Gerrymandering Argument

The constitution doesn’t allow the fed gov to meddle in how states hold their election. Funny how gerrymandering is an issue but million of illegal aliens voting is not a problem.

I hear and see this gerrymandering argument in most states that were once majority Democrat State controlled and with Democrat Congressional reps. Democrats had no problems when they were winning under the gerrymandered districts that they established but when they lost control under the same system, suddenly it’s not fair or correct or even constitutional.

Under the Democrat controlled gerrymandered districts, the Repubs have gained and now control 68% of all State Houses and just about as many Governorships . There is now a majority of Repubs in both houses of Congress and the presidency.

Political majority and control by the Repubs has come about under a system designed by and for Democrats……go figure.

I am not convinced that it would damage the Republicans because if you look at the Democratic platform/agenda and vision for the future of the nation than you know why they were resoundingly rejected in 2016 and will be in 2018, 2020, and beyond.

An agenda/vision which includes the following……

• Amnesty/Citizenship for all illegal aliens (economic migrants) in the nation regardless of the financial cost and danger they pose to our citizens.

• As many as possible so called “refugees” (economic migrants) from 3rd world nations that promote/sponsor terrorism regardless of the financial cost and danger they pose to our citizens.

• Open borders.

• Higher taxes/more cuts to taxpayer funded benefits/services for Americans to pay for the protection, support, & care of the illegals in the sanctuary cities/states they have created, including pedophiles, rapists, murderers, gang members, drug dealers, etc..

• Cheap labor for the very rich that they publicly assail on an almost daily basis via Amnesty, refugees, open borders, H-1B, H-2B visas. (Ask yourselves why Wall Street & big business gives more to Democrats than Republicans.)

• The destruction of organized religion.

• Forcing the American people to accept men in womens restrooms, locker rooms, showers, dressing rooms, etc.

• The devastation/destruction of the lives of those who believe in the sanctity of religion/faith by forcing them to participate in gay weddings regardless of the impact on their souls.

• Disarming the American people as they flood the country with criminals from 3rd world nations who would prey on them.

• The denial of the 1st Amendment right to free speech for those who disagree with their agenda/platform & vision for the future of the country.

• Spending the country into oblivion/bankruptcy by increasing the welfare state & adding more taxpayer funded programs like Obamaphones & free internet, an idea offered up by Chuck Schumer recently in lieu of a wall on the Southern Border. (Ask yourselves why Obama removed all work requirements for those on welfare/food stamps & now there is a battle in states trying to reinstitute education/20 hour a week work requirements.)

• Two sets of laws, one for them & one for the rest of us evidenced by the fact that they ignored the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton & her inner circle for which there exists a mountain of evidence while seeking to impeach Trump sans one shred of evidence of any crimes committed.

Let’s not forget that they ignored the voices of their base/constituents by choosing a nominee for them thus denying them the right to participate in the democratic process of choosing their own nominee/future leaders. (millions were donated to Bernie Sanders & millions were spent in man hours attending his rallies, campaigning, & going door to door because people were led to believe by their party’s leaders that Bernie had a chance thus the lawsuit filed against the DNC by Bernie’s donors.) They deliberately ignored their own charter with regard to impartiality/neutrality.

One question for Democrats and their supporters……….

If you are truly the party of the poor, middle class, & “America’s working families” then why do you demand Amnesty/citizenship for millions of illegal aliens, seek to increase the number of immigrants from 3rd world countries including those who promote/sponsor terrorism (evidenced by their attacks in Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Great Britain, Sweden, etc.), & open borders thus simultaneously serving as the instrument of destruction of the very poor, middle class & “America’s working families” you claim to represent/champion?

Democrats only remaining path to power is through the destruction of our sovereignty via the legalization of millions of illegals/“refugees” which explains why they fight so hard for drivers licenses/voting rights for them, oppose voter ID laws, & investigations into voter fraud.

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