Hy-Vee Grocery Store for Chinese Lunch

Saturday morning update: 1. The gift card was for $5.00. Told wife better than nothing. 2. then the spin, of which my wife just shook her head and left, whereas if I was there, I would have taken it to another level. The spin being, they were losing money on their prepared food line. And that actually it was a double load of food when they should have been filling only one slot for a one entree meal. In other words, only half the food! After about 4 1/2 years, plus two other stores doing the same, my wife was told they were over filling? I told me wife, I bet they lose some business once all these people (like yesterday, people ahead of us and behind us getting the one entree meal) find out from now on they only get half as much? hahahahhaha…In comparison: Our favorite little Chinese restaurant in Ankeny. Lunch for both of us is less than $14.00. They serve us: small bowls of soup of the day! one plate with a humongous mountain of fried rice, and more mongolian beef than Hy-Vee! Both give also one egg roll, but the restaurant also gives us another thing I can not think of right now, and get this: drinks are part of the meal at the restaurant! I always have, CHERRY COKE! Now the difference in the mongolian beef: 1. hy-vee just beef, some tasteless sauce and onions. 2. restaurant has nice cuts of beef, nice cuts of green and red peppers,onions, snow peas, carrots and celery. Actually the cost is such that we should bypass hy-vee all the time and just go to the restaurant.

Update you all: so a nice lady at the store messaged me in facebook and said she talked to her store director and he said to go ahead and give me a gift card (nope, do not know how much). So showed wife the reply and she said, I probably would know her. So I replied to the store rep and said my wife, gave her name, would be in the store in the morning (she goes there about every morning). And then, Gina replies (forgot to give her name) and says she will be there and that she believes she knows my wife! hahahahhaha….of course, in 4 years of her going there, and all the free groceries she has gotten, every one at the store know the little old lady (told wife sometime past, they probably have your picture and name in the employee lounge with a warning to be on the lookout for her!). So, kudos to Hy-Vee for being so prompt with this odd problem!

Hy-Vee has stores  located throughout the Midwestern United States in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

So the one up the street from us is located at 5750 Merle Hay Rd, Johnston, IA 50131. Go there quite often for groceries, as their gas perks is awesome. They also have a Market Grille and a open line for Chinese food and other foods, plus a nice salad bar. So today, even though we are burned out on ever buying Chinese at Hy-Vee (bad experience, twice! bad food), we stopped in today to check them out as our brother told us they had 2 for one on Chinese. Well, they did not. But they had their one entree meal for $5.00. We decided we would go for their Chinese one more time, as the drive to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Ankeny was just a bit further (about 8 miles on way). Then wife had a special on her phone from Hy-Vee giving 25cents gas on the perks card for one only two-entree meal. So wife selected first, the one entree meal. That would be in this following picture her meal on the left, as we got them to go and eat them here at home. Then I got the 2-entree meal, that is the meal on the right.

DO YOU SEE ANY FUCKING DIFFERENCE? Not a bit, both the one entree and the two entree meals exactly the same, rice, two slots of mongolian beef. Yep, the two entree meal is the EXACT copy of the one entree meal, but at $2.99 more!!!!!

You know I said something real damn fast!!! Thus my two entree meal was priced at same as one entree because I told the little old chinese lady that I did not want the two entree meal (she filled one slot, and wanted me to tell her what the second entree would be for the second slot!). I do not believe she got the entire exchange, though the nice lady at the register figured it out at once!

We did make one error, we really should have gone to the customer service and explained all this in hopes that maybe, just maybe, they would tell the servers to make it a real two entree meal.

Now I said, wonder what it is like for those people who ordered a 3-4 or more entree meal? Are they getting shafted also?

So I posted this on Hy-Vee facebook page. Will see if they answer me or even post since all are held in abeyance until some hy-vee facebook monitor reads my post and decided to let it be posted, answer me, or what.

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