Hey, what’s the whole thing with Reality Winner?

Hello! She’s a typical bitter anti-Trump, white guilt suffering, far left activist who became so convinced by the whole “Trump-Russia collusion” myth that she sent top secret NSA documents she had stolen to a left-wing website, thinking that she could have her Snowden moment of fame, only for her to be caught when the website phoned back to ask ‘uh, what are you doing?’ She supports Iran and said that she would back them if they went to war against the U.S, she believes being white is terrorism despite being white herself and she wants Trump gone so it’s really no wonder she’s chosen to betray her country in the fantasy that she could be the one to “take Trump down” yet it’s been hilariously ineffective, what she thought was proof turned out to be zilch, there’s still no proof of any collusion as there never has been and the best part is she’s now facing 10 years in prison for her miserable efforts.

Democrats have created an anything-goes, get-Trump-at-all-costs environment that’s starting to drive their more deluded supporters out of their minds. We see it on a smaller level all throughout our campuses and on the steets but there’s a larger, more dangerous trend forming, from the Dallas police sniper, the Portland train stabber, Winner’s lame attempt at leaking and the shooter of Steve Scalise yesterday, just a few perfect examples of what NeverTrump has led to. When we are getting it pumped into our minds that Trump is an illegitimate president and he has to be removed from office, these nutjobs believe they are justified to “correct the wrongs” whether that may be compromising national security or shooting people. Democrats and the left-wing media and the supporters of Resist only have themselves to blame. Maybe one day they will accept the results of our democracy, accept the fact they lost and they’ll discover the only thing stopping peace is themselves.

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