Afternoon naps just don’t take themselves.

“Due to the press of other events in my life, I was unable to watch the concert.

Afternoon naps just don’t take themselves. I know from past experience, however, that you can always count on pop performers to take a stand in favor of love and beauty and transgendered bathrooms. From what I’ve read they didn’t let the home team down. I’d like to further refine a suggestion I made earlier. I think just one of the performers should get a Je Suis Charlie tattoo of the Prophet. It should, however, be prominently displayed. This would be a clear gesture of defiance and courage. The Mayor of London should be photographed hugging the tat bearer. All those Muslims who claim that they’re against terrorism could also be shown hugging the tat bearer. This would reassure all of us that Muslims don’t harbor views that are antithetical to western civ and transgendered bathrooms. My earlier suggestion was that all the performers should get the tat, but, on further reflection, I think just one performer should be the designated tat bearer. It should be considered a great honor, like winning a Grammy or MTV award. Clearly, the first tat bearer should be Ariana Grande. After she gets assassinated by some madman who is no way representative of Islam, there should be another benefit concert. At that concert, the next tat bearer will be announced and will proudly show her Je Suis Charlie tat to the audience. Monster ratings and the record sales of both the current and past tat bearer will go through the roof. Not that commercial considerations would be any part of this.”


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