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I am sure you have heard and know what a MILF is? Well, now there is this, DILF. Don’t know if I would have a child of mine wearing such a shirt though.


Cute and all that stuff, but still, it says DILF and it just brings up the wrong images. DILF meets MILF?

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DC Examiner:

Religious groups that oppose President Obama’s mandate that they provide contraception are using the right to religious liberty as a way to discriminate against women, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said in an email opposing congressional repeal of the mandate.

“Anti-choice forces around the country are yelling from the rooftops about religious freedom,” wrote Laura Murphy, the ACLU’s director of the Washington Legislative office,  in an email urging supporters to tell their congressional representatives to support the mandate . “But what they actually mean is the use of religion to discriminate and deny millions of women access to birth control.”  Murphy faulted opponents of the mandate for “us[ing] religion to discriminate] against women.

The ACLU email framed the issue as a conflict between “lobbying groups” and Obama over the rights of women. “[W]hen lobbying groups — led by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops — insisted that the exemption be expanded to include religiously affiliated hospitals, universities and other institutions, jeopardizing coverage for millions of women, the Obama administration drew a line in the sand,” the email declared.

(sure, the aclu is now rising up once again against christians, but will they rise up against ragheaded islamics? nah, that won’t happen!)


Do read this blog. Keep up with those killer islamics. HERE.

And this site often: The Right Scoop



A Planned Parenthood affiliate’s newest president and CEO said in an official statement that she regards her work for the biggest abortion business in America to be a holy profession.

Melaney Linton, who will now oversee Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, is determined to further the Life-ending work of Planned Parenthood:

“I am honored and humbled to be entrusted with such a sacred duty…I pledge to do everything in my power to fight back against the ideological attacks on Planned Parenthood and women, so that no teen will ever say she didn’t know how she got pregnant, no one will ever be denied basic reproductive health care, and no woman will ever be forced to bear children she cannot adequately support.”

Starting March 1st, Linton will manage 13 abortion and abortion-referring centers in Southeast Texas and Louisiana, as well as the largest abortion mill in America, located in Houston, Texas.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast alone performed over 12,000 abortions in 2010 and banked over $17 million – 49 percent of which came from taxpayer dollars. Linton will succeed Peter Durkin, who earned over $200,000 in 2010 by performing this “sacred duty.”

(is this or is this not eerily close, too damn close, to what Adolph Hitler said about killer jews? First the babies to be are killed, then it will be the born babies turn next)



Last year, a federal program paid out $1.6 billion to cover free cell phones and the monthly bills of 12.5 million wireless accounts. The program, overseen by the FCC and intended to help low-income Americans, is popular for obvious reasons, with participation rising steeply since 2008, when the government paid $772 million for phones and monthly bills. But observers complain that the program suffers from poor oversight, in which phones go to people who don’t qualify, and hundreds of thousands of those who do qualify have more than one phone.

Last summer, a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story shed some light on a government program that relatively few Americans knew existed. (Read more about it here.) The Lifeline program provides low-income Americans with free cell phones (basic ones such as those made by Tracfone, not smartphones) and covers up to 250 free minutes each month. As many as 5.5 million residents in Pennsylvania alone could qualify for the program, which is funded primarily by the Universal Service Fund fee added to the bills of land-line and wireless customers.

(insert joke here: Obama is the (food stamp) president. just change those two words to the above words)



Are you young and looking for work? You’re in good company.

Just 54 percent of Americans ages 18 to 24 currently have jobs, according to a study released Thursday by the Pew Research Center. That’s the lowest employment rate for this age group since the government began keeping track in 1948. And it’s a sharp drop from the 62 percent who had jobs in 2007 — suggesting the recession is crippling career prospects for a broad swath of young people who were still in high school or college when the downturn began.

“They had the misfortune to be born at a time that would dump them into this labor market as young people,” said Heidi Shierholz, a labor market economist at the Economic Policy Institute. “If we stay on the track that we’re on, this cohort is not going to outpace their parents.”

The Pew study arrives just days after the Labor Department’s monthly jobs report, which showed the national unemployment rate trending down for a fifth straight month — a change that many took as a sign that the economy is finally beginning to right itself. Yet joblessness is still high, and financial security remains out of reach for millions more people than just a few years ago.

(is this the hope and change young people yearned for from this president?)


(Politico) — As the violence in Syria continues to worsen, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Thursday that the United States must find a way to help the demonstrators — including by helping provide military equipment.

“Right now we should be finding ways to help the people who are being slaughtered as we speak,” McCain said on CNN. “The massacre goes on, artillery shilling — there’s no legitimacy left in the Assad regime. So we can work with other countries to provide assistance in a broad variety of ways.”

Helping provide “military equipment” was one option that must be considered, the Republican senator said.

“Maybe not directly, but as in Libya, when other countries were able to supply that, we can give them communication. They need equipment, they need medical help very badly,” he said.

He added, “For us to sit by and watch this massacre and allow Russia and China to their everlasting shame veto resolutions in the United Nations Security Council is not acceptable. There are many things that we can achieve … and we ought to get about it quickly to stop this massacre.”

(I knew at some point, some idiots in congress would be calling for intervention! and it had to be this old white guy? geesh, am thinking he is worse than his daughter!)

(ps…on record here as I say no troops, no drones, no bombs, no nothing from us to the people of Syria)


Does this woman really believe half the shit that comes from her mouth? Oh, I get it! She wants that liberal rich guy to select yet again Obama.You know, George Soros!

“The President made a decision, which I think was a wise one that he was not going to unilaterally disarm and leave the field to the Koch Brothers to decide who would be President of the United States and to control the congress. And his commitment was full disclosure…”

Via Fox Nation


(The Hill) — Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) mocked comedian Stephen Colbert as part of her campaign against super-PACs.

The House minority leader released a Web video on Thursday that jokingly attacks Colbert for launching a super-PAC. It’s part of the Dems’ push to reintroduce the Disclose Act.

“Stephen Colbert used to be my friend,” Pelosi says in a voice-over. “But since the day he started his super-PAC, taking secret money from special interests, he’s been out of control. Even using his super-PAC to attack my friend Newt Gingrich,” a reference to climate-change ad that featured her and Gingrich.

The images show her signing Colbert’s cast and photos of the two of them together.


(HuffPo) — The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee signaled Thursday he intends to keep investigating the American Muslim community despite a report this week that showed the number of Muslim extremists arrested for terrorism is on the wane.

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), said he would resume his controversial hearings on radicalization among Muslim-Americans this year despite critics who say the focus on one ethnic group fuels bigotry and paranoia.

The chairman also said the committee would hold hearings on Islamist money coming into the United States and on “Iran’s intelligence services, proxies such as Hezbollah, and its ally of convenience, al-Qaeda; and the looming Iranian terror threat to the homeland.”

King will also continue his probe of leaks to a Hollywood filmmaker of classified details of the raid to kill Osama bin Laden, as well as about operations at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, saying they “could endanger the lives of our intelligence officers and special operators, their families, and the homeland.”

Previous hearings led by King last year on the same topic awakened a storm of controversy, with critics questioning whether Congress should single out a specific minority group as a possible threat to national security.

(keep it up congressman, keep up the good work! Let the president, congress, everyone know that islamics will be called out constantly until something is done about them.)


Beltway Confidential:

New Jersey Education Association executive director Vincent Giordano first said that “life’s not always fair” when explaining why low-income families shouldn’t get school vouchers to leave failing schools, and now he promises not to be “bullied” into resigning by the governor.

“Life’s not always fair, and I’m sorry about that, but to suggest that we take money from taxpayers and give it to certain taxpayers to use to educate their kids outside of the public school just seems to me to be [wrong]“ Girodana said on a local New Jersey Capitol Report while criticizing the idea of school vouchers. He was responding to a questioner who had just observed that without vouchers, “some of these parents,” the Inquirer relates, “can’t afford to take their kids out of failing schools.”

(this guy gets $500k per year! talk about highly paid union goon. and he is a big part of the problem)


Free Beacon:

The Obama Victory Fund 2012 will have  a “Breakfast with the President” fundraiser next Thursday, February 16, at the home of Jeff and Nancy Stack in Corona del Mar, Calif. Breakfast itself will cost $2,500 per guest. Entry to the event’s photo reception will cost $10,000, and a “greet and breakfast” package will cost $35,800.

(am thinking, this is not for the 99% he loves so damn much!)