Festive Vintage Photos from New Year’s Eves Past

new years ball

In case you haven’t been planning your ensemble/resolutions for months now, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Whether you like to celebrate in the craziness that is Times Square, at a small gathering with friends, or with a loved one, a bottle of champagne and an old movie, we’re here to supply you with a little bit of party time inspiration.

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Yes, Fascism Has Come to America


Mark Levin recently wrote on his Facebook page: Is the Democrat Party becoming a fascist party?

I’m starting to think the Democrat Party should rename itself the Fascist Party.  Its love of an all powerful, centralized government, and contempt for independent, successful individuals, are traits of a fascist mentality.

Yes, of course, we are living through fascist times.

A political regime, usually totalitarian……ideologically based on centralized government……government control of business……repression of criticism or opposition……a leader cult……and exalting the state…above individual rights.

Sound familiar?

I no longer wonder how so many people who lived during Hitler’s evil reign of terror could have gone along with the unimaginable inhumanity of Naziism. I used to wonder about it. Not anymore.

I see horrifyingly evil “opinions” expressed by fellow Americans every day on Twitter, and in comment sections of  blogs. They don’t just disagree with conservatives – they want us to shut up, lose our jobs,  be financially ruined,  or to drop dead. They actually root for Republicans to die, and when they do die, the ghouls celebrate their deaths.  Not just one or two weirdos  – but huge packs of them.

Blogger, SaberPoint writes:

I do not recognize this leftist human scum as fellow citizens, but as traitors, agents of hostile foreign powers and ideologies.

And they are not kidding. Their hate is real and it’s encouraged and stoked by a Commander in Chief who’s M/O is to divide and conquer, and who never misses an opportunity to demonize his political opposition.



New Muslims Against Islamists interview: Raquel Evita Saraswati

The latest interview in my “Muslims Against Islamists” series is very eye-opening. It is with Raquel Evita Saraswati, a Muslim-American women’s right activist.

Here’s an excerpt:

Islamism – a theo-political ideology responsible for the subjugation of women, minorities and Muslim dissidents – does not recognize the value of the individual, and misogyny thrives wherever that is found. Malignant interpretations of religion are often to blame for these abuses, especially when questioning the “divine” is impermissible.

Where Islamism thrives, evil is deemed sacred, and challenging it is a punishable offense. Islamists have no interest in allowing Muslims to have a personal, dynamic relationship with our faith, because when we do, Islamists lose power. One of the methods by which they retain their power is to make women public enemy number one, and to treat their control of our bodies as a divine mandate.





2012 – The Mendacity of Hope

What a year 2012 was. A year with genuine hope for change…which never came. Well, there was change, but it was pretty much all for the worse. Still, we have every reason to believe that 2013 will make the previous year look like “the good old days.” And just so we don’t forget those fun times, here’s a look back at some of the precious moments we all shared here on Hope n’ Change Cartoons when we weren’t drinking.

So much more HERE.


Children face cruelties of the adult world

gun in book

©J. McHugh

This was the year of the war against children. I live not that far from Newtown, Connecticut, so the small-town scenery of our freshest butchery, executed by someone who was himself not much beyond childhood years, is my back yard: picket fences, intensively tended lawns, a plethora of churches and those schools with their locker-lined polished corridors and the smell of cafeteria pizza. Since Columbine we have wearily come to expect that when carnage erupts, it will do so in the habitat of American domesticity – a shopping mall, a movie theatre, a college and, over and over again, a school. If you live outside the US and do not belong to a nation where there are more guns than people, you may just shrug this off as a peculiarly American blight.



Political fear is universal, but its language is particular. Racism is one language of fear; risk assessment is another. There is little doubt, however, that security — whether national or domestic — is the most potent and pervasive language of all.

Security is the one good, political theorists like John Dunn and Bernard Williams agree, that the state must provide. It has the ability, like no other argument, to mobilize the resources and attention of the state and its citizens. It has arguably inspired — and, in the case of nuclear deterrence, certainly threatened — more devastation and destruction than any other ideology of the modern era.

It has also provided the single most effective and enduring justification for the suppression of rights. Why that is so — why security has furnished what appears to be the strongest reason for eliminating or otherwise limiting rights — is the question I’d like to address here.



Evolution: A Game of Chance

One of the toughest concepts to grasp about evolution is its lack of direction. Take the classic image of the evolution of man, from knuckle-walking ape to strong, smart hunter:

We view this as the natural progression of life. Truth is, there was no guarantee that some big brained primates in Africa would end up like we are now. It wasn’t inevitable that we grew taller, less hairy, and smarter than our relatives. And it certainly wasn’t guaranteed that single celled bacteria-like critters ended up joining forces into multicellular organisms, eventually leading to big brained primates!



Governor Palin Calls out President Obama’s Absurd Comparison to President Lincoln


Conservatives 4 Palin

On Monday, during a stop on his supposedly non-campaign bus tour of the Midwest, President Obama made an absurd claim regarding the treatment he received from his political opponents (emphasis added):

“When you listen to what the Federalists said about the Anti-Federalists, and the names that Jefferson called Hamilton and back and forth — I mean those guys were tough,” Obama said. “Lincoln — they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me. So democracy has never been for the faint of heart.”

Interestingly, Governor Palin had visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum as part of her “One Nation” bus tour  just the day before President Obama made this absurd claim, and she has tweeted the following response:

Obama:”Lincoln-they talked about him almost as bad as they talk about me” Mr. Pres- tour Lincoln Museum anti-Abe display;try repeating claim

Governor Palin was likely referencing an exhibit in the museum called “The Whispering Gallery”. The museum’s website describes this exhibit:

The Whispering Gallery is a twisted, nightmarish hallway where you will hear brutally unkind things said about Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln during their early months in Washington. On the walls are cruel caricatures and barbed political cartoons that attack the Lincolns.

The charges made by opponents and grotesque caricatures of President Lincoln drawn by political cartoonists during this politically heated time in our nation’s history, as displayed at this museum, would make the political rhetoric of today  pale in comparison. The museum curators and planners have made this section of the museum very dim, and the lighting eerily illuminates the reproduced newspaper headlines and cartoons coupled with chilling audio give  museum visitors a multi-sensory perspective of what President Lincoln faced.



Scientists Report Faster Warming in Antarctica

Those skeptical of the methodology used in this report, cite the “recalibration” method used. Here, though, is what the authors of the study state: They retrieved one of the sensors and recalibrated it at the University of Wisconsin. They discovered a software error that had introduced mistakes into the record and then used computerized analyses of the atmosphere to fill the gaps.

The reconstruction will most likely undergo intensive scientific scrutiny, which Dr. Bromwich said he would welcome. “We’ve tested everything we could think of,” he said.

Assuming the research holds up, it suggests that the 2009 paper, far from overestimating warming in West Antarctica, had probably underestimated it, especially in summer. and the full report is at link



SHOCK: New York Corner Stores Appear to be Facilitating Rampant Abuse of EBT Welfare Benefits

Doug Ross

But there’s nothing to cut!

Most people run to the corner bodega for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread, but some welfare recipients are plunking down $500 at a time in suspicious transactions… Welfare users are only allowed to use their Electronic Benefit Transfer cards to buy food, yet they are rung up like fat cats in tiny stores in The Bronx and Brooklyn where the priciest item is usually an $8 pound of ham.

Earlier this year, an owner and a cashier at Glenwood Food Corp. in Canarsie, Brooklyn, were arrested for ringing up bogus transactions… A federal sting found the bodega was recording phony purchases on EBT cards, handing customers about 70 percent of the amount in cash — and pocketing the rest. Goods were rarely exchanged in the scam, which defrauded taxpayers out of $985,000 in two years…

bodega ebt cards

Sheridan Mini Mart in Morrisania, The Bronx, rang up single sales of $543.40 and $473.50 on June 4, 2012, alone. That’s a lot of bread for a store where the most expensive item is an $11.99 jug of cooking oil… At Tremont’s Palenque Supermarket Corp., ETB where the priciest product is an $18.99 gallon of olive oil, transactions reached as high as $400 last year… Desi Grocery, a tiny East New York store now known as Anchor Grocery, racked up a $585 sale and several $400 sales through June 2012…