Everyone had/has slaves

Why do people so vehemently insist that only white people kept slaves? The Japanese enslaved Koreans (especially potters). Indians still have people who are essentially slaves. Africans had/have slaves. Hell, Africans sold other Africans to the white people. There were slaves everywhere of all races. There were slave owners everywhere of all races. There are STILL slaves and owners of various races today. Why does none of this get mentioned? Why do people get so butthurt when it’s mentioned?

Exactly. Whites get pinned with slavery and told to feel guilty for it and pay reparations and whites are so evil while completely ignoring the fact that whites didn’t start the slave trade, they ended it, they gave up their lives to end it and they have spent trillions of dollars in reparations. Yet the child slavery, women’s slavery and slavery all throughout Asia, the Middle East, India and Africa is still happening, though we just turn a blind eye to that because it’s not America or Europe doing it. Think back to Egypt, China, Iran, India, the Muslim caliphate, Nubia, slavery was part of every civilization on the planet, slavery has always historically been part of the economic structure in every single country’s history, slavery in Africa was a colossal epidemic long before a few whites wanted to be part of it, every race have either owned slaves or have been enslaved, including whites, and whites have the shortest and smallest history of slavery of any other race on Earth yet they are the only ones who are told to feel guilty and hang their heads in shame. It’s all part of the anti-white, anti-America, anti-West trend today. The West has overcome a lot bigger threats than these dumb little hateful kids running around calling everything racist and everything white problematic.

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