Happy Ishtar(I mean Easter)

I think it is time to uncover the true meaning behind Easter and what we are all worshiping and what the early Christians absorbed into the dogma and ceremony. Please have patience while I illustrate and connect the dots.All of this can be verified.  …. Let’s begin….

It can be disappointing to come to the realization that your religion is based on myth….an amalgamation of much earlier deities and doctrines. Even more disappointing is that religions condone killing in the name of [add your god here] to eradicate non believers. Yes Christians, your faith is not immune from committing murder in the name of God. The history is there and history has a way of repeating itself. It’s just that at this time in history Christians are on defense against Muslims and their apologists, the Liberals. There will come another time in the future that you will trade places and go on the offensive and and the pendulum will be in your court, you will be the the ones forcing your dogmas on non believers.

Now go and learn something that your local priest, pastor or rabbi never told you about Easter HERE

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