10 Deadly Household Items You’ve Probably Used Today

We often associate home with safety. It is where we retreat from danger and seek shelter from harm. However, in reality, our own household can be a very dangerous place.

Every year, countless people are injured and several die from products that most people use on a daily basis. Despite the probable extensive babyproofing and regular maintenance you’ve done, the places we all call home contain numerous mysterious accidents waiting to happen.

While most of us only glance at warning labels and disregard safety tips on products that we think we know, spending an extra minute to analyze and combat the risks could save your life. Chances are, you probably own the majority of these fatal items and you’ve probably even used them today.

But did you know they could kill you? We all blow out candles before we leave the house, and we never leave the oven on. But these things are seemingly far less dangerous. The following list provides a guide to common household items that can surprisingly kill you.

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