I’m waiting for Obama to apply “income equality” to Jay Z and Beyonce

Alas, this week we’ve found the theme upon which President Obama and the progressive socialist Left will now stake their claim: equality.

These astute individuals truly believe it is their destiny to make us all equal — as they define it. Listen to the constant rants from the president and the leftist acolytes about “income inequality.” With the full power of the government, either by force or coercion (or both), they shall rectify this inequality and make us all equal. How exactly is that done, and the larger question is, to whom?

Shall we turn to Lebron James and tell him he doesn’t deserve any more in income or compensation, than the 12th listed person on the Heat roster?

Shall President Obama and his pay czar decide what the base level compensation must be across the NBA?

Will the Obama administration turn to Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, and instruct him on team salary caps?

Or shall President Obama, known for his baseball pitching prowess, tell the New York Yankees they must rescind the seven year $155 million contract to Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka — after all the comptroller of NYC believes in “shared prosperity for all over individual success.”

I’m waiting for President Obama to say during his State of the Union address that income inequality is so vital and important as issue that he will issue an executive order that caps the compensation for Hollywood actors and actresses. After all, why do they need all that income?

As well, entertainers such as his dear friends Jay Z and Beyonce must see a cut in their income and their concerts must be made more affordable to all Americans.

Now, do you REALLY believe that’s what President Obama and the Left mean when they talk about income inequality? Nope. They’re talking about those Americans whom the President referred to when he said, “You didn’t build that.” Because you didn’t, you don’t deserve the fruits of your hard-earned labor, investments, and sacrifices.

You see, we don’t need uniform standards in our military or even physical standards, because everyone is equal and should be allowed to “play.” One man and one woman shouldn’t define marriage. What difference do the last few thousand years of history make?

All of this sounds good, or as we used to say in the military, “briefs well,” but just tell me how has it indeed worked out through history when a government, socialist in nature, has tried to force social egalitarianism — under the guise of equality?

America is great because it is based upon an exceptional ideal of equality of opportunity. Progressive socialists embrace the failed concept of equality of outcomes.

I am 5’9? and cannot dunk a basketball, but I don’t envy Lebron James for his talents and ability to do so, nor his compensation for it. I found my niche and ability in life as a Soldier and was thankful for my opportunity to serve and the compensation afforded (allow the government has reduced my earned retirement benefits).

Celebration of diversity is not about elevating other cultures above America. It is the celebration of our supreme regard for the diversity of our talents that has placed America above all other cultures and nations.

Let us never forget Thomas Jefferson’s words that “our unalienable rights, from the Creator, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” And a government that believes it’s big enough to try and guarantee happiness is also powerful enough to take it away — equally.

This is from Allen B West.



(Daily Caller) A dating service that pairs wealthy “sugar daddies” with “sugar babies” for “mutually beneficial dating arrangements” has endorsed Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

SeekingArrangement.com’s Friday announcement followed a recent report in the Dallas Morning News which detailed a number of discrepancies in Davis’ personal narrative, including that she left a man 13 years her senior the day after he made the last payment for her Harvard Law School education.

“Wendy Davis is proof that the sugar lifestyle is empowering,” seeking arrangements founder and CEO Brandon Wade said in his endorsement. “It can take a single mom from squalor to scholar, or in this case from the trailer park to Harvard, and a seat in the Senate. The sugar lifestyle creates an opportunity for women to transcend the single mother stereotypes.”

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Who Deserves Amnesty More: Illegal or Legal Immigrants?

All we’ve heard from the liberal Democrats is they need to grant amnesty and citizenship to 11 million illegal aliens.  They care nothing that these people have broken federal laws, take jobs from Americans and deplete the resources that are supposed to help America’s poor.

But has anyone even considered the 4 million immigrants who are working through the legal process to be allowed to legally enter America?  These people are filling out all of the extensive paperwork, paying their fees, being interviewed and having their backgrounds checked and still waiting 2, 3 sometimes 5 to 7 years before being allowed to come to America.

What does Congress tell them if they pass the immigration reform bill?  How do you explain to a family that has done everything asked of them that they still have to wait several more years before they are allowed in the country, but the 11 million that came here illegally will be allowed to remain here?

I’ve shared before that I have friends that came to America the legal way.  They were from South Africa where ever since Mandela reversed apartheid, their lives were in constant danger.  Whites were and still are being attacked, beaten, raped and murdered by the nation’s blacks and no one was or is doing anything to stop it.

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When you hear how a Democrat like Wendy Davis is a “hero” don’t forget why liberals believe that…






Can You Imagine the Media in a Communist USA?

Comrade Fred Jerome, who wants to nationalize Fox News, certainly can.

About one week ago, the left-wing webzine Salon published an article by one Fred Jerome titled “Let’s Nationalize Fox News.” Jerome’s article, it turns out, is excerpted from a new book published by HarperCollins, Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA. It is important for what it reveals about the old communist mentality, still alive in Jerome’s mind.

The Salon site does not provide any information about the author. The book says only that he is a journalist and author of a few books, who was subpoenaed by the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the ’60s.

So it’s left to me to provide a more accurate appraisal of Mr. Jerome. As readers of my memoir might recall, I knew Freddy Jerome as one of the leaders of the NYC young communist movement during my high school years. I recalled the last time I had contact with him. When I was in the city during vacation while in college, Freddy met me to discuss putting together a trip to Cuba. He demanded that I first join the new Marxist-Leninist group he was forming. When I refused, he turned and said, as he went on his way, “I have nothing to do with enemies of the working class.”

Fred Jerome came from major communist stock. He was the son of the late cultural commissar of the CPUSA, V.J. Jerome, the man most well-known for trying to keep the Hollywood Reds in line. Fred Jerome broke with the CPUSA in the ’60s, and was one of the founders of the Maoist “Progressive Labor Party.” If ever the cliché “like father, like son” rings true, it is the case with Fred Jerome. In this brief excerpt, Jerome reveals how news organizations would function in a “socialist” America — except, it is indistinguishable from how they actually functioned in the old Soviet Union, or how they function in communist Cuba today.

Indeed, Jerome’s article could be taken as a model for the old Soviet Pravda [truth] or Izvestia. We all know the old joke, “There’s no truth in Pravda and no news in Izvestia.” That was an old Russians saying, a response to the masthead which actually said, “Proletarians of the world, unite.” After reading Jerome’s prescriptions for the press, one could put that on the masthead of his would-be newspaper before it is even written.

Jerome writes:

So news (and views) in a socialist society will be brought to you by a plethora of noncommercial sponsors. The government media will report on and discuss, for example, the major government plans for production, how to improve education, and more. But other media—newspapers, TV and radio stations, and Web sites sponsored by workers’ organizations, cultural organizations, youth groups, sports teams, and neighborhood groups will report on issues specific to their interests.

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Soon it will be free drugs!

Free Crack Pipes Urged To Slow Spread Of HIV In SF, Leaders Balk At Idea

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The Lyubov Orlova cruise liner has been floating around the Atlantic Ocean since January 2013. The 4,250-tonne vessel, named after a Russian actress, was built in Yugoslavia in 1976. Harbour authorities in Newfoundland, Canada, seized it after its owners ran into money troubles with the crew not paid for months. Authorities tried to sell the ship – valued at more than £600,000 – to the Dominican Republic for scrap. As it was being towed away, however, rough seas broke the tow-line and the vessel drifted off. Canadian maritime authorities sent a second ship to apprehend it and drag it out to international waters where it was dumped. Transport Canada said it was satisfied the that Lyubov Orlova “no longer posed a threat to the safety of [Canadian] offshore oil installations, their personnel or the marine environment” and further attempts to reclaim it were abandoned. Twelve months later, experts believe the ship is still afloat somewhere as its automatic lifeboat emergency beacons, which go off if it sinks, were never activated. Maritime experts believe that its only occupants now are cannibal rats who may have reproduced thousands of times over the course of the year after eating each other. Pim de Rhoodes, a Belgian salvage hunter who is looking for the ship, told the Sun: “She is floating around out there somewhere. “There will be a lot of rats and they eat each other. If I get aboard I’ll have to lace everywhere with poison.” Irish coastguard chief Chris Reynolds also believes the 4,250-ton vessel is likely to be still afloat. “There have been huge storms in recent months but it takes a lot to sink a vessel as big as that,’ he said. “We must stay vigilant.”

Source: Yahoo’s online UK newspaper

5. The Lyubov Orlova’s “we are sinking” transponders were activated months ago

That’s right; the ship itself has told us she’s sunk.

Like any modern cruise vessel, the Lyubov Orlova carried EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Rescue Beacon), safety devices that are strapped to the ship’s lifeboats and activated automatically when they come into contact with salt water. In late February, Transport Canada confirmed that an EPIRB from the vessel had been activated.

Two weeks later, another EPIRB was switched online, prompting Canada to send an aircraft over its reported position. What the patrol was a single lifeboat drifting alone in the North Atlantic, and no sign of the Lyubov Orlova.

Of course, it’s possible that the signals simply came from lifeboats that fell away and hit the water—and that the Lyubov Orlova itself is still proudly coursing towards Ireland with its complement of Canadian rodents.

But as the Irish Coast Guard’s Mr. Reynolds has often told European media, they may never know for sure. “You can’t prove a negative,” he said this week.





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Rotary Club Plots to Seize American Power

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