How a Website You’ve Never Heard of Is Holding the Web Together

Let’s say you’re relatively new to coding. Maybe you’re studying it in college, or you’ve just started at an entry-level position after attending a five-week coding boot camp. You’re writing a function in C or Python or Javascript or whatever language you prefer. For some reason, the code isn’t compiling or it hits a snag at line 281 and the terminal outputs some arcane gibberish like “AttributeError: ‘foo’ object has no attribute ‘bar’.”

So what do you do next? You could double-check and see if you missed adding a semicolon at the end of a line. You could perform the classic occult coding ritual of running the script a few more times and hoping that it’ll just work. You could give up entirely and pour yourself a drink.

Or maybe you do what is now the standard troubleshooting method across the profession: You paste the error message into Google and search for it, crossing your fingers in hopes that a website called “Stack Overflow” will come up in the results.

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