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PayPal wants to implant passwords in your stomach and your brain

“Natural body identification” could one day replace passwords and other modern methods of identification, claims PayPal developer chief.

PayPal is working on a new generation of embeddable, injectable and ingestible devices that could replace passwords as a means of identification.

Jonathan LeBlanc, PayPal’s global head of developer evangelism, claims that these devices could include brain implants, wafer-thin silicon chips that can be embedded into the skin, and ingestible devices with batteries that are powered by stomach acid.

These devices would allow “natural body identification,” by monitoring internal body functions like heartbeat, glucose levels and vein recognition, Mr LeBlanc told theWall Street Journal.

Over time they would come to replace passwords and even more advanced methods of identification, like fingerprint scanning and location verification, which he says are not always reliable.

“As long as passwords remain the standard methods for identifying your users on the web, people will still continue to use ‘letmein’ or ‘password123′ for their secure login, and will continue to be shocked when their accounts become compromised,” said Mr LeBlanc.

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The rules of tolerance: You must bake for gay weddings; you must not host a Ted Cruz event

Just so we understand how things work around here . . . tolerance doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it means. You think it means we all just accept each other?

Oh no, sillies, it doesn’t mean that at all. You are only supposed to tolerate those things deemed tolerable by those who run the tolerance racket.

Let’s review: If you own a bakery and you don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, you will be finedand/or sent to re-education sessions. You must take part in the accommodation of the gay wedding in any way the state deems appropriate. You will not say no.

But let’s say you’re gay and you own a hotel, and Ted Cruz wants you to host an event at your hotel. In this case, you will be harassed and pressured to apologize if you agree to do so. Ted Cruz is a vile and disgusting Republican who does not espouse the acceptable positions on gay marriage. No accommodation of Ted Cruz will be allowed. You will not say yes.

Make no mistake: Tolerance is not a one-way street, at least to the extent we’re letting the left define it. I didn’t much care one way or the other about the whole Bruce Jenner interview this past weekend, but I couldn’t help but be amused to read how Twitter reactions to the interview changed when the transgender Olympian informed Diane Sawyer that he is a conservative Republican. Suddenly the people who were supposed to be “hating” him were cheering him on, where the people who had positioned themselves as his supporters were having fits.

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A Century Later: Not the Guns of August, But Perhaps September

The world could stumble into war, as it did 100 years ago.  Whoever hired the snipers of Maidan Square have a lot to answer for, including making China’s planned war in Asia more difficult for the US and its allies.

As a quid pro quo for China supporting it over Crimea and the eastern Ukraine, Russia is in the process of selling China six battalions of S-400 surface-to-air missile systems with a range of 400 km.  Each battalion consists of a command post, radar and eight launcher trucks with four missiles each.  The missiles have a maximum velocity of 4.8 km per second.  The six battalions amount to 192 missiles, not including reloads.  Operating practice is to fire two missiles at one target to increase the hit probability.  So these systems put 96 US and allied aircraft at extreme risk at up to 400 km from the Chinese coast or their island bases.

A year ago, the commanding officer of the US Marines in Japan said that retaking the Senkaku Islands from China would be relatively easy and that he didn’t need the US Army’s help in the matter.  The Senkakus are 300 km from the Chinese mainland and retaking them now will be somewhat more difficult thanks to the S-400 systems.

The pace of the base building in the Spratly Islands indicates China is operating under a self-imposed tight timeline.  The scale of the base building suggests that China will be using its network of Spratly bases to enforce its nine-dash claim to the South China Sea, which means war.  So what might be setting the timetable?  China’s President, Xi Jinping, will be attending the May Day parade in Moscow on 9th May.  In 2014 the National People’s Congress of China voted to designate 3rd September as “Victory Day of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.”  President Putin will be attending the military parade in Beijing on that date, the 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan.  So the war is unlikely to start prior to 3rd September.

There is an important date soon after.  This is 18th September: National Humiliation Day in China.  This commemorates the Mudken Incident of that date in 1931 in which Japanese troops used a staged incident as an excuse to invade Manchuria.  This year it is immediately followed by National Defense Education Day, which is the third Saturday of September.  This is very convenient for China in that civil preparations for National Defense Education Day can partly mask preparations for war.  A war starting on the night of Friday 18th September 2015 would be at the start of the Western weekend at least for forces in Asia.  It will be late Friday morning on the US east coast.

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