Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act Approved by House

Well, looks like the republicans really want the CISPA to become law in our country! WTF republicans? Oh, sorry, the republicans also are just as bad as the democrats when it comes to taking away our freedoms!

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House ignored Obama administration objections Thursday and approved legislation aimed at helping stop electronic attacks on critical U.S. infrastructure and private companies.
On a bipartisan vote of 248-168, the GOP-controlled House backed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which would encourage companies and the federal government to share information collected on the Internet to prevent electronic attacks from cybercriminals, foreign governments and terrorists.
“This is the last bastion of things we need to do to protect this country,” Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said after more than five hours of debate.




If Mormonism Is Fair Game, so Is Jeremiah Wright…

A well-regarded Republican strategist at a private gathering recently warned, “And just wait until they play that Mormon card.” By “they,” he meant the Obama campaign and its complicit media cheerleaders.

Lawrence O’Donnell, only days later, gave his viewers a historical tutorial on the Mormon religion, darkly suggesting that we all should be afraid, very afraid. The Democratic governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, called Mitt Romney’s grandfather a “polygamist.”

This is actually good news for the Romney campaign.

By making Romney’s Mormonism an issue, the Obama campaign has, as trial lawyers like to say, “reopened” the issue of religion. The Romney campaign can therefore revisit the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Obama’s close relationship to him. True, Obama apparently severed ties to Wright, but Obama did so only after the very salvation of his first presidential campaign depended upon it.

Wright, Obama’s pastor for some 20 years, was described by Obama as his “spiritual advisor.” Wright married the Obamas, baptized their children and blessed their home. One of Wright’s friends is the anti-Semitic advocate of racial separatism, Minister Louis Farrakhan. “Trumpet Magazine,” published by Wright’s daughter and formerly promoted on the church’s website, once honored Farrakhan in a cover story as a man who “truly epitomized greatness.” In the article, Wright lauded Farrakhan as “one of the 20th and 21st century giants of the African-American religious experience.”

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I am here in Iowa and I have to wonder if this health program covers stupidity?

(Des Moines Register) — A Des Moines woman who publicly thanked President Barack Obama on Tuesday for helping her obtain health insurance actually is receiving her coverage through a long-standing state program.

CeCe Ibson was asked to share her story as an introduction to a Michelle Obama speech Tuesday in Windsor Heights. She talked about losing her health insurance when she lost her job as a lawyer two years ago. She bought private coverage for her two children, she said, but could not find it for herself.

“No one would insure me because of my pre-existing conditions. No one. Until President Obama stood up for me and millions of Americans like me across Iowa and across the country,” she said.

In fact, Ibson’s current coverage is provided by HIP Iowa, a state program for people whose health problems make them ineligible for most commercial insurance. HIP Iowa was created in 1987, during Republican Terry Branstad’s first stint as governor. Most of the program’s subsidies come from fees paid by commercial insurers.

Ibson did not qualify for a similar program created last year under the president’s health reform law. That program, HIP Iowa-Fed, offers significantly cheaper premiums than HIP Iowa, but it is open only to people who have gone without insurance for at least six months. Critics say that rule has tamped down enrollment in the new federally financed program, which has signed up about 300 Iowa members.

Ibson said Wednesday that she didn’t mean to imply that her current coverage was provided by the new federal health reform program.



Boehner: Obama’s Campaign Trip On Student Loans Was “Pathetic”

Free nations that respect the rule of law tend not to make examples of their citizens, much less crucify them. . .

Ann Curry: It’s “fundamentally unfair” that some people have more money than others  Wonder if she donates all her 7 figure income to the people with no money?

AFP Ad: Billions of Dollars Spent on “Green Energy” Went to Jobs in Foreign Countries



Michelle Obama says her “fantasy” is to walk out of The White House and “just keep on walking.”

My thinking? Let the queen walk out now, and take her dumbass husband with her! Be cheaper on our country to see both walk out for good quick! Hey, maybe we can scrape enough money together and fly the two of them to a permanent vacation in sunny North Korea?



Oh oh,.,,,Obama and his regime are now into conspiracy mode! LOL


The Obama campaign accused ‘secretive oil billionaires’ of running a shadow campaign on Mitt Romney’s behalf.

“Secretive oil billionaires are making good on their promise to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Governor Romney’s behalf attempting to defeat the President,” Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement.

“After all, Governor Romney has introduced a tax plan which charges taxpayers $4 billion in year to provide subsidies to oil and gas companies making record profits, he opposes increased fuel economy standards that will save consumers thousands of dollars at the pump, and he supports repealing the reforms the President passed to prevent manipulation of our oil futures market,” LaBolt said.

“While the President fights everyday to build an economy where everybody gets a fair shot and does their fair share, special interests across the country are mobilizing to buy the election for Governor Romney to try to promote their interests over the interests of the American people,” LaBolt said.



Hey, an idea that should work for us compliments of those islamics in Egypt. This is boycotting to the nth level for sure!

(Bikya Masr) — Egypt’s liberal satellite channel ON TV received a threatening letter from an unknown group calling itself “The Jihadist Group to Cleanse the Country” warning they would kidnap some of the news presenters and inflict harm on companies that advertise with channel, if the channel “does not change its media policies.”

The group threatened to kidnap popular program hosts Reem Maged and Yousri Fouda and ask for 20 million Egypt pound ransom ($3.2 million), in addition to destroying the channel’s facilities and studios.

Albert Shafik, head of ON TV, filed a police report, presenting a copy of the letter to the Giza police department.

“You have crossed all red lines and you are pushing the country to chaos, implementing an American Zionist agenda,” the letter began.

“We will not turn to the government or the law, they are the means of the weak and the poison that you spread through Maged. [They] will not affect our great nation,” the letter continued.

“We command you to stop immediately or else we will force you to donate 10 million pounds to charity or the Naguib Sawiris companies and ON TV studios will be destroyed,” the group added.

“We would kidnap your talk show hosts and ask for a 20 million pound ransom they would be assassinated. This is also a word of warning to the advertisement companies that deal with you, if they don’t not stop, we will inflict great harm upon them, so we advise you to immediately halt your destructive policies and if you do not, we will start and if we do, we will not stop,” the letter added.


You think he was upset? Bet him and the lefties were shitting in their pants!


The former head of the CIA’s Clandestine Service accused President Barack Obama of hurting the country’s ability to fight the war on terror because he stopped the use of “enhanced” interrogation techniques like waterboarding.

Jose Rodriguez told “60 Minutes” that the techniques, which also included sleep deprivation, slapping and nudity, forced detainees to give up information that allowed the U.S. to stop more than 10 terrorist plots.

“We made some al-Qaeda terrorists with American blood on their hands uncomfortable for a few days,” he told reporter Leslie Stahl during the program set to air Sunday. “I am very secure in what we did and am very confident that what we did saved American lives.”

Obama has called waterboarding “torture” and halted the enhanced interrogation program after he took office.

“It’s contrary to America’s traditions, it’s contrary to our ideals. That’s not who we are, that’s not how we operate,” he told reporters at a press conference in November. “We don’t need it in order to prosecute the war on terrorism. We did the right thing by ending that practice.”


You got to think about this a bit….