Climate change hypocrites

The European and Chinese leaders who scolded Trump violated the last climate treaty…

Maybe the phoniest and most laughable reaction to President Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord was the European and Chinese leaders who blasted Mr. Trump and America for “surrendering its world leadership” role. The sanctimonious leaders in Asia and European nations pledged to move full speed ahead on clean energy with or without the United States. Be my guest.

But we’ve been to this movie before. The Europeans were all in on the Kyoto Climate Change deal back in 2001 — an international treaty the U.S. rightly rejected. Euroland promised a massive shift to green energy and to abandon fossil fuels to dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. But guess what? The green energy revolution was a bust. None of these countries came close to meeting those targets. Now these nations, especially Germany, are moving away from the saintly clean energy sources.

Why would we believe them when they say they are now solemnly committed to a new treaty when they violated the last one?

Even more amazing and underreported is that the United States — even though we did not make a pledge to reduce our greenhouse gases in accord with that treaty — has reduced our carbon emissions more than the European signatories.

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