Herr Obama and his Czars Rule Us

Michelle Obama’s Mirror  Do read this great post (where I grabbed the above).


Can you find the irony in this?

(Telegraph) — Table tennis table given to US President Barack Obama by visiting Prime Minister David Cameron was ‘designed and branded’ in the UK, but manufactured in China.

It was a gift that David Cameron chose to represent the best of Britain on his recent visit to meet Barack Obama in Washington.

But far from showcasing the wealth of talent in UK manufacturing, the £600 Dunlop tennis table presented to the US President was reportedly made abroad.

Downing Street had insisted that the “truly British” product was a fitting gift in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics.

However, it has been found that although the ping pong table was “designed and branded” in the UK, it was actually manufactured in China.

In presenting the gift to the Obamas, a spokesman for Number 10 said: “Founded in 1886, Dunlop is a truly British company which operates in over 70 countries.


Think about time.

What if you got up 5 minutes earlier?

What if this woman had got up 5 minutes earlier?

Or the driver had stopped and got some coffee?

A lot can happen in just a few minutes.

Just something that tells us that anything can happen to anyone at any given time.

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The United Nations again trying to tell a country what to do regardless of that country’s constituion (something that Obama and his regime should take into account).


Editor’s note. This analysis was provided by the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI)

The Irish government again rejected pressure from the United Nations to legalize abortion and informed the human rights body that Ireland will not legalize abortion as recommended by six member States: Spain, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia. The hearing was part of the official UN follow-up to the October 2011 review of Ireland’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and had added significance as Ireland seeks to become a member of the UN Human Rights Council. Ireland’s insistence on its pro-life position and rejection of the legalization of abortion was a major point of contention for pro-abortion activists. Non-binding state recommendations had urged Ireland to enact changes in law and policy to allow access to abortion in violation of the Irish constitution.

The Irish government presented a written report that confirmed its rejection of all calls to legalize abortion. Ireland’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Gerard Corr, added that Ireland’s Minister of Justice Alan Shatter had established an expert group to study abortion and is expected to report its findings in July. In rejecting the UN recommendations, Ireland stood by its sovereign right to make its own laws and uphold its constitutional protection for unborn children while assisting mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Pro Life Campaign (PLC) in Ireland applauded the government’s decision: “Calls for abortion legislation fly in the face of the United Nation’s own recent research showing that Ireland, without abortion, is a world leader in terms of safety for women in pregnancy. Maternal safety in Ireland, it should be noted, is better than in the six countries which last year sought to put pressure on Ireland to introduce abortion. The latest UN study on maternal mortality, published in 2010, shows that out of 172 countries for which estimates are given, Ireland remains a world leader in safety for pregnant women,” said PLC spokeswoman Dr Ruth Cullen.


What the heck is this all about? Why is this woman doing this? Cover a bet? Practicing before going to the airport (you know, a TSA cavity search). What?


Bah….if the church can’t pay, foreclose! And funny, minority owned bank foreclosing on a minority owned church. Is this justice of a sort?

From The Washington Times

On Feb. 17, six members of the House Ethics Committee, including its chairman, recused themselves from any ethics investigation of Mrs. Waters, including the two-year-old probe of her role on behalf of One United Bank, where husband Sidney Williams was a director and shareholder.

Mrs. Waters has been accused of improperly applying pressure to get relief for One United Bank, saving the value of her husband’s stock holdings. At the time of Barney Frank’s legislation, Mr. Williams had stepped down from the bank’s board but still held stock.

What’s the significance of this?

Well, One United Bank received their TARP money. They were bailed out of tough times with tax payer dough. Now some tough times has befallen a black church, and One United Bank is foreclosing on their asses.

The 194-year-old Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood could have its sanctuary forcibly auctioned off as early as this week unless a last-minute deal is reached.

The action could be taken by One United Bank, which received $12 million from the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) and whose board of directors once included the husband of Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat.

Having the auction take place on the church’s front steps “is as mean-spirited and as godless as you can get,” the church’s pastor, the Rev. Gregory G. Groover Sr., told the Boston Herald.

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This I think is nice. Passing it on because many people loved this man (I liked what he came up with all the time on those nasty liberals).

Lots of requests have been coming in for a Breitbart mask, a la Anonymous. We looked into it. It was impossible. The FDA requires that you do an allergen test because the mask comes into contact with the skin. That test is about 5 grand. And that was only the beginning of the red tape.

Doug, over at Sondrakistan, made an easy download (with a great reverse view!)



Can’t our islamic president make up his freaking mind as to who he is attached to? Soon he will be equating himself to mohammed or Eric the Red or some other ancient person. Actually, he is just pure delusional.

(USA TODAY) — The frustrations of the presidency once had Barack Obama reach for a literary metaphor.

“At times he couldn’t help feeling, as he told one associate, a kinship with the protagonist in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea,” writes David Corn in his new book on the presidency.

“He had, against tremendous odds, caught a big fish, but on the long voyage back to shore, his prized catch had been picked to pieces by sharks,” Corn writes.

Obama made the comment after Democratic defeats in the 2010 congressional elections, the starting point for Corn’s book, Showdown: The Inside Story of How Obama Fought Back Against Boehner, Cantor, and the Tea Party.

The Old Man and the Sea, the 1952 novella about the fisherman Santiago and his struggle to land a giant marlin, won a Pulitzer Prize for Hemingway, and was cited in his Nobel Prize citation.

Showdown, which hits bookstores and e-purchase websites tomorrow, chronicles the administration over the past two years, from budget battles with Tea Party Republicans to the death of Osama bin Laden.


This is news to me really. I knew about the tons of trash on the mountain that will probably be there forever, but bodies of climbers?

Mt. Everest has around 200 dead bodies on the mountain. It is nearly impossible for recovery of a body off the mountain. The “death zone” is 26,000 feet. The air there is so thin. Lack of oxygen leaves climber bewildered and weak and can cause them to pass out and get frostbite. Many people lose their lives here. The bodies are left the same as how they died and have even become landmarks for other travellers. The photograph shows a body which has been given the name “green boots” and has been there since 1996.


Marilyn Monroe

Frank Sinatra


That’s not what Obama said two weeks ago.

Via Beltway Confidential:

President Obama “is not concerned” that he will be blamed for high gas prices, according to his spokesman, notwithstanding Obama’s recent comment that he doesn’t want high gas prices in an election year.

“The president is not concerned about who gets the blame, the president is concerned about making sure that we have the right policies to deal with this challenge for the long-term,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said in today’s press briefing.


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RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski Really Wishes Dems Lobbied Her To Vote Against Blunt Amendment  Another democrat in republican clothing that needs to be booted out of office.

Axeldouche Now Making Nazi References Towards Romney  Standard liberal stuff, we can call you names, you can’t call us names.


This I just now found. Think about it. In a gory way, it may be saying that your loss is someone’s gain? Or just be careful of two guys moving glass?