Fuck You And Die

An Oral History of Something Awful

Current internet culture is rooted in the SomethingAwful.com forums. These are the people who made it what it was.

I sometimes suspect that we’re seeing something in the Internet as significant as the birth of cities. It’s something that profound and with that sort of infinite possibilities. It’s really something new; it’s a new kind of civilization.

— William Gibson, 1995

who the fuck is scraeming “LOG OFF” at my house. show yourself, coward. i will never log off

@dril, 2012


I. Early Days

1999 was a bad time to be in the website business. The dot-com bust was hurtling toward the internet with the speed and certitude of the Chicxulub asteroid. Five trillion dollars were about to evaporate, caught in a constellation of collapsing venture capital-backed stars like Pets.com—Amazon if Amazon only sold cat food—and Broadcast.com, which was just radio on the internet. It was, therefore, a good time to be a cynic. “The internet makes you stupid” has been the motto of SomethingAwful.com since Richard Kyanka, 40, registered the domain in 1999.

At first, Something Awful was what we would think of as a blog, though that term wouldn’t enter common parlance for a while, yet. It was a goulash of parodies of Silicon Valley groupthink and internet dumpster diving. What set Kyanka’s site apart was its cynicism—about everything, but particularly about the role the internet would play in a changing society. He was, from the start, a prophet of doom.

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