15 tactics the left are using to help conservatives stay in power

It is now nearly impossible for a person to go a day without being sent the message that to adhere to the values communicated by the leftist media, Hollywood and college professors, is simply what people “with hearts” or “who are civilized” do. People are sick and tired of it.

The value of a guy like President Trump is that he functions like a bulldozer dead set on taking down the institutions who are responsible for this takeover. He is not so much creating a conservative culture himself, he is only exposing the Democrats and the media which creates a void in culture, and I wouldn’t be surprised if an Obama-like Republican will fill that void once Trump has finished destroying the left and evening the playing field.

Unless Democrats make some changes to themselves soon, they will only have themselves to blame when conservatives remain in power for at least the next decade. They smugly predicted America will already be swayed away from Republicans after voting in Trump but Karen Handel’s victory only proves that Americans are all too happy to continue voting in conservatives for as long as it takes.

So where are the Democrats and the left going so wrong? Well here is a short list of self-defeating things that they insist on doing that are losing them the culture war despite their spectacular advantages in campaign spendings, backing by mainstream media and the academia and political spheres:

1. Doubling down on identity politics
2. Having celebrities make videos telling us how good they are for being progressive and voting Democrat
3. Making every single joke on every single late night show about Trump
4. Inserting politics into everything that does not relate to politics
5. Preventing speakers from speaking on campus
6. Diluting the meaning of terms such as white supremacy, Nazi, racist and rape
7. Telling white people to feel ashamed for themselves as they somehow continue to perpetuate a non-existent system of oppression
8. Having one person claim to speak on behalf of every marginalized group
9. Projecting “privilege” onto people you don’t know just because of their skin
10. Teaching one school of thought on university campuses
11. Attempting to exterminate masculinity and patriotism
12. Disregarding the economic consequences of making everything free
13. Refusing to acknowledge the threat that radical Islam poses to the West
14. Paying for migrants to come into the country and letting them run wild
15. Lack of facts to support most if not all their claims in attempt to support an oppression narrative (i.e cops have declared hunting season on black people.)

Until they sort their shit out, America remains red which is fine by me.

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