A very ugly hate machine

For some time now the left has been using the slogan “Love Trumps Hate” as a way to combat rhetoric from the right. Of course there are two problems with this: the false assumptions that all conservative policies stem from hate and that hate largely comes from the right.

Most conservative policies stem from either fiscal responsibility or love for their fellow man. We want people to achieve and strive for greatness and we realize that one of the greatest impediments to this is an expansive federal government. So by getting rid of this impediment we are trying to get people to become even greater that even they realize.

The other assumption, that hate comes from the right, is a form of projection. In reality the left has been using hate to control their voters since the 60s. The New Black Panthers, The Weather Underground, Black Lives Matter, MSNBC, Obama, Hillary, and Bernie are all ways in which this hate has manifested. Worse yet the liberal haters are embraced by their side of the aisle.

The Virginia shooting is the very latest result of what 40 plus years of gorging on hate and vitriol will get you. This method of control used by the left will very soon end the Democrat party as a national party. The problem is that what replaces the Dems may be even worse as far too many Dems are too far gone for reason and compassion to reach.

They have become the very ugly hate machine that they believe the right to be.

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