Always remember, DEMOCRATS WANT YOUR GUNS!!!

Forever it seems that democrats have been after all our guns (yes, ALL GUNS).

And gun rights people and organizations have continually pushed back and kept the democrats away from our guns.

We have our guns, they want our guns. Democrats have to remember that one if they want to come for our guns. We will have our guns, guns we know how to use!

Under the guise of opposing nationwide concealed carry, Gabby Giffords and Democrat Senator Chris Murphy are after your Second Amendment rights. They want to impose background checks to see if you are safe to let have a weapon. This is all about control. If they have your weapon registered they will know where to come confiscate it.

SOURCE for much more,,,,,,,

(time for people with guns to do what guerillas, partisans, the arabs, and others threatened have done for centures….bury some weapons!!!)

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