Alex Jones/Megan Kelly Interview

This is the very honest take of the entire thing.

What do you think of Alex Jones, especially with the Megan Kelly piece?

It was very sneaky of Megyn Kelly. Everyone already knows Alex Jones is batshit crazy, people either love it or they hate it but everyone knows this. She reached out to Alex Jones, offering him an interview, telling him that she wants to show America the other side of him, that she wouldn’t focus on his conspiracies etc, that she just wants to show everyone what a good guy and a good father he is – keep in mind he just went through a divorce and lost his kids. Yet during the interview, all she talked about was his conspiracies and the bad things he’s ever said, she tried to paint him as something we all already know he is so it was a huge failure and waste of time. All she got out of it was exposure of her cunning, deceitful manipulation and severely poor ratings.


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