Five Reasons I’m not worried about Antifa

I was having a discussion with Jesse in DC about what could be the coming Civil War 2.0. Not the 2nd American Revolution because it’s our own government that’s out of control and our own citizens that seek to enslave or kill us. He stated concern over the fact that their side is so much better organized than ours. Recent experience with someone who turned an attempt to organize the Patriot community into building his own mini-kingdom and slush fund has taught me that we are pretty much a group of lone wolves not easily organized. Kind of like trying to herd kittens on crack. But when the occasion warrants, like when one of us is in trouble and needs help, the Patriots come on fast and furious. Nothing can stop us. Why? Well, President Trump touched on it in his address to the Polish people. We have a little something called “will to survive.” We have the strength of conviction to fight for what we believe is good and true, fight for our inalienable rights, fight for this amazing social and government experiment called  a Constitutional Republic. What does the other side have?

Well, money and organization. That’s at the top. Way, way, way at the top. At the tippy top far above the blood and smoke of the battlefield. They are the politicians, the rich socialists (ever wonder how a socialist got rich?), the professors, the “elite.” They have no intention of getting their hands dirty, that’s why they have all those kids they’ve been grooming for the last few generations. Their soldiers in the field, their Antifa Warriors.

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