Earth Hour is with us again this Saturday night

Earth Hour is with us again this Saturday night, so you’ll want to start planning.

For your normal Earth Hour types, this is a simple procedure. Just turn all your lights off at 8.30pm and sit there thinking that you’re Jesus. But for those of us in the Hour of Power movement, a proper celebration requires substantial commitment.

Just follow my essential power party guide and you’ll be set.

First, it’s symbolically vital that you turn on every single light for the appointed hour. Sounds easy enough, but there is always a sneaky bulb out on the back porch or in the garage. Be vigilant. Don’t let even the smallest or least visible globe escape illumination.

Toddlers are especially useful for this. “Just preparing for Earth Hour,” a friend texted before 2009’s event. “Max is loving running through the house turning all our switches on. We think he’s really learning something important!”

If you know anybody in the local council or the film industry, lean on them for a one-night use of something massive for the backyard. These people have got lights that you wouldn’t believe. Point them at your pool and it’ll evaporate like a state Labor party.

Food is important. Put some thought into what you serve. According to as recent study, the basic prawn cocktail has an absolutely massive carbon footprint. Biologist J. Boone Kauffman found that, with transport and refrigeration factored in, just 100 prams of prawns shipped from a typical Asian farm represents a total carbon output of 198kg.

So you’ll be eating prawns, then. Plus pizza. The delivery kid won’t have any problems finding your house for once, what with it being lit up like a supernova.



This is neat.

How would the Earth look like if it had a ring system like Saturn? — 3ds Max animation.


Narrative Interrupted: George Zimmerman a Registered Democrat

Damn, the left loses another argument in this killing, that it was a republican tea party person who was racist and shot a black boy.


Too freaking funny and nsfw!


In a sane world we’d tell Pakistan to go pound sand, but we live in an Obama world.

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a bid to save the CIA’s drone campaign against al-Qaida in Pakistan, U.S. officials offered key concessions to Pakistan’s spy chief that included advance notice and limits on the types of targets. But the offers were flatly rejected, leaving U.S.-Pakistani relations strained as President Barack Obama prepares to meet Tuesday with Pakistan’s prime minister.

CIA Director David Petraeus, who met with Pakistan’s then-spy chief, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha at a meeting in London in January, offered to give Pakistan advance notice of future CIA drone strikes against targets on its territory in a bid to keep Pakistan from blocking the strikes — arguably one of the most potent U.S. tools against al-Qaida.

The CIA chief also offered to apply new limits on the types of targets hit, said a senior U.S. intelligence official briefed on the meetings. No longer would large groups of armed men rate near-automatic action, as they had in the past — one of the so-called “signature” strikes, where CIA targeters deemed certain groups and behavior as clearly indicative of militant activity.

Pasha said then what Pakistani officials and its parliament have repeated in recent days: that Pakistan will no longer brook independent U.S. action on its territory by CIA drones, two Pakistani officials said. All the officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive negotiations.

Pasha went further, saying Pakistan’s intelligence service would no longer carry out joint raids with U.S. counterterrorist teams inside its country, as it had in the past. Instead, Pakistan would demand that the U.S. hand over the intelligence, so its forces could pursue targets on their own in urban areas, or send the Pakistani army or jets to attack the targets in the tribal areas, explained a senior Pakistani official.


But the left says this is free speech! Thus they will not be arrested. But then, to the left, any hate speech and women called nasty names by any leftist is free speech, but not for the right!

(DFP) — Detroit’s financial review team, meeting Monday among disruptive residents, declared that the city is under a financial emergency, and no workable agreement between the city and state has been adopted. But it stopped short of recommending to Gov. Rick Snyder that an emergency manager should be appointed to supervise Detroit’s finances.

Under state law, Snyder would have to name an emergency manager within the next 10 days, but state and city officials say they are close to reaching an agreement that would avert such action.

But if the Detroit City Council approves recently ratified union contracts, it may be what pushes the city into the hands of a emergency manager. [...]

The chanting and outbursts continued throughout the two-hour meeting, as security staff struggled to gain order.

For many in attendance, the state’s threat to appoint an emergency manager stirs bitter memories of unfair wages and forced segregation.

“This is white-on-black crime,” community activist Minister Malik Shabazz said during public comment. “This is white supremacy. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it.”

Also outraged were labor unions that represent City of Detroit employees and that on Friday ratified three-year contracts with the city.

Representatives of some of the unions said Snyder is urging the City Council to oppose the ratified contracts because savings were watered down.

(other question is, is there enough left of this city to burn down?)



Begs the big question: Why is this asshole still in the USA?

(Boston Herald) — Onyango Obama — the president’s illegal alien half uncle — admitted to sufficient facts today in his drunken driving bust and his case is being continued without a finding for one year — but he must surrender his license.

Obama, 67, was ordered to give up his license for 45 days, effective today, a Framingham District Court judge ruled. He left court without speaking to the press.

Obama had been waging an aggressive legal battle against Framingham cops ever since he was pulled over Aug. 24 for driving erratically and blowing 0.14 on a Breathalyzer. But his attorney today said it was time to move on.

“After a thorough review, we felt it was in his interests to end the matter without any further proceedings. He’s glad to have this behind him,” said Obama’s attorney P. Scott Bratton.

The attorney added that Obama wants to “get on with his life” and to “get on with his normal quiet existence in society.”

As for Obama’s illegal alien status, his attorney added the deportation proceedings were due to his failure to “renew immigration paperwork.” Bratton said he expects that to be resolved, but he did not elaborate.


There is only one thing scarier for America’s future than all of the debt & bad policies Obama has built up since 2008

Letterman: Rachel Maddow “Probably the Smartest Person” in “All of Journalism”I thought he told a joke last night and laughed. But he was freaking serious! Oh well, he is a leftie people.

Global Warming Models Are Wrong Again

Texas Democratic Candidate Wants Obama Impeached  At some point, there will be quite a few democrats that having seen the truth, will be so anti-obama.


Whatever your problem is, I have the cure.


Daughter’s First Date

Doug asks, “I know you’re crazy about that little daughter of yours, Bill. What are you going to do when she starts to date?”

Bill says, “I figure I’ll take the first young man aside, put my arm around his shoulder and pull him close to me so that only he can hear.”

“Then I’ll say, ‘Do you see that sweet, little young lady? She’s my only daughter and I love her very much. If you were thinking about touching, kissing or being physically affectionate to her in any way, just remember, I don’t mind going back to prison.’”


BACKLASH: Explosive New York Post Cover Says The Trayvon Martin Shooting Is Being Exploited By ‘Race Hustlers’

Travyon Martin Suspended THREE times for drugs, truancy and graffiti and ‘caught carrying a burglary tool’

Sen. Ron Johnson says ‘last shred of freedom’ at stake in health law case

Spike Lee re-tweets wrong address of Trayvon Martin shooter, puts innocent woman in danger


We are now at the pinnacle of panic mode. I can remember in 2008 when gas price creep close to the $4.00/gallon mark. However, I don’t see the panic as seen in 2008. I am not sure if people are stupid or embarrassed to notice. I guess they are stubborn because they vote for Obama in 2008. Because Obama has denied the Keystone Pipeline XL to be built in America, we are prisoners from the cartel of the Saudis, Venezuelans, and Iranians. Obama has no intention to allow drilling for oil. Instead, he wants us to change our ways and buy electric cars, which no one wants.

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5 Uncomfortable Truths About Liberals

When one becomes a liberal, he or she pretends to advocate tolerance, equality and peace, but hilariously, they’re doing so for purely selfish reasons. It’s the human equivalent of a puppy dog’s face: an evolutionary tool designed to enhance survival, reproductive value and status. In short, liberalism is based on one central desire: to look cool in front of others in order to get love. Preaching tolerance makes you look cooler, than saying something like, “please lower my taxes”Greg Gutfeld

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When women were real women.