10 Crazy Facts About Urine That Will Make You Squirm

Urine is hardly something you’d call interesting or useful, other than for expelling waste from the body. In fact, you probably don’t give urine or urination much of a thought, other than when you’re doing it. And why should you? There’s obviously nothing interesting about it . . . or is there? In this list, we will be exploring ten facts about urine, some wonderful and some plain odd. We will be traveling through the past, present, and future to discover what makes this bodily excrement so special!

The Main Ingredient In Urine Is Used To Flavor Cigarettes

There are many reasons why you might not smoke cigarettes, some of the most obvious being that it’s highly addictive and gives you bad breath and yellow teeth, not to mention a long list of negative and possibly deadly effects to your health. But if that wasn’t enough, here’s one more:

Urea (aka carbamide), the main ingredient in urine, is used to enhance the flavor of cigarettes. Now don’t worry; it’s not as if the cigarette companies are having their employees simply wee into the tobacco mixture and then send it off to the consumer to be smoked. The organic compound urea is simply used in the production of cigarettes and can be synthetically created in labs.

Urea is a highly versatile compound used for things such as fertilizers, plastics, animal feed, and even explosives. It is also used throughout the human body and is involved in nitrogen excretion. Urea is the main nitrogen-containing substance in mammal urine.

So although you’re not actually smoking urine, the next time you go to light that cigarette, this might just make you think twice about what’s actually in it.


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