Time Marches On

“What they didn’t expect was the complete ineptness of this president!” A great many have made something close to this statement over the last three years. Stating that voters did not expect the complete ineptness of Obama is a very dangerous and misguided assertion to make. Conservative pundits almost overwhelmingly make this incorrect assumption in every critique of the administration. These pundits could not possibly be more wrong.  I contend that there is absolutely nothing inept about this president. He is quite capable.

Each and every action taken by Obama is but a step in a grand plan that marches towards achieving an ultimate, unstated, goal. Each step taken by this administration is very carefully planned and is executed with breathtaking efficiency. Underestimating Obama by thinking him “inept” is to invite not only disaster but the destruction of the very foundations of this country and western civilization.

Was the government seizing control of 1/5 of the entire U.S. economy (healthcare) in defiance of the Constitution and against the overwhelming objection of the people an inept misstep?

Was more than doubling an already onerous national debt while continuously demanding, and receiving, more money a simple mistake?

Was making recess appointments while Congress was in session a simple administrative error?

Was appointing demonstrably radical individuals to numerous advisory and regulatory positions simple politics?

Is mandating by executive fiat something as bizarre as requiring that religious organizations provide employees [of all things] “free” contraception simply an inept decision?

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Obama is my shepherd; I shall not work.
He keepeth jobs out of the hands of the people,
Which leadeth the country to class warfare and polarization.
He encourageth sloth; he leadeth the government to new heights in deficit spending.
Yea, though I walk in the shadow of Economic collapse,
I shall fear no depression: for Obama is with me.
His handouts and monetary indiscretion supplement my income.
He maintainest spending increases in the presence of insurmountable debt;
He punisheth businesses with excessive regulations;
And givith the hard-earned fruits of labor to the unproductive.
Surely, handouts and stimulus payments shall follow all the days of his administration;
And I will stay unemployed forever.



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A Florida woman was arrested yesterday for burning down the fifth oldest tree in the world while smoking meth inside of it.

The iconic 118-foot Seminole County cypress tree known as The Senator, estimated to be some 3,500 years old, burned to the ground in January following what police believed to be an arson attack.

But a Crimeline tip led investigators to 26-year-old Sarah Barnes, who confessed to setting it alight while smoking meth with a friend inside the tree.

“I can’t believe I burned down a tree older than Jesus,” Barnes allegedly told friend while showing them photos of the burning tree she snapped with her cellphone.

Barnes was booked into Seminole County Jail on a felony charge of intentional burning of land, as well as drug charges.


Kids today!

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Then auto-correct, which has always and will always create problems.

Two schools in Georgia were on lockdown for two hours today after an autocorrected message sent to the wrong person led police to suspect a shooter may be looking to harm students.

“Gunman be at west hall today,” read the text, referencing West Hall middle and high schools.

Tracing the message back to its sender, police quickly learned that autocorrect was to blame for the threat. The unidentified person was merely informing the recipient that they were “gunna” be at the school today.

The word “gunna” was autocorrected to “gunman,” and the text was sent to the wrong person, triggering a call to police.

“While this event caused a great deal of anxiety among students, staff and parents,” said Hall Superintendent Will Schofield in a statement, “be assured that we will always err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of our boys and girls.”


In other words, he thinks they’re racist (which he’s stated before).

(CNSNews.com) – Attorney General Eric Holder defended the Justice Department’s litigation against states to stop voter ID laws, while testifying Tuesday to a House subcommittee.

The Supreme Court upheld the states’ right to require photo ID to vote in a 2008 case involving an Indiana statute. Nevertheless, the Justice Department has found other legal grounds to challenge the statutes passed by more than a dozen states.

Rep. Robert Aberholdt (R-Ala.) inquired about the action against his state’s voter ID law, and said he was puzzled as to why the federal government would oppose voter ID law, since most people frequently need photo ID to write a check or use a credit card.



Two things here: One is that they are our friends, just ask Biden. And two the Afghans are more enraged by Korans being burnt.

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban took the four men to the main bazaar in a southern Afghanistan district at evening prayer on Sunday, regional government officials said, denounced them as government spies because they were carrying satellite phones, then beheaded them in front of local residents who had been summoned to watch.

Three days later, on Wednesday morning, the director of a relatively progressive radio station in eastern Afghanistan was found stabbed to death in his car. His back, stomach and chest had been slashed, and his throat slit, according to the man’s brother, who said his head had been nearly severed from his body.

The local police chief, Daulat Khan Zadran, said the victim, Sadeem Khan Bahader Zoi, had been totally beheaded. “We still don’t know the cause” of the killing, Mr. Zadran said, but the method was consistent with the Taliban.

A Taliban spokesman for eastern Afghanistan, Zabiullah Mujahid, strongly condemned Mr. Zoi’s killing and in a telephone interview denied that the Taliban had been involved. The Taliban spokesman responsible for southern Afghanistan could not be reached for comment on the beheadings there.

This quick spate of grisly killings occurred despite recent attempts by the Taliban leadership to project a softer, more accepting image, to win the support of ordinary Afghans and convince the United States that it is a reasonable negotiating partner.

Its efforts are helping to drive a campaign by the Afghan government and the international coalition to begin peace talks with the Taliban that could lead to a power-sharing arrangement.

Beheadings by the Taliban are not new, but they have not been seen for a while, and five such gruesome deaths in a few days suggest that the Taliban may be operating with increasing impunity in some regions.

To Afghans, they are a frightening reminder of the brutal extremes of Taliban law — an authority that may soon have greater official sway over the country — and they raise questions about the sincerity of the Taliban in the peace negotiations.


Keep him testifying, then have him explain himself in a real court of law!

Daily Caller:

A visibly frustrated Attorney General Eric Holder slammed the table when responding to a question about Operation Fast and Furious during a Tuesday budget hearing before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies.

“That was a fundamentally flawed program, fundamentally flawed,” Holder said of Fast and Furious. “And, I think that I can agree with some of my harshest critics that there are legitimate issues that need to be explored with regard in which the way Fast and Furious was carried out.”

“But, I think one thing that also has to be understood is that once this was brought to my attention” — Holder said before slamming his hand on the committee room table he was sitting at — “I stopped it. I stopped it.”


Freedom of speech in this country is used by idiots like this to say what they will, but not used if someone speaks against them.

(New York, NY, February 28, 2012) — Minister Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic and racist leader of the Nation of Islam, delivered yet another anti-Semitic diatribe to followers in Chicago this past weekend, turning his annual Saviours’ Day address into what the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) characterized as “a textbook example” of the continuing potency in some circles of anti-Semitism in America.

Minister Farrakhan’s address to the Saviours’ Day convention in Chicago included accusations of Jewish control over government, media, finance and entertainment, and repeated many of the past anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that have made Farrakhan one of the nation’s foremost promoters of anti-Semitism to a legion of followers.

The following are selected examples of anti-Semitic statements made by Farrakhan during his four-and-½ hour speech during the 2012 Saviours’ Day conference at the United Center Arena in Chicago on February 26:

•Listen good now, no matter what president Obama has said or done to show Israel his commitment, somehow or another he is failing on some aspect of they desire him to do. He is invaded into every country the neocons have told him to do. He went and got the stimulus plan to bail out Wall Street. There is nothing that he has not done for Israel but they are still not happy.

•Some of these Zionists are trying to re-write the Koran. You didn’t hear me! And they got some Muslims going along with it!

•Did you know that the Koran says that Jews are the most violent of people? I didn’t write it, but I’m living to see it.

•The government of the United States has made an agreement with hell and a covenant with death. You have locked on to the Zionist control your government, your media, and you’re afraid to stand up because if you do they’ll tell you won’t be re-elected.


Think about this.


He really is in another world of his own!

(ABC News) — President Obama said his formal apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the burning of Korans by U.S. troops last week has “calmed things down” after the incident sparked an outbreak of violence across the country.

“We’re not out of the woods yet,” Obama said in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Bob Woodruff at the White House. “But my criteria in any decision I make, getting recommendations from folks who are actually on the ground, is what is going to best protect our folks and make sure that they can accomplish their mission.”

The president’s comments came just hours before a formal White House dinner to honor Iraq War veterans, some of whom have also served in Afghanistan and may be redeploying there to assist ongoing U.S. military operations. Woodruff was the only journalist invited to attend the dinner.

Obama said his letter to Karzai aimed to curb further danger to U.S. troops on the ground. It reportedly expressed regret for the apparently inadvertent burning of the Korans, the sacred text of Islam, on a U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

Still, the president’s critics and some members of the military have questioned the appropriateness of the move, given the subsequent murder of two U.S. military officers at the hands of an Afghan inside one of the capital’s secure ministry buildings.


Team Obama Can’t Even Spell Biden’s Name Correctly Funny, send out invites that have a typo!

U.S. Bunker Buster Bombs Could Destroy Iran’s Underground Nuke Sites Heck, we got better bombs that will eliminate Iran for good.