Former TSA Chief: Allow Weapons on Planes

Update on the storms going through our area.

First, our little town down in the southeast part of Madison county dodged the worst of the storms coming this way.

The really bad weather, tornadoes and high winds, went just south of us, tearing through Osceola. Or went just north of us toward Indianola.

Now south and west of us is Creston. They got hit hard with possible tornadoes, electricity cut off, and more. And to add to the misery, our grandson went down there when we got home from Des Moines late this afternoon. His girlfriend goes to college down in Creston. Well, don’t know the full particulars yet of what happened, but it seems he and his girlfriend are in the gym down in Creston, maybe for the night. But the car he was driving, is totalled out. I am sure we will find out more of exactly what happened when his mom and dad find out more and let us know. But at least he is safe and not harmed.

UPDATE: Okay, wife just found out what happened. Our grandson was in the dorm with his girlfriend when the wind just took out all the windows! They had got out of the way of the windows in her room and headed down to the gym. Now the car? The wind either did it on it’s own or sent something into the read window. But he said that the entire back window was gone and all the inside of the car was in one big mess. Parents will go tomorrow and see how bad the car is.

We did get a lot of rain real fast. And some high winds for a bit. With plenty of lightning and thunder. But at present, no rain and the wind is just barely a breeze. The ditch in front of the house got about half way up in water rushing down it, so not as much rain as it looks. Now again, first time in about 2 years, we did have some water start to come in our kitchen under the kitchen door, actually the door threshold. But I and my wife caught it in time and got some towels jammed up underneath (did not know that somehow when they redid the concrete walkway and the one section in front of the door that it must of put that threshold at an angle and there is a nice gap now) and between the door and the storm door. Guess I will have to find something or someway to seal it off. Right now, no water rushing past the door (long story where all this water comes from that can absolutely cover the walkway and the side of the building, but suffice to say it flows from the fields across the street).

Right now, do have the tv on a local station just in case there is breaking news on a new storm coming our way. Plus I have the weather channel radar for our area up.

My wife and I are happy that we did not have to deal with hail, high winds, too much rain, and tornadoes.


Instead of just a little of this, I went ahead and posted the entire article. I got it from HERE. Do go to that site and read everything. It is the thing to do since I am posting the entire article here.

In a Wall Street Journal op/ed today, Kip Hawley, former head of the Transportation Security Administration from 2005-2009, has some radical suggestions for how to increase airport safety — and they’re in direct opposition to everything we do now.

He argues that the TSA needs to embrace two basic principles before it can make any significant improvements in both travel security and convenience.

First, the TSA’s mission is to prevent a catastrophic attack on the transportation system, not to ensure that every single passenger can avoid harm while traveling. Much of the friction in the system today results from rules that are direct responses to how we were attacked on 9/11. But it’s simply no longer the case that killing a few people on board a plane could lead to a hijacking. Never again will a terrorist be able to breach the cockpit simply with a box cutter or a knife. The cockpit doors have been reinforced, and passengers, flight crews and air marshals would intervene.

Second, the TSA’s job is to manage risk, not to enforce regulations. Terrorists are adaptive, and we need to be adaptive, too. Regulations are always playing catch-up, because terrorists design their plots around the loopholes.

In short, the TSA has become so rules-bound that its agents are incapable of seeing the forest for the trees. For example, one common test for new agents is to place bomb materials close to a lighter in a bag. Most often, the agents see the lighter, but ignore the bomb materials — and that’s not exactly a reassuring conclusion.

The agency is known for being a bureaucratic tangle, and he acknowledges that one of its biggest struggles is finding an ally in passengers. The antagonistic relationship between the TSA and travelers isn’t exactly conducive to security. Passengers don’t feel safer knowing that the agency tasked with weeding out terrorists is mostly in the headlines for patting down toddlers or grandmothers.

In order to streamline the security process, reduce the possibility of a future attack, and keep customers happier, Hawley offers five unconventional suggestions for improvement:

1. No more banned items: Aside from obvious weapons capable of fast, multiple killings—such as guns, toxins and explosive devices—it is time to end the TSA’s use of well-trained security officers as kindergarten teachers to millions of passengers a day. The list of banned items has created an “Easter-egg hunt” mentality at the TSA. Worse, banning certain items gives terrorists a complete list of what not to use in their next attack. Lighters are banned? The next attack will use an electric trigger.

2. Allow all liquids: Simple checkpoint signage, a small software update and some traffic management are all that stand between you and bringing all your liquids on every U.S. flight. Really.

3. Give TSA officers more flexibility and rewards for initiative, and hold them accountable: No security agency on earth has the experience and pattern-recognition skills of TSA officers. We need to leverage that ability. TSA officers should have more discretion to interact with passengers and to work in looser teams throughout airports. And TSA’s leaders must be prepared to support initiative even when officers make mistakes. Currently, independence on the ground is more likely to lead to discipline than reward.

4. Eliminate baggage fees: Much of the pain at TSA checkpoints these days can be attributed to passengers overstuffing their carry-on luggage to avoid baggage fees. The airlines had their reasons for implementing these fees, but the result has been a checkpoint nightmare. Airlines might increase ticket prices slightly to compensate for the lost revenue, but the main impact would be that checkpoint screening for everybody will be faster and safer.

5. Randomize security: Predictability is deadly. Banned-item lists, rigid protocols—if terrorists know what to expect at the airport, they have a greater chance of evading our system.

Gotta say, I might feel safer on a plane knowing a fellow, non-terrorist passenger was equipped to take down anyone with malicious intentions. It does seem highly unlikely that we’ll ever adopt these measures, though — especially with the increase in gun- and knife-unfriendly politicians out there. Would planes really be safer if they were more free? Or is our current restrictive system the best way to prevent a future attack?

Again, please go to the site HERE.




Sweden Moves to Abolish Gender

If you’ve wondered just what the hell liberals are trying to turn the human race into, Sweden may be the place to find out:

In 2010, the World Economic Forum designated Sweden as the most gender-equal country in the world.

But for many Swedes, gender equality is not enough. Many are pushing for the Nordic nation to be not simply gender-equal but gender-neutral. The idea is that the government and society should tolerate no distinctions at all between the sexes.

To achieve this bizarre and unnatural objective, Swedes are pushing social engineering to extremes that range from silly to horrifying. A few examples:

The idea is that names should not be at all tied to gender, so it would be acceptable for parents to, say, name a girl Jack or a boy Lisa. A Swedish children’s clothes company has removed the “boys” and “girls” sections in its stores, and the idea of dressing children in a gender-neutral manner has been widely discussed on parenting blogs. This Swedish toy catalog recently decided to switch things around, showing a boy in a Spider-Man costume pushing a pink pram, while a girl in denim rides a yellow tractor.



Yes, a horrible anti-Romney, but so damn funny!


And this is another reason our health care is expensive!

I’m about up to here with the sue-er people.  You know those people, right? The “I slipped on a grape and now I’m going to own all your stuff” kind of people? Those people are not my favorite.  They’re responsible for taking this whole bad situation with #4 and making it about 11 times harder than it ever needed to be.  Because of them, the medical people are all afraid of being sued.

Like yesterday.  Oh my goodness.  Yesterday………..

Hang on while I back the ADD train up and get you up to speed.

#4 has JRA (for those of you who are new.   Hi, new people!).  She’s 7 and has been on methotrexate (a chemotherapy drug) for a month now.  With no results.  Zip.  Nada.  Bupkiss.  In fact she’s gotten worse.  (Both knees, two toes, an ankle and a foot) Monday, we made the hour long trek down to Scottish Rite hospital to meet with her rheumatologist.  (I’m going to start calling her Dr. Rheumy.)  Dr Rheumy prescribed an immuno-suppressant to add to the chemo to try and stop the destruction of her joints.  (It’s a lot to take in.  Stop when you need to……ready to keep going?  Good.) The only hitch in our giddy-up was that if she happened to have Tuberculosis, it would be really ugly, so they tested her.

Have you ever had a TB test before? I hadn’t.  It’s a shot.  Another one.  They put the gunk under the skin on your arm and then wait 48 hours to see what it does.  If you get an injection site bruise, you’re healthy.  If is gets red, swollen, and lumpy… need to see a doctor.  So they placed it at the hospital and said that her pediatrician could read it, or a nurse, or a PA, or just about any medical person with extra letters after their name.  They sign the paper; we fax it in; she starts the new medication.  Easy Peasy.

They lied.  Because, you see, they’d forgotten about the sue-er people.  (You knew I’d get to them eventually.)

I called our family doctor on Wed just before lunch to see if we could pop in to have him take a look and sign the paper.  (It’s the one benefit of having a sick kid. The doctor becomes a friend.  He even lets me call him Travis, which is kinda weird because his name is Steve.)



I would duck into my shirt if she looked like she was going to kill me!


This is funny as hell. Or not really. I did check about 6 different sites and it is true. Do go to the link and check it out.

Yes, Obama follows sideboob!

Via BuzzFeed


2006: Janet Napolitano Signed “Stand Your Ground” Law for Arizona

Remarks by President Obama at CEO Summit of the Americas

The line runs rather directly from Sarah Palin hatred to Ann Romney hatred


One of the funniest comedians of all time. George Carlin.


That’s our president — always representing his selfish interests at the expense of America’s best interests. And what the fuck is he saying shit like this down in South America for all those other leaders to hear and wonder? What an asshole!

CARTAGENA, Colombia — President Obama, on a three-day trip to South America, attacked GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney’s stance on immigration reform today, saying his support for Arizona’s tough immigration law is “very troublesome.”

“We now have a Republican nominee who said that the Arizona laws are a model for the country. . . and these are laws that potentially would allow someone to be stopped and picked up and asked where their citizenship papers are based on an assumption,” Obama told Univision during an interview in Cartagena, where the president is attending the Summit of the Americas.

The three-day trip gives the president an opportunity to showcase his interest in the region and court Latino voters back home, whose support will be crucial in the upcoming election. Obama won a majority of the Latino vote in 2008 and his campaign is hoping for similar results come November.

If reelected, Obama vowed to tackle immigration reform.

“I can promise that I will try to do it in the first year of my second term. I want to try this year,” Obama told Univision.

During his 2008 campaign, then-candidate Obama promised to produce an immigration reform bill within a year of taking office. The problem now, the president told Univision, is resistance from Republicans.

“The challenge we’ve got on immigration reform is very simple. I’ve got a majority of Democrats who are prepared to vote for it, and I’ve got no Republicans who are prepared to vote for it,” he said.

“What we need is a change either of Congress or we need Republicans to change their mind, and I think this has to be an important debate during — throughout the country,” he said.


Two airlines cancel flights to Israel for pro-Palestinian troublemakers, others who arrive will not be dealt with kid gloves…

You have got to read the above story completely. Israel’s letter they will give those who arrive in Israel is hilarious!

Plus of course, do read the entire blog, because face it, those islamics are out to kill us!

The Bare Naked Islam


The Devil Within. Yes, I liked this one.