BLM is the country’s largest race baiting group

Anonymous asked:
Hi I’d like to ask why are you anti blm personally I am for it but recently I’ve been going back on that because even though I do believe the reason for the movement is valid once it becomes a movement then idk it becomes narrow and if you disagree even a little bit you’re attacked goes for other movements too but I do believe the issue of police brutality needs to be addressed and that’s why I support it because at least someone is addressing it idk, I’d like to know your opinion on it……

Hi 🙂 I used to support BLM, until I realized they are the country’s largest race baiting group who feed themselves not on truth or justice but lies and violence. The events that sparked BLM (Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown) were based on falsehoods created by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to push the idea that cops are intentionally filling our morgues with young black men so black thugs are then justified to riot, assault, set fires and loot and destroy millions of dollars worth of property, to block roads and airports, to highjack events and demand racial segregation, the removal of police and violence against whites.

They sit and wait and pray for a white cop to kill an innocent black person so they can get more money from Soros and more justification to riot but when they don’t get enough white cops wrongly killing blacks, they create it themselves by painting black thugs as innocent, godly saints. All while ignoring black on black homicide, the black on white murder/rape/crime rates, black crime, black incarceration rates, black abortion rates, black poverty rates, black dropout rates, black single mothers and black thug and culture, they ignore it all because that would mean holding themselves accountable for something. Just like any social justice group, they only care about those who can further their cause and those who agree with them.

They don’t say a word about the thousands of innocent black kids, women and elderly being murdered by black gangs and thugs. Those lives don’t matter to them because they can’t make a twitter hashtag from those people. They don’t care about the black people who do talk about the real troubles within black communities, they call these freethinkers uncle toms and race traitors. It’s a movement funded by liberal white Americans like the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation and supported primarily by privileged black liberals which does nothing but produce a bigger body count while ignoring the real problems.

The BLM crowd has become an appendage of the civil-rights industry, which uses the black underclass to push an agenda that invariably leaves the supposed beneficiaries worse off. It’s the black poor, the primary victims of violent crimes and the people most in need of effective policing who must live with the effects of these BLM politically motivated falsehoods. Once you realize that this movement is not about the fate of blacks but about scapegoating the police in particular, and white America in general for antisocial ghetto behavior and holding whites to a higher standard than the young black men in these neighborhoods hold each other to, there’s little left about this group that I can find myself supporting until they until actually start proving that all black lives matter to them. Thank you so much for your input! xx

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