Anti-semites appearing outta the woodwork

Anonymous asked:What’s with all these anti-semites appearing outta the woodwork?

Coming from the left you mean? It’s quite simple, Palestinian activists have managed to win the war for the left’s coveted status of an oppressed people, casting Israel in the role of the oppressor. As usual, they see it as white vs brown, which is simply retarded for so many reasons, but this is the flimsy mental framework of the left’s identity politics. Antisemitism has become social justice and Zionism is racism. It’s why we’ve recently seen Jews being kicked out of gay marches, Wonder Woman being banned, many pro-Palestine student groups demanding their schools to boycott any business that could benefit Israel. No mass movement has ever arisen without designating an “other” – the people to be hated.

According to the intersectionality script written by antisemites for leftist identity movements, everything that Israel does better than Palestine, such as being the only country in the Middle East where a gay person doesn’t fear execution or imprisonment, Israel isn’t doing this in the interests of human rights and decency, Israel’s motive for embracing the cause of gays is to deflect attention away from the plight of Palestinians. This absurd idea called pinkwashing is now as integral a part of leftist ideology as is intersectionality and its corresponding antisemitism. Once people strongly embrace a mass movement, ideology replaces rationality. In the identity politics classes in our colleges, there is the absurd notion of “true truth.” A true truth is what an identity group believes. It does not matter how many times or in how many different ways it gets proven to be untrue, if the group believes a narrative, it is true.

A perfect example of this comes from feminism’s favorite Muslim, Linda Sarsour, convincing her leftist herds that “no Zionist can be a feminist.” The absurdity of a Muslim Sharia-embracing advocate in America deciding who can be a feminist shows the irrationality intersectionality has been able to inculcate among the regressives. The antisemitism of the left, whether on the streets of Chicago or college campuses, has already evolved into a street thuggery. On campus, Jews must pass an anti-Zionism test to participate in student politics. Just as conservatives are asked to give up their beliefs on health care, federal funding, and immigration before they’re allowed a seat at the political table. The left hold the moral compass and the rest of us are told to follow. Thanks for your message xx


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