I hate wal mart

So wife and I stopped in at a wal mart on the west side of Des Moines after her dermatologist appointment.

Got good stuff and went to check out. 3 lines opened only! People stacked up. and the express lane? was a lady that had a freaking ass cart full of stuff! plus the cashier was having problems and had to wait for someone (wonder if the someone ever showed up?) to do something with her register.

So told wife, one option only, and I hate to use this one option. The self check out area!

Only one open (3 had yellow tape to say they were down). Would not work, guy came over and pushed buttons, etc and it start working.

Got 4 items rang up when it stopped working and said something about unauthorized something. Anyways, the guy just looked from where he was standing and says, guess not working too good, try starting all over. I just said, the heck with this noise. and out the door we went, leaving stuff all over the place.

Told wife (she was a bit pissed at me, wonder why?) remind me NEVER TO FREAKING USE THE SELF CHECKOUT AGAIN!!!

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