Got us a recliner

This morning my wife and I went up the street to the church thrift store. Me to donate books I bought from them a couple of weeks ago, plus other assorted stuff my wife said she no longer needed. Then to see if they had books I had yet to read (hey, at 75 cents per book, any book, any shape, hard of soft cover, it it only beat by the library that I rarely go to). Wife went with me to check out whatever she wanted to.

After dropping the donations off at the back, I go up to the front door and start to the back where they have furniture and of course the books. And there is my wife, looking at this recliner chair (something I wanted to have in my room). So I check it out along with her from top to bottom to sides and back. Chair is perfect, a nice beige like or tan like color. Then I plug it in to see if the automated back and forth and up and down all work. They did.

Wife says, look, this is like brand new and they only want 80 bucks? Another lady walks by and stops and looks at it and says, a steal at that price! So bought it, along with 4 books.

Then about 2pm, myself and my brother-in-law go to pick it up (he has a pickup truck). Get home and then two old geezers, one swearing he will have a heart attack and the other saying he will be down for a week with his back out of whack, and my wife, get it finally into this room and set it up.

All is good for me now!

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