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Colin Powell’s continued fall from grace

There can be no doubt that at one time, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State, General Powell was seen as the epitome of American leadership who many slated to be president one day.

However, it seems a perceived slight from the Bush administration set Powell on a course of a scorned and vengeful man. Saddest of all is that General Powell, in his search for some form of recompence, has sacrificed his principles.

I remember General Powell’s tv ad during the 2012 presidential election crediting Obama with economic restoration.

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Lieberman: America May Be Ready ‘to Bust Out and Go for a Third Party’

Obama’s Allies – Big City Mayors


Lefty Law of the Day: Albany Lands Blow Against Big … Styrofoam

Bizarrely, the ban only extends to businesses with 15 locations, only one of which must be in the county. Huh?

In early November, the Albany County legislature voted 24-12 to forbid the use of styrofoam containers by county businesses with more than 15 locations nationally and at least one locally. Yesterday, it was signed into law.

This bill thus allows the continued usage of styrofoam by the majority of Albany businesses, but responds to an apparent wave of Albany County citizen displeasure with the menace of local corporations with at least 14 locations nationally and at least one locally that maybe sell soup. Bastards.

Below, freedom fighter County Executive Dan McCoy signs the bill into law on the county’s Bingo/prom punch folding table as two middle-aged Albany men — both of them likely victims of, and vocal advocates against, styrofoam products manufactured by corporations with at least 15 locations nationally and at least one locally that maybe sell soup — look on:

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This is a must watch!
If you read the headlines, it’s clear that guns – be they toy, finger or otherwise – are being discovered in our schools.


How Government Officials Doom Gun Registration Laws

The problem for gun control advocates is that they keep promising that no way will registration lead to confiscation of firearms, even as it does just that.

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Bitcoin’s Biggest Investment: Coinbase Deposits $25 Million From Andreessen Horowitz

If you ever meet Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, ask him to hook you up with some Bitcoin. “I’ll give $5 worth of Bitcoin to anyone who asks to help them get familiar with it,” he says, estimating that he’s given out at least 50 to 100 Bitcoin over the last year. When Armstrong left his engineering job at Airbnb in June 2012 to start a company that would allow people to buy and store Bitcoin, he gave a bunch of his colleagues one bitcoin each. They were worth $5 at the time. “I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently thanking me,” says Armstrong, as the price of Bitcoin went over $1,000 in December.

This week, though, Armstrong is the one being handed money. Coinbase announced a $25 million Series B round of funding, led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Chris Dixon. On top of a Series A from Union Square Ventures and Ribbit Capital, it makes Coinbase the most-well-funded start-up in Bitcoin, with a total of 31 million real world dollars sunk into it. “It was much easier to fundraise this time,” says Armstrong. “When we were going to meetings to get our Series A [at the beginning of the year], people had never heard of Bitcoin.”

“Right now Bitcoin is limited to a group of technology enthusiasts and early adopters,” says Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz. “In the next one to five years, we want to see it brought into more mainstream use cases.”

The San Francisco-based company, founded by Armstrong and former Goldman Sachs trader Fred Ehrsam, offers over 16,000 merchants, such as OkCupid and Reddit, tools to accept Bitcoin for payment (like its competitor Bitpay), but it’s better known for being the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin in the U.S. It’s no longer public about how much Bitcoin is being bought and sold through its platform, but back in April, when it had one sixth of its current users and Bitcoin was a quarter of its current value, Coinbase processed $15 million worth of transactions, from which it takes a 1% cut.

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my body my choice


Hot Topic: Will Israel Attack Iran?

The ‘Unprecedented Opposition’ Canard


Insurance providers once again invited to ignore “the settled law of the land”

There’s nothing funnier than watching an ObamaCare apologist describe it as a “law,” usually in a tone of high dudgeon that any treasonous saboteurs would even dare think of repealing it.  It should be obvious to even the dimmest left-wing partisan by now that ObamaCare is not a “law,” but of course that doesn’t bother them, because they don’t think their beloved all-wise all-knowing super-government should be bound by laws.  The will of our benevolent aristocracy should not be thwarted by the sort of legal speed bumps, tar pits, and bear traps that routinely impose trillions of dollars in cost upon private industry.  Not even the dusty old Constitution should be an obstacle when a duly credentialed Great Man or Woman of the Left has a really swell idea that would benefit society.

For example, in the assessment of Charles C. Johnson at the Daily Callerthe bug-riddled ObamaCare website stands in direct violation of federal laws that require government agencies to ensure the safety of citizens’ confidential data.  It’s a fairly open-and-shut case:

Under the the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is required to have an “Authority to Operate,” or ATO. In order to receive an ATO, new information tech systems must perform a set of tests, including “Security Control Assessments” (SCA).

But according to CMS’s 2014 budget request, no such security assessment took place. The Federal Healthcare Marketplace website was rolled out without full end­-to­-end testing.

Indeed, the large number of new systems created because of Obamacare created a backlog of testing. CMS could not complete its required security. Failing to complete the required means no ATO, and hence a violation of federal law under FISMA.

We all know that a private operation which violated such a regulation would be facing painful legal consequences, including the sort of huge fines that would probably lead angry stockholders to demand a few executive scalps.  The violation wouldn’t have to be anywhere near this blatant.  If our hypothetical corporate offender was not a fully paid-up Democrat Party donor in good standing, their violation would probably also be presented to the media as evidence of reckless disregard by the organization – and possibly the entire industry – for the safety and security of the American people.  A squadron of protesters would soon assemble outside company headquarters.

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Belgium Senate’s Gift of Death Comes Wrapped in Children’s’ Euthanasia

Friday Fume

Breaking: Obama State Department ORDERED Benghazi Security Company to Dodge Media


Obama Regime Intentionally Refrained From Sanctioning Iran After Election Of Rouhani

New statistics indicate that the Obama administration intentionally refrained from sanctioning Iran following the June election of President Hassan Rouhani, lending credence to multiple reports that the White House began secretly courting Tehran from the first moments of Rouhani’s presidency.

Prior to Rouhani’s June 14 election, the U.S. Treasury Department issued 10 sanction announcements targeting a total of 183 entities that were aiding and abetting Iran’s rogue oil trade and its nuclear weapons program, according to statistics compiled from publicly available releases on the Treasury’s website.

New designations were issued each month from February to June 4, including six in the month of May alone.

However, just two announcements targeting a total of 29 rogue entities were issued following Rouhani’s election, which was accompanied by a three-month silence from the Treasury Department.

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Friday Afternoon Roundup – Coverage Mandate is Freedom

Hot Bites: Hillary Clinton tied to Terrorism


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