Chuck Berry – My Ding-A-Ling

This song by Chuck Berry? When we lived in Texas, before I retired and we moved here in Iowa, would take quite a few trips to Iowa and most trips brought back anywhere from one grandchild to four grandchildren.

So one particular trip we had our two oldest grandsons (oldest grandson is autistic), and the two oldest granddaughtes. Ages from 12 down to 7. Fun trips by the way when we had 4 grandchildren!

Anyways, had a slew of music cd’s by all the best artists of rock and roll. Kids loved to listen to them. But somewhere in Oklahoma, oldest grandson says “grandpa Joe, play Chuck Berry, the ding a ling son. So bam, pushed it in and had it rocking. And the kids went wild, laughing and singing it, and screaming every time Chuck said ding a ling! And not just once, but they wanted it run over and over and over! At full blast (van had speakers from front to read and on the sides).

And there we were going down IH35 with 4 hysterical kids having a good old time listening to, singing to, laughing to, Chuck and his ding a ling song. All the freaking way down to our house in Sealy, Texas! And when we pulled into the garage? It was, keep it playing grandpa! Grandma could not wait to get out of the van and go in a room with peace and quiet! After a few more times. I said that is it.

But it was not it….When they played out in the back yard? They had the stereo at full blast playing that song, over and over. For 2 freaking weeks! And every time we would go somewhere like Galveston? Yep, Chuck and his ding a ling was a playing!

Thank heavens their mothers came down to pick them all up! Of course before they all packed up and left? The grandkids had them listen to the song and sing along and laugh along with them!

Somewhere along the line, after the grandkids were gone. I do believe my lovely wife and taken that cd and busted it and trashed it for all time!

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