Feminist fathers

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So you’ve decided to ignore my advice about dating feminist men and you are okay with shitty, tamed, nervous sex where he has to ask for your consent before any time he touches you or kisses you. And you’ve decided you really like the whole no accountability and no consequences deal? Well now you must be wondering if perhaps your feminist boyfriend might make a pretty terrific feminist husband and feminist father to your children while you work 40 hours like a total badass. I’m all for baby makin so don’t let his feminist ways stop you from reproducing, but here are nine things to expect from a feminist father:

1. He will worry if you have a boy, he could be raising a future rapist

We all know that the only way to prevent rape is to teach these barbaric urges out of little boys before it’s too late. He will teach your son from the time he’s still shitting diapers that no one is entitled to sex and that he must see girls as human, not as a slab of meat. He will see your son as a possible perpetrator so he must have words scarred into his brain such as rape culture, gender-based violence, sexual assault, the male gaze and exploitation before he even learns the alphabet. Here’s an example of a feminist dad’s guide to teaching sons how not to grow up to be a rapist. If you mix hockey into the discussion, telling him not to rape people becomes so cool and relatable! My favorite part is when the son says, ‘Innocent until proven guilty, dad’ and the dad replies, ‘So you think she’s lying!?’

2. He will worry if you have a girl, she will be disadvantaged in our society

It isn’t so bad, the feminist dad will provide your infant daughter with every advantage it is possible to give her from birth, more food, better food, toys, more soothing, more coddling, more of everything to ameliorate the disadvantages she will soon face in an educational system, labor market and governance structure designed to oppress her. He will teach her to evaluate her environment carefully and find the sexist reasons that are to blame for her failures and she will be protected from ever thinking her own actions might have contributed to any negative outcomes. “There, there sweetie. That swing hit you in the face because of gravity, which is a patriarchal construct designed to hold you down.”

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