades
It takes 11 advisors for Hillary to post a single tweet

Yes, much, much, very much more found at the


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Links to Go To


Germans Leaving Germany ‘In Droves’

Turkey’s Land-Grab Wish List

The Clinton Foundation Colombia Scam

Debate Fact Check: State Dept. Misplaced $6B Under Hillary Clinton

U.S. ‘Vetted Moderate’ Syrians Defect to Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Obama vs Baghdad on Sunni cleansing of Mosul

Hillary’s Plot Against America

The Coming War with Russia

FIVE GRAPHICS: Why Trump Wins… Big

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The collapse of an empire

Throughout history, political, financial, and military leaders have sought to create empires. Westerners often think of ancient Rome as the first empire. Later, other empires formed for a time. Spain became an empire, courtesy of its Armada, its conquest of the New World, and the gold and silver extracted from the West. Great Britain owned the 19th century but lost its empire due largely to costly wars. The US took over in the 20th century and, like Rome, rose as a republic, with minimal central control, but is now crumbling under its own governmental weight.

More at SOURCE

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Again some thoughts

Kidney stones are basically pearls made by humans.

If having a small penis was really an issue, the “small penis genes” would have gone extinct long time ago.

I will be very disappointed if the first human born on Mars isn’t named Marvin. (those who do not get this? Google Marvin the Martian)

The war in Syria is basically Vietnam 2.0 with Religious Extremists DLC.

When you are dead , you don’t know that you are dead. All of the pain is felt by others. The same thing happens when you are stupid.

There’s a kid out there who has to go his whole life knowing he’s the reason Harambe died.

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