In Year 1 Million, What Will Humanity Look Like?

In the year 1 million, Earth’s continents will look roughly the same as they do now and the sun will still shine as it does today. But humans could be so radically different that people today wouldn’t even recognize them, according to a new series from National Geographic.

Premiering today (May 15), the new National Geographic Channel series “Year Million” investigates what humans might look like far into the future. In six episodes, the show explores the possibility of merging technology with the human body, the potential to drastically extend lifespans, the effects of virtual reality, the use of computers to merge human minds, the availability of new sources of energy and the possibilities of spreading humanity into outer space. [The 18 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics]

Brian Greene, a professor of theoretical physics at Columbia University in New York City, is one of the famed scientists featured in the series. Greene has written several books on string theory, a theoretical physics model that suggests the universe is made up of miniscule, one-dimensional strings. He has also explored the mathematics that could help explain how the universe has more than three dimensions. Greene said he doesn’t think humans 1 million years from now will look much like people do now, and he said their lives will be so different that humans today wouldn’t recognize them.

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