Construction Robot Can ‘Print’ a Building in 14 Hours

MIT engineers have developed an autonomous system for assembling structures in disaster areas, remote environments, and maybe even other planets.

Interplanetary terraforming is a recurring motif in science fiction. Typically, the process involves sending massive machines out to remote planets, where they engineer the environment and build structures for human habitation. After a few years, the planet is ready for people and the first wave of colonists arrive.

That’s usually when the aliens attack.

An engineering team at MIT may have just brought us one step closer to this science-fiction future with a robotic system that can assemble an entire building by itself. Dubbed the Digital Construction Platform (DCP), the robot is essentially a mobile 3D printer that can roll into any environment and start building structures — no humans necessary. According to the design team, the mobile robotic construction platform could eventually be deployed in disaster areas, extreme climates and even, yes, other planets.

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