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never happens to a cat

‘Death test’ could predict chance of dying within 30 days

Health experts say a new test will prevent futile and expensive medical treatments which prolong suffering.

A test to determine if elderly patients will die within 30 days of being admitted to hospital has been developed by doctors to give them the chance to go home or say goodbye to loved ones.

Health experts say the checklist will prevent futile and expensive medical treatments which merely prolong suffering.

The screening test looks at 29 indicators of health, including age, frailty, illness, mental impairment, previous emergency admissions and heart rate and produces a percentage chance of death within one month and 12 weeks.

Researchers say the aim of Critera for Screening and Triaging to Appropriate aLternative care, or CriSTAL for short, is to kick-start frank discussions about end of life care, and minimise the risk of invasive ineffective treatment.

“Delaying unavoidable death contributes to unsustainable and escalating healthcare costs, despite aggressive and expensive interventions,” said lead author Dr Magnolia Cardona-Morrel, a researcher at the University of New South Wales.

“These interventions may not influence patient outcome; often do not improve the patient’s quality of life; may compromise bereavement outcomes for families; and cause frustration for health professionals.”

Earlier this week Professor Sir Mike Richards, the Chief Inspector of Hospitals for the Care Quality Commission, warned that dying patients are receiving wide variations in care because of hospital failure to replace the Liverpool Care Pathway.

The controversial end-of-life plan was scrapped after a review of the regime found that hospital staff wrongly interpreted its guidance for care of the dying, leading to patients being drugged and deprived of fluids in their last weeks of life.

The Health Select Committee is currently examining palliative and end of life care in the wake of the LCP controversy.

However the new test aims to provide a ‘starting point’ for ‘honest communication with patients and families about recognising that dying is part of the life cycle’

Researchers looked at 112 peer-reviewed studies to find out which tests and questions were the best predictors of death.

They claim the test will help doctors and nurses who are often under great pressure from family members and society to prolong the life of patients at all costs.

“While there are accepted policies for de-escalating treatment in terminally ill patients, there are also inherent and societal pressures on medicine to continue utilising technological advances to prolong life even in plainly futile situations,” said Dr Cardona-Morrel.

“Training for nurses and doctors in the use of the screening tool and in approaching patients and families with concrete information about inevitability of death and lack of benefit of further intensive treatment are paramount.”

Most patients end up dying in hospital, even though that is not their stated preference, when asked.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said:“The best time to begin discussing end of life issues and an older person’s wishes, is well in advance, when they are fit and well, but we acknowledge that this isn’t always possible.

“The ability to accurately identify people entering hospital who are nearing the end of their lives ought to help ensure they receive high quality care, appropriate to their needs, so we welcome this development. However, in practice, access to good end of life care services remains extremely variable and discussions with older people and their families about this most difficult of subjects are not always handled sensitively and well.

“So as well as improved analysis and triage of people’s needs, better training and support for medical staff in speaking compassionately with older people and their families about end of life care is also required. “

By giving families and patients some options about the preferred place of death, the test could also help terminally ill elderly people choose to go home, the authors said.

The checklist is yet to be tested but the researchers hope it will eventually be used for all hospital admissions.

The research was published in the BMJ Open publication Supportive & Palliative Care.

Found at the Telegraph.

Bet our government, obamacare handlers, and insurance companies in the USA are tracking this real well! Think of the money all of them could save by weeding out the dying real fast and denying care?

omg so much formaldehyde

Vaping has Formaldehyde?!?! EVERYONE PANIC! 

Or don’t panic.  In fact everyone take a step back and maybe actually read and be informed as to what is going on right now.  You may have seen studies like this one posted by Gizmodo.  Or one of the many other sensationalist headlines popping up over the last few days making claims that e-cig vapor contains 10 times as much formaldehyde as traditional cigarettes.

But where did this info come from? is it accurate,  Scientific and repeatable?

Here’s who I trust.  Dr Farsalinos.  The good doctor made a post back in November on his website , discussing this exact situation.

The post is far too long to re-create here, but it goes VERY in depth into the issue, including talking to the actual doctor who performed the original tests on e-cigs.  Even Prof Kunugita himself said

”..this is an unpublished result, a single extreme case out of the many products he tested, and we do not know what went wrong in that case”

Head over to Dr Farsalino’s website using the link below and read the full article regarding the current formaldehyde craze that is being thrown around the public news media.

Bottom line, just keep on vaping! I and my wife are! PS…if you need any vape pens, check out ebay! I bought a kit better than the one I purchased last year for 70 bucks on ebay yesterday for only 19 bucks!


We’re All Patriots Now

I’m fond of pointing out that we have allowed a lunatic cult to gain control of our country. The last fifty years has been the byproduct of the Cult’s war on certain parts of reality. Material progress has not been effected because, sadly, the Cult has not seen fit to declare things like gravity to be social constructs. But, there’s always hope.

The Cult’s war on the Panel Penis People goes on, nonetheless. In America, football is the sport of the core and most popular where the Pale Penis People reign supreme. That’s the heartland, south and southwest. In the hotbeds of liberalism, boys are forced to play with dolls and play Quidditch with the girls so they end up soccer fans. Thus the NFL is on the same proscribed list as Walmart, fried foods and gluten.

But, reality is the thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. The recent panic over the relative inflation levels of the footballs used last week has now followed the same arc as every other moral panic/hoax from the Cult. It turns out that footballs naturally vary in pressure based on temperature change.

What’s amazing to me is how otherwise sensible people keep falling for these hoaxes. Just in the last year we have had two big hoaxes regarding the “war on black bodies.” There’s been a long list of rape hoaxes, culminating in the outlandish Rolling Stone disaster. Time after time it is shown that the progressive media is lying or deranged, but we keep falling for it.

This is why there was no serious internal opposition to Hitler after 1933. The loudspeakers were filling the public space with agit-prop. Similarly, the Soviets dominated the public communications, leaving no room for questioning. Today, the North Koreans maintain that lunatic regime simply by controlling the means of communications.

In modern America, the Cult holds all of the cultural high ground. Even when they indulge in the sort of lunacy we are seeing today, there’s no one on the stage pointing it out until the damage is done. Rape on campus may be nothing more than a sick fantasy of lonely coeds, but thousands of college boys are sitting in rape awareness classes, regardless.

Fox News, which was supposed to be the alternative to the dominant media, has been cowed into line by the Obama administration. For the first couple of years the Cult boycotted the network because Fox would not fall into line. Eventually, Fox did what was easiest and hired a bunch of moonbats and fired their dissidents. Certain subjects, like immigration are now forbidden.

Every human society with any level of complexity has an animating ideology. Hunter-gatherers rely on blood and time to establish their order. The old men are in charge and the young men are in training to be in charge one day. Big man societies rely on blood and a marginal advantage in material goods. The chief lives in a bigger huts and has extra food to hand out in exchange for loyalty.

States are different as they have lots of unrelated people living together. The boss has to have a reason to rule over those unrelated to him other than force. Subject people will never cooperate fully so you need something else. If the king is a god, then that will work. If the religion of the people says the king must have three big toes, then those with the third big toe are in line to rule. Magic blood was the basis for rule in the West for a millennium.

In modern times, this has flipped upside down. The ruling elites in America began to embrace this lunatic cult we call liberalism after the Civil War. Unlike the newly converted Kings in sixth century Britain, they did not try to convert the masses. Instead they sought to gain control of the existing institutions. Imagine Medieval Europe where the royal class is Catholic and the people are pagans, with a sprinkling of Catholics in the lower administrative posts.

In a way, we have been colonized. Modern America, and I suppose modern Europe, functions more like the British Raj than a self-governing ethno-state. The ruling caste is not defined by blood, but by credentials demonstrating the adherent’s fidelity to the faith. The masses are permitted some of their rituals and customs, as long as they do not interfere with the systematic looting of the country.

In conclusion, if you hold out any hope for America, you must be rooting for the New England Patriots to win the big game.

Found HERE.

I aint rooting for each the Seahawks or the Patriots! Heck, may not even watch the game.

get the munchie

 Asteroid to pass so close on Monday you’ll be able to see it with binoculars – but don’t panic, Earth’s closest call until 2027 poses no threat ‘for the foreseeable future’

Robbers target food delivery trucks in shortage-hit Venezuela

no living people

whale pooping

This lucky underwater photographer got caught in an epic sperm whale “poop-splosion.”

Sperm whale bowel movements have been observed before. Usually a whale defecates while diving. However, on this occasion the whale stayed at the surface, spun, and stirred up an enormous amount of fecal matter, clouding up the water until the divers could no longer see their own hands. The whale then darted out of the cloud.

It’s the first time this sort of behavior has been observed in a sperm whale. It’s hypothesized that the whale might have been “spooked” and performed a maneuver similar to how an octopus squirts ink to escape.

Watch this gif of an octopus coming out of camouflage and squirting an ink cloud.

stop my penis

Post beauty…oh, see my 10 rules for my blog in the above navigation bar as to why every now and then, there are post cuties like this.

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