Get Yours Today!

Justin Trudeau paves the way for modern-day political activists of ALL STRIPES on the left.  They purchase something that shows they have FEET in both camps, and in little dancer Justin’s case, he has his feet in BOTH SOCKS!  These are a super-special hybrid breed of sock: and they are HALAL to BOOT (pardon the pun!) – they “STAND” for gay pride and also for the end of Ramadan – two events which actually collided this weekend.

Special!  One day ONLY!  Get two pairs for the price of one AND FREE SHIPPING!  1-800-429-DEAD

**WATCH SOON FOR A CLEARANCE ON GAY PRIDE FLAGS WITH THE STAR OF DAVID – these items are NOT ALLOWED at “Gay Pride” parades or at the death ceremonies for gays in Muslims countries.


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