Free Speech Zones to Go Away

For you guys who haven’t heard, Tennessee passed a bill that completely dismantles the rabid hijackers who have overtaken our campuses. It bans universities from creating the designated ‘free speech zones’ which have become popular in campuses all across the country to shut down students who speak outside of the free speech circle…

It has banned universities from disinviting or stopping conservative speakers from campus. It bans groups such as the ISIS-cosplaying Antifa and BLM from shutting down these events. It bans punishing conservative professors simply for being conservative and here’s my favorite part: It enforces ‘harassment’ to be defined by its actual legal definition after acknowledging that the current low standards of defining harassment are routinely used by administrators to prohibit speech that causes “emotional discomfort” to some students.

A few more states are in the process of voting in this bill or at least a version of it. As Christina Hoff Sommers encouraged us a while ago: “Today’s campus manias aren’t going to last. Sooner or later the age old virtues of higher education will reassert themselves and bring back free speech, intellectual diversity, open inquiry, vigorous competition of ideas and mutual respect. If you are a strong, independent thinker, you can play a part in this intellectual renaissance.” 🙂


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