Hogs going wild in Pakistani capital

Got to love this story! Now if only those hogs would take over that country then the country next door, Afghanistan! All that walking and running bacon, defecating on muslims!

ISLAMABAD (AP) — With a police officer wounded and the presidential palace breached, the Pakistani capital has launched a fresh offensive against a uniquely feared enemy in the Muslim country – the city’s ever expanding population of wild boar.

Each night, packs of the hairy beasts emerge from Islamabad’s river beds, parks and scrubland to rifle through the overflowing rubbish bins of its mostly wealthy residents and growing number of restaurants.

City authorities are laying poison and have announced free hunting permits to cull the wild pigs’ numbers. But to make sure residents don’t get caught in the crossfire, they only allow shotguns. There have been few takers. Hunters are wary of getting arrested by the police, or even worse – getting mistaken for a terrorist.

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CULPEPER, Va. (WUSA) — An eyewitness to a fatal police shooting in Culpeper, Virginia is contradicting the State Police version of the story.

Kris Buchele says he saw a Culpeper Town Police officer shoot 54-year-old Patricia Cook to death in the Epiphany Catholic School parking lot at around 10 a.m. Thursday, February 9.

Buchele is a carpenter who was working on the house next door. He says he heard loud arguing outside and looked through a window where he had a clear view of the school parking lot. Cook was in her Jeep Wrangler .

State police say Cook rolled up the window, catching the officer’s arm inside, and then dragged him.

Buchele says it didn’t happen that way. He describes an encounter which looked and sounded like the officer shooting a person a point blank range, not because he feared for his life, but because the woman did not obey his order to stop rolling up the window.

“He was right next to the vehicle. He had one hand on the door handle and one hand on his weapon. And she was rolling the window up. And they were exiting out of the parkng lot.

The window was half way up he said ‘stop or I’ll shoot.’ I really didn’t think he was going to do it. But she got the window all the way up and that’s when he shot. And then she took a left out of the parking lot here and he stepped out in the street and fired five more times,” said Buchele.

(bet the cops investigate themselves and voila! they find the cop innocent and the woman an armed, drugged up killer)



Looks like the president and his regime know that the Afghani president will not apologize? Of course, our president will never push another islamic asshole to apologize!

Beltway Confidential:

President Obama’s spokesman yesterday praised Afghan President Karzai for his response to the ongoing protests, which have resulted in the deaths of multiple American soldiers, but would not say if Obama believes Karzai should apologize for the soldiers’ deaths.

“The President is certainly gratified that President Karzai has appealed for calm in Afghanistan, as we work through what is a very challenging situation,” Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during the press briefing yesterday.

Earnest had been asked if “the President [is] seeking an apology from President Karzai for the fact that U.S. service personnel were killed” during protests over the inadvertent burning of Korans at Bagram Air Force Base. Two soldiers were killed at Bagram by a person in an Afghan military uniform. Two other American officers were killed in Kabul, the Afghan capital. “Local media reports said the gunman was an Afghan policeman but this has not been confirmed,” the BBC reports. [...]

“There is no doubt that we’re working through a difficult situation there,” Earnest added in answering the question about asking for an apology from Karzai. “But we are going to stay on track of accomplishing our goal and continuing to make the significant progress that we have made in ensuring that Afghanistan cannot be a safe haven for al Qaeda or other violent extremists.”

(notice well that last paragraph. sure, instead we will let the taliban, who are our friends and not violent extremists, take over with our help)



Exploiting Obama’s Achilles Heel – “It’s The Economy, Stupid”

By: MataHarley, Flopping Aces
While the two front runners still follow the Obama contraceptive distraction down the political rabbit hole, and away from Obama’s record, at least the two “also rans” – Ron Paul and Newt – are trying to remain focused on the winning issues important to voters, needed for a Nov win of the WH… the economy, and by proxy, prices at the pump.

Say what you will about Ron Paul’s idiosyncrasies on foreign policy – and I have – but his efforts to continue driving home foolhardy Fed policies that tank the US dollar and out of control spending need to be heard all day, and every day, until the GOP Convention.

Tag teaming the Paul consistent messaging on monetary policies, Newt’s out of the gate opening remarks at the most recent Republican debate in Arizona zeroed in on another Achilles heel for the WH … the prices at the gas pump, and securing the nation with a self-sufficient American energy policy.

You go back and look at the founding fathers, they’d have had very clear messages. Hamilton would have said you have to have jobs and economic growth to get back to a balanced budget. You’re never going to balance the budget on the back of a highly unemployed country. And so I would be committed, first of all, to a program of jobs and economic growth.

Second, the energy issue is enormous. The leading developer of North Dakota oil estimated recently that, if we would open up federal land and open up offshore, you would have $16 trillion to $18 trillion — not billion — trillion dollars in royalties to the federal government in the next generation, an enormous flow which would drive down prices to $2.50 a gallon, would help us balance the budget and would create millions of jobs.


We have enough energy in the United States that we would be the largest producer of oil in the world by the end of this decade. We would be capable of saying to the Middle East, “We frankly don’t care what you do.

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(but you know the republican candidates are fighting each other, and by the time we get a real candidate (if you can call romney real), republicans will forget all this and just make nice)



Now that the Ron Paul-Mitt Romney alliance is out in the open, the new Ron Paul banner ads are here!

John Edwards Sex Tape Photo!

Santorum: Obama a “Snob”



More dumbass rhetoric from the Iranian nutjobs:

TEHRAN (FNA) – A top Iranian military commander said the US helplessness in the confrontation against Islam is the real cause underlying the burning of the Muslims’ Holy Book by American soldiers in Afghanistan, and stressed that nothing but burning the White House and hanging the US commanders responsible for this cowardly action can relieve the Muslims’ pain.

“The US has committed such an ugly action and burnt Quran because of the heavy slap it has been given by Islam,” Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi said on Saturday.

He stressed Muslims’ sensitivity to the crimes underway in Afghanistan by the US forces, and said Muslims do not accept the US apology, because it makes numerous military mistakes and then just asks for the Afghans’ apology, and this is not acceptable.

“Nothing but burning the White House can relieve the wound of us, the Muslims, caused by the Burning of Quran in the US,” he underscored.

“Their apology can be accepted only by hanging their commanders; hanging their commanders means an apology,” he reiterated.

(supposedly, the president and his czars are mulling this idea over coffee and crumpets)



Our president saying that we, the American public, aren’t stupid enough to believe republicans.

Well, duh! If one wants oil, one must drill for oil. Oh wait, my president said we do not need to drill for oil, we can be all we can be without the need for oil.