BLM Showing Their True Colors

I made this post only the other day. It was about how the blatantly obvious link between majority of the recent police shootings is young people have no idea how to behave around police so as to keep themselves safe.

Today I found out there’s new bill which was proposed by the New Jersey Assembly that compels training to youth on how to interact with police and avoid confrontation. But then I saw Black Lives Matter are trying to stop it.

What? Educating young people on how to act and keep themselves safe when they are in confrontation with the police, how could that ever be a bad thing? They know that if black youth stopped resisting arrest, or let’s be honest, stopped committing a largely disproportionate amount of crime and homicide to begin with, it would result in less consequences which means they lose their victim status which leads to a stoppage of funds, donations and credibility.

“This bill is clearly designed to create a scapegoat for police brutality, and that scapegoat is New Jersey’s children,” leading organizer of BLM, Alexis Miller, said. “It does nothing to address the laws already in place that protect the immense power of police departments. Students, children are expected to master the idea of respectability politics in order to protect themselves from officers.”

I understand that we have a problem with police brutality but the way to fight against it isn’t by resisting arrest, it’s not by running or refusing commands or trying to attack cops or shouting racism at the top of your voice as you’re fighting with the officer. The best time to understand what’s going on, to complain about racist cops, to demand they are punished for their treatment of you, the time to go ballistic is after cooperating with them.

This is the most fatal mistake people are making and it’s a lesson BLM and all of us should be teaching our youth. We have to put accountability on both the person and the police to make sure the situation stays safe for everyone, that includes citizens and officers as let’s remember, cops are nearly 20 times more likely to be shot and killed than an unarmed black person. Yesterday, a black female officer was shot dead in an unprovoked ambush, where’s Black Lives Matter?

Of course most of the accountability has to be on the cop but your choices also have consequences so it’s about educating youth about not making stupid ones. Instead, they protest against it, they are doing all they can to block the bill when it reaches the Senate and they continue to teach black youth that it’s empowering the black cause to resist arrest and antagonize cops, to be shot by a cop they preach will make you a black martyr and give the movement substance.

Once again, they have made it clear that BLM have no interest in education, they have no interest in accountability, the only thing they’re here for is to popularize anti-police propaganda. As black activists continue to glorify this NWA mentality, they only have themselves to blame when no progress is made.

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