Are Blacks Being Unfairly Targeted?

The media have relentlessly fanned the flames of racial hatred, while engaging in a systematic pattern of misinformation and blatant suppression of facts surrounding the perpetrators and victims of crime. As a result, so-called “criminal justice reform” is now being proposed to release more criminals from prisons, supposedly to “make amends” for the unjust “mass incarceration” of black men.

The figures come quickly but are never subjected to the necessary scrutiny. For example, the George Soros-funded ProPublica published a claim that black youths are killed by the police at a rate 21 times higher than white youths. Mass media parroted that claim, but here’s the problem: The report only looked at just 1.2 percent of police departments nationwide, and only focused on reports from urban areas where the population is disproportionately black.

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill, a racial agitator fired by Fox News for defending cop-killers, spread another misleading statistic about police shootings, claiming that “Every 28 hours, an unarmed black person is killed by police.” This too was trumpeted in the media. It became a twitter hashtag, “#every28hours,” along with another false and deceiving mantra like “hands up, don’t shoot.” So how did they come up with this bogus stat that ultimately sparked Black Lives Matter?

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