Fatal knife attack at Hamburg supermarket

So this is the state of denial in the media today. In this article, the Daily Mail articulates what occurred. A machete-wielding Muslim man screaming Allah Akbar killed one person, wounding several others. But the Daily Mail says they don’t as yet know the motive for the attack. You have to be so politically correct as to be obtuse not to be able to draw obvious conclusions from what we know. This was a Muslim man, with a machete, in a public market, shouting Allah Akbar, while killing people he did not know. He was an Islamic terrorist. His motive was to kill as many people as he could while he was able to do so. I have never understood this hesitancy to state the obvious. When 49 gay men and women were murdered in Orlando, police said they were unsure of the motive. Really? Gays are subject to automatic murder in Islamic societies, in 11 Middle Eastern nations. This isn’t rocket science. Any person with critical thinking skills and a willingness to waive politically correct doublespeak can tell you exactly what the motive is. I am so tired of this.

Above was a comment on facebook to this story: Daily Mail

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