Defense amendment aims to grant terrorists legal rights

Former government attorneys and defense experts fear that foreign terrorists could capitalize on a new House proposal that would afford them full protection under the U.S. legal system, potentially spurring a domestic influx of would-be terrorists who may seek to exploit the legal loophole.

The amendment, spearheaded by Reps. Justin Amash (R., Mich.) and Adam Smith (D., Wash), would implement an unprecedented reversal in longstanding U.S. policy by requiring that terrorists be prosecuted in civilian courts—a shift that would also allow them to be housed among general inmates in American prisons.

The amendment would prevent the president from effectively fighting the war on terror, thereby posing a serious threat to the country’s national security, experts warn.

“In order to be able to successfully fight and win this war, we need to support the notion that this is a real war,” said David Rivkin, who provided legal counsel in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. “Anything that delegitimizes the laws of war is a horrible thing symbolically in terms of undermining a fragile consensus.”

Smith and Amash, Rivkin said, are unraveling a delicate legal balance that permits the president to effectively “fight and win” the war on terror.

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DOE hearing: Damning emails show direct White House links to influence over loan program You should really watch the video!

Howie Carr shreds Warren: (Grand)mother of all lies stumps the Globe

It’s Official: Moonbat Dennis Kucinich Will Be Leaving Congress Good riddance!

Coulter: Sacrificial Scams

Dr. Milton Wolf, Obama’s conservative cousin, starts family feud


No cell phones for you at Obama fundraisers. Another liberal policy of only free speech allowed is what we want.

Via BuzzFeed Politics:

In the latest attempt to crack down on potentially embarrassing digital leaks from presidential fundraisers, President Barack Obama’s campaign has begun asking donors attending small fundraisers with the president to turn over their cell phones before entering.

Pool reporter David Nakamura of the Washington Post reported that at a $35,800 a head fundraiser at the home of Blackstone COO Hamilton “Tony” James in New York City Monday night, the 60 attendees were asked to place their phones in plastic bags by the door.

An Obama aide called the move it “standard operating procedure,” but veterans of a range of other campaigns said they’d never heard of the practice, which is common in secure White House spaces where there are concerns of espionage, but unknown in contexts in which only political secrets are discussed. The new prevalence of sophisticated audio and recording capacities in mobile devices owned by virtually anyone wealthy enough to write a check to a political campaign, however, has put a new pressure on campaigns concerned with staying on a public message.

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The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs is once again diddling with the ultra-massive U.S. sovereignty and communitarian wealth giveaways known as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty (UNCLOS or LOST). Whenever one sees “communitarian,” one may think “global communist.”

Neo-Marxist Saboteur Barack Obama‘s State and Defense Departments (including numerous compromised, NATO-head officers) are pressuring the Senate to adopt this travesty after years of resistance dating back to Ronald Reagan’s presidency. If the committee goes forward with it, they could choose either of two paths: 1. the honorable and traditional congressional method of holding hearings, or 2. “fast-track” it, in order to slip voting through with as little light of day or time for the People to react, as possible.

The Senate is still Harry Reid’s crypto-Marxist Senate, and this committee’s chairman is John Kerry, so LOST may pop up for a vote like a rapist plunging from behind the bushes in the dark, within the next few days.

Recent and upcoming reports may be found at “” Gulag Bound will also continue to monitor: “”

For other sources, see in, “Obama Seeks Sovereignty Surrender Via LOST Treaty,” May 8, 2012; in U.S. News & World Report, “Kill the Law of the Sea Treaty,” May 10; and at Breitbart, Daily Caller, or American Thinker, “American Sovereignty: LOST at Sea?” by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison, May 14.

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Do you remember Connie Stevens?


Hey, those people in Arkansas are real smart!

You haven’t heard of John Wolfe because the obscure Democratic candidate for president has raised less than $500, can’t afford radio or TV ads and hasn’t gotten much press.

Yet miraculously, a poll released this week shows Wolfe trailing President Barack Obama in the Arkansas Democratic primary — occurring next week — by just seven points.

In an interview with The Daily Caller on Wednesday, Wolfe described his barebones campaign, saying he thinks the shocking poll numbers in Arkansas are the result of an anybody-but-Obama attitude. He’s optimistic he could pull of an upset.

“I think there’s a chance,” said Wolfe, who is the only person appearing on the Democratic ballot for president with Obama in Arkansas.

“I spent a lot of time in Little Rock,” he told TheDC. “It was very easy to do. Little Rock is a fun city to be in. You can park all day right in front of the Capitol for $2. You can eat a big lunch downstairs at the Capitol basement and visit with politicians for $5.”

Wolfe said he’s campaigned mostly by handing out fliers, which he emails to supporters who copy and distribute them. The fliers have his office and cell phone number on them.

“If people want to talk about issues, I’m right there,” said the lawyer from Chattanooga, Tenn.

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Yesterday President Obama gave what I call a “car salesman cup holder speech” to the all-female graduating class at Barnard College.

“You can be powerful and stylish, too” said Obama. “That’s what Michelle would say.”

Oh THANK HEAVENS. Whew! I don’t know about you, but ladies, I feel completely at ease after hearing that I can be both powerful and stylish. I’m grateful that in a commencement address to a women-only college the President didn’t condescend to his audience with a speech on fashion magazines and beauty.

“Until there are women who tell her ignore our pop culture obsession over beauty and fashion and focus instead on studying and inventing and competing and leading, she’ll think those are the only things that girls are supposed to care about.”

Yes, in the year 2012, please imagine that your female audience cares for economics, please tell them how difficult it’s going to be for them to find a job because one out of two college grads can’t find employment. Tell them how you planned to secretly double their student loan rates anyway after the election. Please tell them, Mr. President, that on your watch women are hardest hit, so the odds stack up immeasurable against them. Hide from them, for the sake of your own reelection chances, how the female sex has been hardest hit by the unemployment numbers, with 324,000 of my sisters dropping from the job poolentirely because the prospect of employment is hopeless.


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Ebony and ivory plead with America to ignore the “made up” dragon behind the curtain.

CLYBURN (D-SC): “Here we’re talking about something that makes absolutely no sense. If we didn’t have a debt ceiling, what would we be saying then? So this legislation doesn’t have any real meaning except that it is legislation that we’ve opposed on ourselves and should not even be there in the first place.”

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CNS News:

Funny, how a president whose campaign slogan is “Forward” can’t stop looking back.

Pres. George W. Bush endorsed Mitt Romney this week — and the Obama campaign pounced on the news to make an e-mail pitch for donations (emphasis added):

“There’s one question that Mitt Romney and his campaign can’t answer: How would your administration be different from George W. Bush’s? The silence on this question is deafening.”

“Earlier today, George W. Bush formally endorsed his natural successor: Mitt Romney,” the e-mail from says in its effort to cash in on the Bush endorsement:

“Welcome George W. Bush back to the campaign trail with a donation right now. A Republican Party spokesperson has described Romney’s economic plan as the same as Bush’s, ‘just updated.’”


Yet another liberal nut masquerading as a pastor! How come when a black pastor goes political, the left praises him? But let a white pastor go political and the left starts screaming about the church getting involved in government?

Beltway Confidential:

Emmett Burns, a black pastor and Democratic member of the Maryland state legislature who opposes President Obama’s gay marriage position, will vote for Obama anyway because he opposes Romney’s free market economic agenda.

“The free market is good for the top,” Burns told National Review, “but not for the middle.” Accordingly, he has decided to vote for President Obama, despite saying last week that he would not vote for him given the president’s support for gay marriage.

Obama has both praised and criticized the free market. “We believe the free market is one of the greatest force for progress in human history,” he said at a campaign rally this month. “But we also believe that at its best, the free market has never been a license to take whatever you want, however you can get it,” he added.


Another one here that begs the question: why does the left think it is okay for them to have secret meetings but if the right has a secret meeting, it is all wrong?

Free Beacon:

A senior White House official attended a secretive meeting with a cadre of left-wing organizations last week.

Jon Carson, a 2008 Obama organizer and current head of the White House’s Office of Public Engagement, reportedly attended a meeting with the Democracy Alliance, a collection of ultra-wealthy liberal donors formed in 2005.


Washington Times:

President Obama’s budget suffered a second embarrassing defeat Wednesday, when senators voted 99-0 to reject it.

Coupled with the House’s rejection in March, 414-0, that means Mr. Obama’s budget has failed to win a single vote in support this year.

Republicans forced the vote by offering the president’s plan on the Senate floor.

Democrats disputed that it was actually the president’s plan, arguing that the slim amendment didn’t actually match Mr. Obama’s budget document, which ran thousands of pages. But Republicans said they used all of the president’s numbers in the proposal, so it faithfully represented his plan.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, even challenged Democrats to point out any errors in the numbers and he would correct them — a challenge no Democrats took up.

“A stunning development for the president of the United States in his fourth year in office,” Mr. Sessions said of the unanimous opposition.


Another GOP governor cutting off the funding of abortions! And in Maine no less. Where Iowadawg grew up and where his dad still lives.


Maine Governor Paul LePage has delighted pro-life advocates today by initially pushing for and now signing a state budget into law that de-funds an abrotion business that also funds Planned Parenthood. The abortion business stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result.

LePage signed the budget that makes $80 million total in cuts to help reverse a state budget shortfall. He signed the budget hours after the Maine House and Senate gave their final approval to the bill. In final votes last night, the Senate passed the budget 19-14 and the House approved it 75-61.

The budget strips the Family Planning Council of Maine of hundreds of thousands of dollars. FPCM does abortions at two clinics it runs and funnels money to the Planned Parenthood abortion business — meaning it could lose some funding as well with FPCM operating as a pass-through entity.


Washington Secrets:

NBC biggie Tom Brokaw’s criticism of press schmoozing with the president and his team hasn’t put the kabosh on one of the most exclusive annual newsie-administration love-ins: Vice President Joe and Jill Biden’s Beach Boardwalk Bash.

Reporters who’ve received the invitation to the third annual shindig say it occurs Saturday June 9 from 1-3:30 p.m at their Naval Observatory home. The event in the past has been focused on kids and complete with clowns, plates of chicken nuggets, pizza, waterslides and super soaker guns.

Because of the cozy nature of the backyard event, it has been assailed by media critics who don’t believe that the press that covers the presidency should allow themselves to be entertained by the vice president. [...]

Liberal press watchdog Media Matters took a shot at the first Biden bash in 2010, blogging, “Why are events like this not a clear conflict of interest? Journalists being wined and dined by government officials they cover? D.C. at its best.”


The president just loves his taxpayer supported abortions!

The Hill:

The Obama campaign released a new Web video Tuesday highlighting President Obama’s record on women’s health issues. The video comes just a day after Obama gave the commencement address at the all-female Barnard College and taped an appearance for “The View.” The battle for female voters this year is fierce, and Democrats consistently harness healthcare issues to make their pitch.

The latest Web ad quotes Obama saying during the 2008 campaign that “change is a president who will stand up for choice.” It goes on to praise Obama for fighting Republican efforts to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood and for reversing the so-called “global gag rule,” which prevented organizations that benefit from U.S. foreign aid from discussing or performing abortions.


I for one would love to see Romney take this state by a landslide!

(WSJ) — In a potentially ominous sign for the Obama campaign, a new poll has declared Wisconsin a true tossup state, finding President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney locked in a 46%–46% tie among likely voters.

As the Obama team eyes potential paths to victory in November, all count on the president winning the reliably blue states of New England, the Midwest and the Upper Midwest, all of which went for Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. A loss of any of the bigger traditionally blue states — particularly Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin — would scramble the Obama math and make matters much easier for Mr. Romney, allowing him to lose in Virginia or Ohio without that automatically jeopardizing his chances.

Mr. Obama won Wisconsin handily in 2008, and has lead there by wide margins in most recent polls. But a new Marquette University Law School poll finds that Mr. Obama’s 4-point lead from April has vanished, despite other poll findings that has exactly half of the states’ voters feeling optimistic about Wisconsin’s future. Nearly 8 in 10 voters say the economy will improve or stay the same over the next year.


And as usual, a bunch of potty mouthed idiots! This is the occupy movement, all nasty! Pelosi loves them (she must really love to hear them cuss).

Marathon Pundit:
As you will see in my video, the marchers, many of whom were masked, were a bunch of foul-mouthed brats. “No justice no peace, f*ck the police,” was one chant, as was, “From Chicago to Greece, f*ck the police.” Another chant was “Cops, pigs, murderers.” The march began in an African American neighborhood and continued into the Asian, Hispanic, and white Canaryville and Bridgeport neighborhoods. These are working class areas — where the so-called 99 percent live.