Abuse in Entitlement Programs

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…there’s a whole bunch of abuse happening in “entitlement” programs.


But check out this recent write up from John Stossel on Section 8 Housing.  Apparently, Obama wants to give MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to renew Section 8 Housing vouchers that help poor people pay their rent. Except the problem is that Section 8 Housing is often better than housing that WORKING PEOPLE can get with their own money.

And that, you guys, is TOTAL CRAP.

The original intent behind Section 8 was to fix the problem of crime-infested public housing by moving tenants into areas where regular rent-paying people live, so that they could learn from those people how to live like responsible middle-classers.

Yeah.  FAIL. Instead, the program makes people reeeeeeeally comfortable with getting near-free housing, while their struggling neighbors who are paying their own way simply get resentful. AS THEY SHOULD.

There’s no time limit on the vouchers, and there’s no work requirement, so what incentive would anyone have to start paying for their own housing?

One Section 8 landlord said that in his 30 years of renting to Section 8 tenants, only ONE left the program.  ONE in THIRTY YEARS, you guys.  The rest?  They’re in Section 8 to stay.  And who can blame them?  Who turns down an essentially free ride?  ESPECIALLYf the ride is as nice as the one that a hardworking responsible citizen is paying for?





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