Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein

Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein continues to milk his fame from being one of the reporters on the Watergate scandal that ran Richard Nixon out of office. Now a cranky old man, the 73-year-old has a regular gig at CNN where he can pretend that the ongoing witch hunt against President Donald Trump is the equivalent of Watergate. By doing so, it is a way for Bernstein to sip from the fountain of youth but more often, he just looks like a pathetic codger who is desperately trying to relive the glory days.

His latest scoop? Those Americans who don’t take the word of CNN fake news weasels as if it were spoken from the mouth of God himself are living in an alternate reality and it’s all the fault of Fox News. Oh, and the country is already in the midst of what he calls a “cold civil war”, a point that may be at least somewhat accurate but that war has been initiated by CNN and the left who are unable to process losing an election.

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One Response to Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein

  1. Deplorable B Woodman says:

    As has been pointed out elsewhere, where has Bernstein been for the past 30-40 years?
    There have been SO many equally, if not more, egregious political scandals that would have been easy pickings and reporting. But NOOOOOOOO…….they would have been against “fellow traveler” DildoCrat Libtards, and one does NOT squeal against ones “brothers and sisters”.
    But conservative Republicans (as opposed to GOPe RINOs) are fair game. For any reason. Or NO reason.

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