North American Passports To Replace U.S. Passport, More of Interest

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Soros Global Fascism Group Wants North American Passports To Replace U.S. Passport

The proponents of a North American Union have operated in plain view under the protections and at the behest of the Rockefeller supported Trilateral Commission since 1973. They use the derisive label of conspiracy theorist to minimize the public awareness deflect criticism about their plans to destroy American sovereignty. The creation of the European Union was a step along their path and now the United States and Canada find themselves squarely in the sights of the global fascists.

A group called “New America,” a George Soros-funded political organization, is taking an aggressive, anti-American posture in the furtherance of this destructive goal. The spawn of Soros, his son Jonathan Soros sits on the board of directors.

The group, naturally operating as a tax-free foundation, is pressing for the issuance of a unified North American passport as the first step in the propaganda campaign aimed at persuading Americans that our future lies in abandoning our nation and, along with our productive neighbors to the north, officially adopting the parasitic population of Mexico as part of our new, bigger tent “continental country.”

This puts new perspective on the regime’s efforts to diminish the integrity of our immigration laws and our border, a similarly oriented attack on America as an individual sovereign nation. The illegal alien amnesty also is clearly designed and timed in keeping with the globalist agenda.

The globalist elite’s world government scheme requires the lowering of America’s standard of living while redistributing our wealth to other regions as a means to weaken our resolve against their takeover.

If we have, for all intents and purposes, already become an international equal to the other nations of the world, what benefit, they presume, is there for us to hold on to an old, “outdated” nationalist approach? They’re sure we will all want to be modern and cool, with those who resist being either bought off or dealt with through other means. Whatever it takes, they intend to force our surrender.

Andre’ Martinez is an editor with New America as well as a professor at the liberal Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.  He and Daniel Kurtz-Phelan authored an article titled “Why We Need a North America Passport” for

In it they wrote that, “The United States, Canada and Mexico are bound by a shared economic, environmental, demographic and cultural destiny. How we move forward together is key to our success.”

Kurtz Phelan is another anti-American New American who holds one of those passports they seek to retire. He’s also a former adviser to Secretary of State Clinton.

The two globalist operatives continued, “In recognition of our shared destiny, the three countries should create a North American passport that would, over time, allow their citizens to travel, work, invest, learn and innovate anywhere in North America. Work, tourist and student visas are necessities in the modern world to regulate the flow of people between sovereign states.”

“In the North American context, much like within the European Union, our economies and societies are far more integrated than our immigration system recognizes – and a North American passport, much like the EU passport, would align our laws with reality.”

It’s a similar line to that which was used to peddle the European Union, a failed organization which subjugated and effectively removed the national sovereignty of member nations to unelected bureaucrats appointed to rule them by a foreign oligarchy. Its implementation has been a disaster for the citizens of member nations, with economic crises and rampant, open immigration resulting and no responsible governing authority through which to take corrective action.

Reflective of the globalist view that the primary determining factor for whether an idea or program is successful or beneficial is the financial bottom line, they argue for the collective government on the basis of trade practices and supposed financial gain. Even if their claims of success, such as with NAFTA were true, which they are not, some things are more important than money.

Quality of life tops the list for many and intermingling hordes of dependent peasants with the citizens of the United States can have nothing but a negative impact on our quality of life.

This push also comes as Hussein Obama presses Congress for “Fast Track Authority” for approval of his Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, one which was crafted by the 600 largest corporations in the United States and abroad in order to provide them with a monopolistic edge.

That authority would restrict Congress to an up or down vote on the package not unlike the process in which the CRomnibus was stuffed down America’s throats, along with Obama’s amnesty. Congress clearly demonstrated in that disgusting display of cowardice how unwilling or incapable they are of representing the American people in the face of White House and lobbyist pressure. We have no reason to expect anything more of them when it comes to a well-disguised trade agreement.

Global fascism is taking over the United States, in plain view of all of its citizen victims, who are being willingly being distracted and manipulated through the controlled media and all of the various means that the wealthy have at their disposal.

As this latest step in the slow-walk coup was taking place, America was overcome with concern over the air pressure of some meaningless footballs.  As a nation, we seem to struggle mightily with understanding what is important and what isn’t.

Rick Wells is a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit

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Sessions: Why Confirm an AG Who’s Going to Execute an Unconstitutional Policy?

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said Thursday that President Barack Obama’s executive action plan for illegal immigrants was unconstitutional and therefore Congress must not confirm Obama’s attorney general nominee who is committed to executing that “illegal and unconstitutional” policy.

“So, why would we want to confirm someone who’s going to continue to execute an unlawful, unconstitutional policy?” Sessions told

At the Capitol on Thursday, asked Sessions if  illegal aliens have a right work in the U.S.–a claim attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch had made the day before in her confirmation hearing in response to a question from Sessions.

“The law says they don’t, and it explicitly says an employer can’t hire someone who’s illegally here,” said Sessions.

“There’s no question about this,” said Sessions. “This is why the president’s action, his amnesty, is so stunningly, dramatically dangerous–because our Congress considered what he wanted to be done and rejected it.

“And the president goes beyond,” said Sessions, “saying well I don’t have enough, I’m using prosecutorial discretion about who gets deported to the point where he says I’m giving up to 5 million people work authorization, Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits, an ID card [to individuals] who under the law are here unlawfully.”

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It’s A Very Simple Question, Nancy

At a press conference celebrating the anniversary of Roe v Wade, a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi a very simple question (See here and here):  Is an unborn child after 20 weeks of pregnancy a human being or not? . She refused to answer the question, and instead rambled on about women’s reproductive rights, and her opposition to a bill before the House that would place any conditions on abortions. When she finished, he asked the question again, and Ms Pelosi again refused to answer it.

Some possible reasons she would refuse to answer the question are:

1. She doesn’t understand the question

2. She understands the question but she knows it’s a trap set by evil conservatives who want to enslave women.

3. She feels that people under 3 feet tall aren’t human because they can’t reach the levers in voting booths

4. Labeling people “human” is a vicious kind of species bias. Everyone has the right to decide for themselves whether they’re human or not.

5. Unborn babies can’t be human because they have no fashion sense whatsoever.

6. Unborn babies are more like starfish or groundhogs or something. They contribute nothing to society and did I mention they can’t vote?

7. It’s interesting that fully half the time, men are the ones who ask this kind of question. Men can’t seem to accept the fact that only a woman can create a human being. Of course, that’s not to say that it is a human being, until it’s designated as such by the State.

a very simple question

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