Ebonics now okay????

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Speaking of colleges, I fucking HATE HATE HATE that education classes are now saying to accept the use of ebonics/AAVE in classrooms. Of all places, CLASSROOMS?! Recess and lunch, whatever. But kids need to know the differences between where to speak correctly and where you can use slang. What’s the point of English courses if you’re going to let the kids shit on the language, anyway? Would you speak like that at a job interview or with clients in a professional setting? -Pissed off Ed Major

Hey! Yeah this is something I have talked about a few times on here. We have college students protesting and yelling racism over a teacher correcting a black student’s grammar and demanding faculty to be further trained in ‘cultural sensitivity.’ Really? Ebonics is just a cool way of saying slack-jawed, hillbilly drivel, it’s like when they figured out the world ‘melanin’ – it sounds intelligent and scientific so black activists latch onto it and own it. It’s all just badly broken English and it really has no place in higher education. The problem we have is that too many black people believe that talking properly, learning real subjects and using correct English is a ‘white thing’ and they shame and laugh at each other about… being educated. If groups like BLM actually encouraged the opposite, we would see more intelligent young blacks becoming employed, more going to university and taking real subjects, we would no longer have to rely on affirmative action gifting unprepared and unqualified blacks positions they aren’t ready for, we’d no longer have to be called racist for holding these black students to equal standards as any other race. Instead, we have a culture that frowns upon individualism and personal evolution and glorifies delinquency. Expecting and teaching proper diction should not be excluded from black students’ education. Pandering and apologizing to accusations of racism for teaching the basics of our language is absurd. We are all Americans. English is our language. Blacks segregating themselves from using the language properly as they don’t want to be ‘white’ is part of the reason the black communities are still lagging way behind everyone else, which they of course blame whites for.

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