Forget Cheese, go for Hot dog stuffed-crust pizza

Yup, that’s a frank in the crust. The ultimate comfort food or just too much?

Hot-dog-stuffed pizza crusts are a thing now, and society is going to have to shoulder some of the blame for this one. We laughed at the Taco Bell Dorito taco shell; we maybe even tried the KFC Double Down. Should there have been an intervention the first time someone fried a Mars bar?

This pizza is real; it’s right there on the bottom of Pizza Hut U.K.’s delivery menu. And it isn’t a pizza crust with hot dog seasoning, or with diced hot dogs mixed in. It’s a regular pizza with a giant hot dog threaded through the crust like elastic through the waistband of society’s pants.

“What the hell, America? I thought we were the land of junk food?” a betrayed Gizmodo cries, but the poor U.S. was always going to finish second in that race. There’s no competing with anybody who can invent the chip butty: a buttered hamburger bun stuffed with cold French fries, dressed in ketchup, and dubbed the King of all Sandwiches.

“Succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust, with a FREE Mustard Drizzle,” the display copy boasts. The specialty crust is only available on a 14-inch pizza, because nobody has ever said, “Oh, I’m not that hungry, I’ll just have a small. But also stuff it with a yard-long hot dog.” But hey, free mustard drizzle!

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The United States is different today than before the recession, facing new economic and social challenges. To succeed in these trying times, Americans need effective local, state, and national leaders – something in increasingly short supply. There are many leadership qualities, but in our current circumstance, one of the most important is the ability to lead in an austere environment. There is only so much money and resources to go around, and difficult times mean difficult choices. With these realities, an effective leader must embody that wisdom so eloquently stated by Mick Jagger, “you can’t always get what you want.” It’s the guidance parents have to give to their children when they want something in the toy aisle.  It’s also the same guidance that families deal with in terms of their own budgets in these pretty lean times.

It’s also undoubtedly the circumstance that many governors have encountered in trying to manage their respective states.  All is not lost, though. There are leaders around the country working to put their state and local communities back on the path to prosperity. One of those places is Wisconsin.  After the economy plummeted, the state found its budget short of $3.6 billion dollars, with the state coming up short on Medicaid; payments to other states; as well as funds to support essential state services such as public defenders, the department of corrections, etc.  In the past, state leaders would often raid various funds in an attempt to balance an out-of-control budget. Unlike the federal government, which can run up a deficit, the overwhelming majority of states are required by law to have a balanced budget.

Wisconsin is one of those states and when Scott Walker took over as the state’s chief executive in January 2011, he had to make some difficult choices and fast. Gov. Walker wasted no time taking action. He immediately passed Wisconsin Act 10 (commonly called the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill), a powerful piece of legislation whose section limiting collective bargaining rights for public employees drew national attention and became a proxy battle in the wider fight on the appropriate levels of public sector spending. Act 10 drew the ire of unions nationwide because it gave public employees the choice to decide whether they wanted to be part of a union, making it illegal for unions to forcibly take dues from government payrolls. In so doing, the legislation freed up school districts and others to make hiring and firing decisions based on merit alone. Walker made clear his view that collective bargaining is not a right but a costly entitlement that has no place in austere Wisconsin’s public service. In restricting collective bargaining rights, Walker took a firm stand limiting union power, a step some have likened to President Reagan’s stand against the air traffic controllers union in 1981. That he took a stand on this and other contentious points for the sake of the state economy is noteworthy; that he did so and is now faced with a likely recall election in June is where we can find the real measure of his leadership.



Yes, you click on the scrolling words. Neat way really to advertise your blog or business.


VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – One of the two pilots of the Navy F-18 jet that crashed into a Virginia apartment building on Friday appeared on MSNBC’sPolitics Nation with host Al Sharpton. The pilots were able to eject from the aircraft before it crashed into the apartment complex, engulfing several buildings in flames. During his interview the pilot expressed heartfelt remorse about the crash. Following is a transcript of the show.

AL SHARPTON: I appreciate you have accepted our gracious inquest in your time of great need.


AL SHARPTON: Now, I must tell my audience that you have asked me to call you Bart-a ?

BARTHOLOMEW: Bartholomew

AL SHARPTON: Can you clarify for my audience why you’re not using your real name? Is this not America?

BARTHOLOMEW: I agreed to the interview on the condition that my identity remain anonymous.

AL SHARPTON: What does being an Adonis have to do with crashing your plane into an innocent apartment building?


AL SHARPTON: Mr. Bartha?

BARTHOLOMEW: Bartholomew

AL SHARPTON: How ’bout I just call you Bert?


AL SHARPTON: Now, Bert, I want you to be honest because you’re on live TV and I want to ask you, were you texting on your cellphone when you crashed the plane?

BARTHOLOMEW: No, of course not.

AL SHARPTON: No defense, but when Al Sharpton investigates a story the hard questions are gonna be heard.

BARTHOLOMEW: I understand. No uh, defense taken.




This is very smart.

Looking to get a handle on the foreclosure crisis, the loan modification fiasco, and the robo-signing scandal? We put it all in a music video.



As the queen moochie said to all, let them eat freaking cake for all I care! I will dine off silver platters from rich liberal assholes who know how to feed me and my hubby!

(CBS Detroit) — President Barack Obama is coming to the Motor City for a $1 million pizza party being thrown for him compliments of Denise Ilitch, daughter of Little Caesars’ founders Mike and Marian Ilitch. Ilitch is opening her home April 18 for the fundraiser where movers and shakers are being asked to pony up thousands to add to his re-election coffer while getting a chance to rub shoulders with the most powerful man on the planet. “I’m honored to have been asked,” by the Obama campaign to host,” Ilitch said of the event she and husband, Jim Scalici, will hold at their Metro Detroit home. She made the comments on “Michigan Matters” when asked about media reports.

When asked what she planned to serve, she said: “Pizza! But, we’ll be serving it on sterling silver plates!”

The price of admission isn’t for those on a budget. $40,000 buys access to the cocktail reception, formal photo with Obama and dinner. $10,000 buys dinner and a photo.

The event is the latest twist in the political relationship between Obama and Ilitch, eldest of the Ilitch’s seven children. Mike and Marian also own the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Fox Theatre, Motor City Casino and more. The family is among the wealthiest and most influential in Michigan with an empire worth billions.


Report: Obama Cabinet Members Violating Hatch Act  Somehow though, I doubt that Holder and the DOJ will investigate and bring these idiots to trial! But pity the poor ass postmaster who may violate the Hatch Act! Yes, I know what happens when a postmaster violates the act!

Glenn Beck Builds Oval Office GBTV Set For Weekly Speech Series (PHOTOS)

Is Obama ‘dangerously close to totalitarianism’?


Damn nice car!


Sorry Charlie, your tuna boat left you.

Via The Hill:

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Monday rejected Republican arguments that Democrats are encouraging class warfare by pushing for higher taxes against the wealthy, a goal they are expected to pursue in the Senate next week.

“There’s no class warfare involved,” Schumer said on CBS Monday morning. “It’s a question simply of fairness.”

The Senate is expected to take up the so-called “Buffett Rule” bill next Monday when it’s back from the Easter recess. Under the Paying a Fair Share Act, S. 2230, all annual income earned above $1 million per year would be taxed at a minimum of 30 percent. The bill is a reaction to billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s claim that he pays a lower percentage of his income in taxes than his secretary.

“This bill is a question of fairness, making people believe in the code, and it brings in some revenues, no question about it,” Schumer said Monday.


Now here is a factoid. Obama bests fellow liberal nut Carter in another contest.

Washington Whispers:

Marking the similarities between President Barack Obama’s time in office and former president Jimmy Carter’s is nothing new. But as of Monday, Obama has hit one more Carter benchmark — both saw gas prices double in their first term of office.

In fact, while just barely, Obama has seen an even higher gas price increase than Carter dealt with under his administration.

Under the Carter administration, gas prices increased by 103.77 percent. Gas prices since Obama took office have risen by 103.79 percent. No other presidents in recent years have struggled as much with soaring oil prices. Under the Reagan administration, gas prices actually dropped 66 percent. When Bill Clinton was president, gas prices grew by roughly 30 percent, and under both Bush presidencies, gas prices rose by 20 percent.


Another member of the occupy movement that Obama and his regime love. Wonder if they will spin this different than the real truth?

(IFA) — Zot L. Szurgot allegedly walked out of her house naked, turned to five of her neighbors and started wagging her penis.

Szurgot, a 52-year-old transgender man who identifies as both a man and a woman, was arrested Wednesday by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office for indecent exposure and lewd behavior.

Of the five people who saw Szurgot’s sexual equipment, one was a 10-year-old boy. Another was his 4-year-old sister.

Szurgot stood about 100 feet from her neighbors, an arrest report states, completely nude.

The boy told officers “the man was naked and shook his wee-wee at me.”

The children’s mother said she wanted to press charges, as did another adult who said he saw more of Szurgot than he preferred, according to police.

On her Facebook page, Szurgot cites Occupy Gainesville as her employer.

She has been quoted in multiple Alligator articles about the movement.


What the Fork?


Wow!!! 15 jobs and it only cost us taxpayers $5 million! Give me that much and I can create more damn jobs!

Washington Examiner:

President Obama’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) committed $5 million today to the construction of a “biogas anaerobic digester” that will use cow manure to heat an ethanol plant and create 15 permanent jobs.

Western Plains Energy, LLC, a Kansas company, will use the money to “utilize waste energy resources from a local cattle feedlot to replace almost 90 percent of the fossil fuels currently used” at the plant.

“Animal waste from a local feedlot will be the primary feedstock that Western Plains will use for the digester,” USDA added. “Support for renewable energy projects such as these is an example of the many ways USDA is helping revitalize rural economies.”


Fucking assholes we have running our government!


Don’t you just love the Limousin Liberals who can afford to pretend to be “Green” and how they love to make working people foot the bill for their phantom thoughts. I really think it’s about time to re-introduce segregation, liberals can have the north east and left coast, normal people can have the rest of the country.