Bit of history and a nice flashback, just to show you the bad side of America the Brave.

Capt. James Cook arrived in Hawaii, the first known Western explorer to do so, in 1778, and was baffled by the island cluster populated — against all odds — by voyagers who had read the stars to navigate to a few tiny dots of land in the vast sea. On Valentine’s Day the following year, in an attempt to assert dominance over the islanders, Cook and his men tried to kidnap Hawaii’s King Kalaniʻōpuʻu. But instead of being intimidated, a fight ensued, and Cook was beaten to death.

An enduring myth that Cook was cannibalized is no longer widely believed, but his bones were likely cooked in a pot — oh, the cruel irony of names — and distributed as talismans. For some, the Kingdom of Hawaii’s problems started there, and it wasn’t even a kingdom yet. What followed for the next 180 years, until President Dwight D. Eisenhower made it the 50th U.S. state, is a story of racism, war and the importance of voting rights.

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