35 signs you suck at social justice

(All of these examples are 100% genuine.)

  1. You think it’s ableism to give mentally ill people help that they desperately need.
  2. You use the word “trigger” about anything that makes you even slightly uncomfortable.
  3. You claim to support women’s right to choose in matters like abortion, being housewives, and wearing a veil, but harshly criticize women making the “wrong” choice.
  4. You think it’s cultural appropriation to enjoy anything at all from another country.
  5. You don’t accept that it’s possible to simultaneously support feminism and acknowledge that toxic behavior in the feminist community exists.
  6. You make up a word for some minor sexual preference you have and claim this makes you as oppressed as LGBTQ people are.
  7. You insist that it’s oppression when people won’t use your nounself pronouns.
  8. You make a long post about why a TV show or movie is sexist, but you don’t write the people who made it to tell them about your complaints.
  9. All your info about cultural appropriation comes from Tumblr posts, because you can’t be bothered to read a single book about it.
  10. You consider it “bodyshaming” every single time anybody has the slightest sexual preference in body shapes.
  11. If people follow a religion from a foreign culture, you accuse them of cultural appropriation. Even though a religion’s teachings are considered facts by its followers, and facts cannot belong to a specific culture, let alone be appropriated.
  12. You’re eager to find reasons to call somebody problematic, so that you can gleefully throw them out of the figurative Club of People Who Are Not Problematic.
  13. You act as if acknowledging the fact that that men face gender-based discrimination is the same as denying that women have any problems.
  14. You think movies must be sexist if they don’t pass the Bechdel test.
  15. You won’t for a second consider that you might be wrong about something.
  16. You’re more interested in punishing people for being bigoted than in making them see why they’re wrong.
  17. You treat real-life gay people as if they were puppies to squee over.
  18. Unless a character is a gay Texan in a cowboy hat (or equally stereotype-defying) you accuse them of being “too stereotypical.”
  19. Every time somebody has any interest in a foreign culture, you accuse them of fetishizing it.
  20. You think shipping a straight couple is homophobic.
  21. Your idea of how people should behave in order to avoid cultural appropriation is the same as how segregationists from the sixties wanted the world to be.
  22. You call people racists for not loving a character who happens to be POC.
  23. You think it’s homophobic to have no interest in yaoi.
  24. You regard Christians as one homogeneous and homophobic whole.
  25. You’ve diagnosed yourself with some mental disorder or illness, but haven’t bothered to see a professional for an educated opinion.
  26. Whenever allies make any posts supporting LGBTQ people your only response is to accuse them of “talking over LGBTQ people.”
  27. You hate it when people objectify women, but you gladly objectify men.
  28. You genuinely believe that otherkin are oppressed the same way POC or LGBTQ people are.
  29. You hit people with a ton of rage for being ignorant about some social justice fact, but when they ask you to explain it to them you yell “It’s not my job to educate you!”
  30. No matter how many swears, slurs and insults you hurl at people, you still think it’s “tone policing” anytime people ask you to take it down a notch.
  31. You create a label for your sexuality that’s so narrow it includes 10 people on Earth at most, and then you complain that it’s “underrepresented in the media.”
  32. You respect everybody’s religious faith… unless they’re Christians.
  33. Your trigger warnings are needlessly personalized, like using “cynophobia” instead of “dogs.”
  34. If someone is an active ally in a place where that will get you ostracized, you still never thank them for anything they do for you.
  35. You shout “Oppression!” whenever somebody’s not attracted to you.


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