Democrat leaders have NO morality of any kin

I’m not recalling any social trends in America that have ever been reversed in my lifetime, and I don’t see that happening here, either. There will be increasing political violence and increasingly harsh rhetoric. You can bet on it.

“Xenophobes,” “homophobes,” misogynists,“ “white supremacists,” “racists,” “bigots,” “uneducated,” “Nazis,” “fascists” — “deplorables!” — were just some of the accusations democrats were slinging at half the country during the last election — when they weren’t outright accusing people of working for the Kremlin.

As if half the country suddenly became all of those things. And what was, and still is, behind it is a democrat message of hate instilled by Hillary Clinton — possibly the most hate-filled candidate ever to run for president.

And when the most hate-filled candidate ever to run for president lost, democrat leaders immediately announced “resistance” — a word from war used to describe both people and their actions associated with KILLING an invading enemy.

That’s democrat leaders — LEADERS — calling for “resistance” as if democrats are the residents of France and the duly-elected Administration is an occupying Nazi regime.

And democrats and the jackass democrat media pretend they aren’t responsible for violence? LOL

It’s going to get a LOT worse. Democrat leaders have NO morality of any kind. Most can’t even open their mouths without spewing four letter words.

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