Comey, DOJ and more should be in COURT!

“Platte River Networks subcontracted out to Datto which is a company in southwestern Connecticut. Datto backed up everything that was on Hillary Clinton’s server into their cloud, which is a series of servers. They [the FBI under Comey and the DOJ] sent America on a wild goose chase.  There was a hearing on January 24 and then another one on February 6. DC district court judge Randolph Moss asked the DOJ how come you never searched it? They said we were never compelled to! Judge Moss ordered a rollout of all the Datto contents by September 2018, right before the midterm.”

— Larry Kawa, Citizen researcher who brought the case to Judicial Watch proving Comey had access to every single email sent and received by the former Secretary of State before conducting a a fake investigation that gave Hillary a free ride

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